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You know what? Thursday TV really sucked.

I'm just going to dump it all out here.  The CSI thoughts are particularly jumbly and unorganized, and I may end up writing more on this subject later, but this was what I came up with.  Apologies if it's just a rehash of earlier comments.  

' Without a Trace: Absalom has begun.  The "Rally around Samantha and Her Poor Fatherless Baby, We Shall Raise Him As Our Own" reaction to the pregnancy.  Frowning at her continued coffee consumption, buying gifts in anticipation and the like.  (I must say it concerns me that Samantha appears to be detaching herself from this baby, apparently doing her best to deny its existence) 

Speaking of which, when did she tell Danny?  Can I please believe that Elena told him, thereby constituting indirect proof that they are in fact still dating? This is cruel, show, the way you make me beg for subtext crumbs like a common slasher. Better than you shattering my dreams altogether, but not by much.  Anyway.  I loved how giddy he was over giving her the present.  I like him best when in Uncle Danny mode. 

For the second time this year, I paid rapt attention to the whole storyline, even if that was mostly because it couldn't decide what it wanted to do with itself.  It jumped from political debate to white supremacist to run-of-the-mill racism, from gambling to adultery to past adultery, then took a detour on abduction and ransom before coming back to the question of racial heritage, illegitimate birth and family secrets.  Ugh, what a mess.  And yet I couldn't stop watching.  I was liking the way the characters were human again; for example, Sam's interview with the girlfriend had some life to it (was it being out in the field, was that the difference?), but other than Martin & Danny finding the barely-alive kid, the second half dragged a LOT, and the ending was much too drawn out and melodramatic.  Could we have focused any longer on the kid taking deep breaths and staring in wide-eyed, heartstring-plucking wonder at the three adults who made up his parents + biological father?

I don't know what to think about it anymore.  It was a passable hour of TV, and worth not skipping just for the Danny/Sam scene, but it was far from a good episode.

'Grey's Anatomy: Forever Young
I have a bone to pick with this show.  Well, actually, I have multiple bones, but the first one is George and Izzie and how they have officially become Epic Fail.  It's incredibly frustrating because it seems like such a stupid, cheap cop-out on the writers' part.  (this is Day 2 of my new strike-era campaign to blame the writers rather than TPTB/showrunners for everything I dislike, by the way)  I mean, you invested all this time and energy breaking up his marriage - which we've already established was time well spent, as it was a sham marriage anyway, BUT STILL - and convincing us of the sweeping romanticism of their love for one another, and actually succeeding on all counts, and then abruptly decide to pretend they're not physically compatible at all?  

Dude.  You got in this far.  How much harder would it have been to write them being perfectly comfortable with one another?  I know you can do this; I watched as you transformed me from an ardent pro-friendship, anti-relationship stance into a firm believer in their love - that's not easy to do!  It's just ridiculous that after months and months of drama, you throw it away in a week.  A WEEK.  I don't even have a name for this level of stupid.  Also, I am now going on a Gizzie fic hunt.  I've never read such fic before, but I shall not rest until I have scrounged up at least one example of breathtaking compatibility between the pair, thus proving that in the hands of competent writers, these two ought to have gone off without a hitch.  (...I think there was an unintentional marriage pun in here)

II. Aside from that debacle, we had the whole Mer/Der trainwreck, now with the addition of Nurse Rose.  I want to say that I immediately like her, certainly more than Meredith, but I'm afraid I cannot endorse this love interest.  You see, I have not forgiven Derek for ditching Addison.  With much scowling and gnashing of teeth, I have agreed to get over it IF Meredith was indeed his soulmate, like he did a very good job of convincing me circa last February.  I might then grudgingly admit that they might be equally compatible.  But if they are not, like they're doing a very good job of convincing me now, McDreamy is not free to play the field.  He is to truck his ass down to L.A. and reconcile with his ex-wife.  So. Sorry, Rose.  The man is twice spoken for.  Although if this thing were to go down anyway, I might not be totally turned off by it.

III. I despised "Mandy" falling back into her stupid high school crush mode, not only because it's pathetic that she was giggling, blushing and flirting, but because I don't want to believe that ANYONE, least of all my kick-ass Miranda, was ever stupid enough to believe that doing some guy's homework would make him fall in love with you, or even particularly notice you.  JFC. I did like the two minutes where she was actually being a competent Chief Resident, though.

IV. Thatcher continued to exist, and I continued to want to stick a pencil in his eye.  Well, actually the pencil to the eye is a comparatively new urge, but it's just a twist on the classic "I have an urge to kill him every time I see him" desire. 

V. Speaking of that, in lieu of all the torturous relationships currently happening/trying to happen/struggling to happen on this show, you know who my new OTP is?  Marissa/Danny.  Because WOW.  I fell in love with them immediately, and wanted to cry when I realized that Danny was the kid in a coma who was never going to wake up.  That’s just cruel, show.  Why do you never make me fall in love with patients who actually live?  They were so cute and dorky and devoted, and then – and then –!  I didn’t even understand what had happened at first.  Usually they make us sit through a good ninety second of beeping and alarms and heroic surgical measures.  This was just “artery burst” and then a cut to the waiting room.  Come, children, join me in my corner of weeping.

Also, raise your hand if you wanted to play the role of Marissa, and break down crying in McDreamy’s arms.         

VI. Yay Lexie, for growing a spine!  The stream of bitter words directed at Meredith, especially the part where she shattered Mer's illusion that Thatcher had "20 lifetimes of pride" for her, was my favorite part of the whole episode.  I'm just going to ignore the part with Alex in the elevator, because I loathe Alex more than you know.

VII. Callie needs to stop leeching friendship from all the kick-ass women.  Go talk to Sydney, GOD, and leave Cristina out of it.  I hate seeing this new Cristina who doesn’t have Burke and talks to Callie and gets verbally bitchslapped all the time and is never, ever perfect or even mostly correct anymore.  It’s just depressing.  You know, if only Private Practice hadn't sucked this week, this would be the moment where I officially declared that the spinoff had overtaken the original.  Now, I don't know. 

VIII. Actually, I take that back.  We discovered that in a former (that is to say, high school) life, McDreamy played saxophone, and Bailey played oboe.  This is all I need to know to be blissfully happy.  

IX. Last thing, I swear - Mark came across as extra pervy tonight while leering at the hot high school girls.  Girls who may or may not have been over 17.  Seriously, control yourself. 


'ER: Coming Home
Well, okay, this one was half-good, due to the fact that Tony and Sarah own my soul.  They have complete, total, and permanent ownership over it.  The sight of them just fills me with warmth and euphoria and BUBBLES OF DELIGHT.

For example, the bit where she throws her arms around his neck from a run?  All my organs went “squish.”  I love them.  I love them.  I’ve thought about Sarah a lot over the summer, because I really don’t feel all that removed from 13, and I can certainly rationalize what I would have done in 8th grade if put into the same situation.  On the one hand, there’s the nice rural setting, with the horses (which we didn’t get to see – BOO) and at least one gorgeous Border Collie.  You can’t deny, and neither does Sarah, that it’s a nice place to visit.  Plus her grandparents, much as I have despised them and called them Teh Ebil, seem like decent people.  The issue arises when she’s forced to live there permanently, switch schools at the start of September and leave behind all her friends and everything familiar.  That’s when you start to act out. 


I was heartbroken at the beginning of the episode, watching her become a Stupid Teenage Statistic, and only belatedly realized that she wasn’t really there because she wanted to befriend the cool kids, try alcohol and kiss cute boys.  I thought that seemed off, and I was right.  Sarah’s always been something of a typical preteen, but she never fell into the stereotype of “I wanna be popular at any cost!”  She has a good head on her shoulders, and has shown a healthy amount of disdain for such girls.  But stuck there in Wisconsin, what has she got to lose?  It can’t get any worse, really, so she might as well go with whoever will have her.  Maybe if she’s bad enough, gets in enough trouble, they’ll see that Tony was good for her and this is not.  Maybe her grandparents will get desperate enough to get rid of her.  It’s all hypothetical and what-if, and ultimately self-destructive and spiteful, but she keeps playing the part of the bad girl, hoping it will win her something.  Wow, I am two steps away from writing Sarah fic.  

Anyway.  Once he finally arrived to collect her, and she broke from a walk to a run (in a very impressive imitation of a gymnast running to the vault, actually) and threw her arms around his neck?  All my insides went *squish* 

The only thing that really broke up the Sarah scenes for me was the inclusion of the Chaplain (whose name shall remain Chaplain from here to eternity, because I dislike her too much to learn or refer to her by her proper name), who seemed incredibly intrusive and unnecessary.  I mean, on some level I know she’s not all that much different from the role Neela played last year, but I still felt there was a particular connection between her and Sarah, or at least the potential for one; she was sort of a combination aunt/older sister, able to relate to the experience of feeling lost and alone (not to mention having lost a loved one).  The Chaplain seems to have nothing in common with her at all, and is just Tony’s Woman of the Week.     

It REALLY did not help that they kept intercutting Sarah's opening scenes with gross, nasty ones of Tony and the Chaplain going at it.  And why, why must ER be so fond of the women-sit-up-naked-with-back-to-camera-so-as-to-show-as-much-nudity-as-possible?  They're worse than than Grey's Anatomy sometimes.

But that's okay.  I really thought they were going to go somewhere with a possible rape, and when that sputtered and died then surely the whole "You hit him with a TIRE IRON?" might turn the tables...but no.  No legal troubles whatsoever, apparently, but that's okay because now I can play with AU daydreams, and more importantly, they were overshadowed by something much better.  Terribly brief and choppy though the scenes at the farm were, and as many times as I wanted to strangle the grandmother while she was talking, I didn't realize what it was ultimately leading up to - the grandparents realizing the error of their ways and coming to exactly the same conclusion I always held out hope they'd come to: that Sarah belongs in Chicago with Tony.

That was AMAZING.  When I realized my dream was coming true, I actually felt as bad as Sarah, and kind of wanted to apologize for all the cursing streaks I've aimed at them over the months.  They're not such bad people, really.  Now everyone, say it with me: "WELCOME HOME."   Don't even tell me you can watch that scene without melting into a puddle of goo.  Him bending down to kiss her forehead, tucking a blanket around her... Oh, Tony and Sarah, you complete my life.

And it's a good thing they do, and that I had that beautiful image of him watching over her sleeping form, because it's the only thing keeping me sane in light of the fact that Luka's an ass and Abby's a slutty trainwreck and it's all seriously detrimental to my formerly untarnishable Luby Love.  *weeps in corner*

*bursts into sobs* Whyyyyyy? Why is this happening?  Why isn't Luka making things better?  LUKA WAS SUPPOSED TO MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER, DAMN IT!  I clung for days to that image in the previews of him sweeping her into a hug.  And instead, he's come back completely oblivious to the fact that Abby is a wreck, completely oblivious to how much it was hurting her to have him put his relatives in Croatia over the needs of his family here, and what does he do?  BRINGS HIS IDIOT BROTHER TO STAY WITH THEM.  As a "surprise."  Dude, you may not know this, but when Carter came back from Africa to "surprise" her, she promptly demanded the return of her key.  Woman doesn't appreciate stuff like that. 

I know Luka is not known for his perceptiveness of female emotion, but I think he's actually grown denser.  Under what possible circumstances could you think that Abby would be all "Yay!  I've been without you for months, but why bother with spending quality alone time together when we could host a family reunion!"?  The stupid, it hurts.  And it actually rips my soul apart to see Abby crying over spilled vodka, still completely alone, her last lifeline cut.  I feel like if she could just break down like this in front of him, and confess it all in one mess of hysterical tears, even the horrible unmentionable stuff, she might get through to him and they might have a chance to move forward.  I know, I know, that's not the Abby way, but she's wound so tightly at this point that explosion seems to be the only way she'll find release.  And in the meantime, they're not communicating, and it's just making the problem worse, allowing it to tighten its stranglehold.  Oh, Luby Love.  I remember when you were shiny and new...I mean, in the new era, starting when Abby decided to keep the baby...

In other, wait, those are the only two storylines worth discussing.  There were about 50 threads to keep track of this week, but they were all stupid.  I refuse to acknowledge the stiff awkwardness between Abby and Morretti, because I have no idea what they are referring to.  Some weird thing that happened on some night, I assume at work.  I don't know; I don't pay attention to Morretti's life*. 

*NOTE: Before you explain this awkwardness to me, by the way, please understand that all I know is I watched last week's episode and then took a pill to make me forget large portions of it.  

P.S. My new favorite threat is "I hope someone stabs you with an AIDS needle."  You go, Morretti's crazy son!

'CSI: Goodbye and Good Luck
I don't even know where the hell to begin talking about this, so I think I'll start with some backstory: Even without reading the spoilers, from the general tone of the internet buzz and the promo itself, it seemed pretty obvious that the episode would involve Sara breaking up with Grissom.  I tried to deny it, telling myself that as long as I didn't see it, it hadn't really happened, and I was still free to believe that they'd secretly gotten married during their offscreen time in the Halloween episode.  Then I started reading some of my reviews from earlier this season, and he sick irony of their optimism amuses me.  For example, remember how I was right after the engagement?

I am so glad that my gloom-and-doom predictions did not come true.  I’m so glad that Sara answered right then and there, and didn’t drag it out for the rest of the episode.  This means a happy ending (hush you, naysayers) of the type I always wanted.  Okay, I wanted Grissom & Sara to leave the show together, but Sara leaving the show married to him is pretty much the equivalent of that.  Pay no attention to the current events of “ER.” Or the fact that technically I’m assuming things. 

Also, I love how there is a rerun next week.  Clearly we all need time to recover from the magnitude of this event.  This is a sign, people; if they were going to undo it we wouldn’t need time for it to sink in.

EXCEPT THEY ARE GOING TO UNDO IT, AND SARA ISN'T LEAVING THE SHOW MARRIED TO HIM, AND I AM ALL KINDS OF RAGEFUL over this fact.  And I'm serious.  That would have been such a simple solution; I don't see why they couldn't have taken the two extra steps to have her exit the show on a positive note.  Say she's teaching, or doing research, or...okay, maybe those are Grissom things, but surely Sara could be off doing something else even if she felt burned out by work.  Maybe she could start volunteering.  I don't care what contrivance they might have had to come up with; it's not like they didn't abuse contrivance anyway.  That would have been a plausible way to explain her absence from the lab while still leaving it open for her to come back.  I don't see why she had to leave in doldrums and distress before we NEVER SEE HER AGAIN.  I know they're hypothetically talking about bringing her back, but I'm already storing that in the "X-Files Movie #2" category of likelihood.  And honestly, if/when she *does* come back, it would be so much nicer if we could just squee over her being back, and not have to deal with angsty fallout-from-the-breakup crap. 

Which, I realize with fresh horror: OH MY GOD THEY CANNOT BE BROKEN UP.  THIS DOESN'T WORK.  DOES NOT WORK!   I...I am going to go to my happy place.  Sometimes people need a breakup in order to remind them of how much they love each other.  My parents broke up for a few months before they got married, and they've been together for over 20 years now.  YES. THIS IS MY NON-CANON-DENYING HAPPY PLACE.

Of course, the non-canon-denying happy place is to the Ultimate Denial Happy Place what a week off of school is to a week off of school spent in Hawaii, actual solution is to pretend that "The Case of the Cross-Dressing Carp" was the series finale.     

Now, all of the above were my thoughts as of last Friday, based on assumptions and before I had actually experienced the horror that is the first viewing of GGL.  That was a sobering sucker punch at least equal to the end of Pirates 3, or Remus & Tonks.  Because, and I don't care how many times I've mentioned this already, Grissom and Sara are like Mulder and Scully.  They are not your ordinary TV couple whom you can split up and redistribute every few months at will.  It took them 6 years to get to this point.  They've only ever had each other.  This is permanent.  People like this do not just walk out of one another's lives.

I've only seen the episode once, and I'm not sure I even finished listening to the letter, because it was horribly long and every additional sentence felt like my heart was being ripped out through my chest.  I could hear where it was going.  And I saw Grissom's face upon reading it, which KILLED ME ALL OVER AGAIN.  It literally took me hours to calm down after I watched this, and I feel like it's going to slowly sink in over the next few days and drive me to start randomly crying in the middle of the day.  (I form deep attachments, okay?  Sometimes to fictional people)  

I actually forgot about the kiss at first, partly because I'D ALREADY SEEN IT ON YOUTUBE A THOUSAND TIMES, and partly because it's completely overshadowed by her deparature.  Obviously, it was disappointing.  For years, I've been clinging to William Petersen's quote, "I'd like to kiss her before the show ends," and so for years, I have dreamed that we would be given one single, exquisite, perfect kiss between the two just before one or both left it forever.  When that day became pending, promo pics circulated that had Sara leaning back in Grissom's arms, clearly either pre or post kiss, with a BIG, BEAMING SMILE ON HER FACE.  That shot kept me going for a week before the video promo appeared on the scene and shattered its illusion.  

What we actually got was...I don't know.  I want to like the intensity and the desperate, tremulous emotion Sara pours into that kiss, but it's a bit hard to care when Grissom totally fails to reciprocate, standing there frozen as if she's never done this before.  Come on, I know you're standing right next to Hodges, but shouldn't there be at least a little automatic reaction there?  And it will never stop pissing me off that he then stands there gaping dumbly while she walks away rather than running after her to figure out what's going on.  I mean, what did he think she was doing?  Playing Truth or Dare?  

I can't even find it in my heart to care about the rest of the episode, which is a pity, because although I had to sit on my hands to keep from fast-forwarding, I watched it in its entirety and thought it was really gripping and compelling. Pity none of that mattered in the end.  I just want to wrap myself up in the season 7 cocoon, when everything was roses and sunshine and there were no dark ends in sight.  Part of my Thanksgiving break is DEFINITELY going to be devoted to finding fanfic patches, AU's, denial fic, and any other fic suitable for treating the gaping wound where my heart used to be.    

The Office: 
After having quickly gained a position as my #1 show this season, the last two episodes have been of shockingly poor quality.  Look how little I have to say about them:

Last week was, and I quote my otherwise locked post, literally SO DEPRESSING that I couldn't bear to think about it.  See, Jim pining after Pam is angsty and good.  Jim turning into Michael is bad and not even a little bit funny.  It's just this horribly depressing quagmire that sucks all the light out of the world.

The Deposition: Let me get this straight.  You decided to spend half an episode filming a deposition, and thought that would be entertainment?  The hell, show.  FAIL.

This was the biggest and most boring waste of film I've seen since "Back from Vacation."  Not-so-coincidentally, it also featured a heavy dose of Jan, failure to provide Jim/Pam cute, copious amounts of time spent in the warehouse, and THAT DAMN PHOTO FROM JAMAICA.  Except that at least Back from Vacation caught Pam in a vulnerable moment, crying her heart out, and a funny cold open.  You know how many good moments this episode had?  ONE. 

And that one was Toby bursting into uncontrollable giggles over the repeated references to Ryan in Michael's diary.  Toby's laughter is a beautiful thing. 

I was weirdly put off by the whole ping-pong game segment.  I've always liked to think that Pam and Kelly got along fairly well, so for Kelly to be so openly hostile and *mocking* left a sour taste in my mouth.  Plus there's a deleted scene on the website that's just HORRIBLE - Jim is attempting to do actual work, and Pam shows up with seriously disturbing aggression and drives him off to practice Ping Pong some more.  It's not even with her usual joking manner, it's more like "Why the hell aren't you jumping to your feet to fulfill my every demand, minion?"  I have to go read fluffy fic with snuggling and babies now to forget the witchiness in her tone.

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