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3 more, and we're out.

(I swear I'll pick a different icon next time.  I've just been trying to pound it through my head that I love and believe in this pair no matter what.)

My reviews for the week are done and it's only Saturday.  I don't know what to do with myself.  Homework?  Hahaha!  Nah, let's go play on YouTube.  For years, I had no interest in that site, and suddenly I'm spending all this time hunting clips of whatever 'ship happens to be foremost in my mind.  So, I'm going to go invest myself in Numb3rs fun, and you can read this post.

Cold Case: Boy Crazy
Really?  Did you REALLY have to go there?  Transgendered in the 60's?  This show is ridiculously obsessed with pushing the idea that GLBT people were every bit as prevalent back in the day as they are now, regardless of whether or not the history books reflect it.  And I told you, I don't care how many times you try to beat this idea into my brain, you will not disabuse me of the notion that the current culture of acceptance/promotion of other lifestyles has encouraged more people to explore something they might not have bothered digging out on their own.  No, I'm not naive enough to believe it didn't *exist*, but I do think this show goes over the top in exaggerating its ubiquitousness. And their incessant belaboring of the message that PEOPLE ARE TOTALLY OKAY JUST THE WAY THEY ARE, NO MATTER WHAT THEIR SEXUALITY has become quite tired and pedantic.

On the bright side, I pegged the killer (her best friend) from the outset, wavering only briefly when I thought her nattering father might have gotten fed up with her rebellion and snapped, and otherwise I didn't look twice at the parade of suspects.  I changed my mind multiple times on what his motive might be, though by the end I was leaning towards jealousy that she could accept herself when he could only consider himself an outcast, but I knew as soon as I saw him that he was the killer.  Didn't stop me from wanting to cry at the flashback where he tries to rescue her and apologize, wiping off the lipstick, crying as he kissed her.  It was almost so melodramatic as to be cheesy, but it got to me.  

Plus I always enjoy hearing about the crazy and inhumane treatments in asylums.  The misguided cruelty there, particularly as it involves ECT, fascinates me.  There's another part of me that's fascinated, in a different way, by the attempt to straighten the girls out, because I can't help but feel that while the methods were wrong, and I don't know how you could ever come up with ones that were right, I also can't quite muster up the feeling that I should condemn the sentiment behind them.

I still don't understand why everyone's out to get Scotty, because wouldn't Lil have died if he hadn't been there to take down her shooter?  I know he broke perimeter and fired blind and all that, but it still seems to me that he ultimately did more good than bad.  To that end, I loved that Stillman took the fall for him; it made sense to me - the suspension leaves less of a mark on his record, since he's presumably built up a more decorated and solid career than the younger detective, who seems to be in trouble more often than not.  It seems like more of a slap on the wrist for the boss.  And he gets fishing time out of it!  :D  Um, he is coming back right?  Because I'll be a lot less cavalier if this was his exit.  
CSI: You Kill Me
I think, after 24 hours of reflection, that I am ultimately quite pleased with the way this episode turned out.  Still, for the format of this review, you can observe my periodic reactions and fluctuating attitude throughout the night:

How dare you try to distract me with humor and lab rats and board games?  Sara is GONE!   Do you think I'm just going to forget about the fact that she broke up with Grissom in a letter and plunged me into nigh-suicidal depression last week?  Where the eff is the follow-up to that devastating event?

8:01 PM: "All better!  GSR not dead.  Nope.  Happy RS now!"
So, Grissom's in contact with her?  Oh God, my nerves needed that conversation with Brass like whoa.  If they're in communication, then she hasn't simply disappeared, never to be seen again.  I can pretend that "goodbye" meant nothing.  I am free to believe that while perhaps she's taking some much-needed time apart, she will also come back when she's ready, and in the meantime he isn't pushing - he never pushes - and he'll wait as long as she needs. He isn't happy about it, but he's also in his Zen state where he compartmentalizes things, and thoughts of Sara are tucked away for safekeeping while he allows the distracting effect of work to take front and center stage.  I'm sorry, can I take another minute to run around the house doing high kicks of exclamatory joy?  SO smart of them to put this in the first scene.  It leaves room for endless amounts of interpretive fic between episodes, but also gives us a framework to shape them around rather than forcing the writers to invent it all from scratch.  And the mood is GOOD.  Well, it's not good exactly, but it's also a far cry from hopeless.  It doesn't exactly heal the wound, but it treats the raw edges enough that I might, might be able to watch the show without her.  At least for a little while, provided Ronnie doesn't replace her.

8:30 PM: "I hate to admit it, but your plan to distract me with humor and lab totally working."
This takes all the elements that made 7x20 fun, but without the clip-show aspect, thereby making it THE greatest display in the history of the series.  Words cannot express how much I love the techs.  It's weird because individually, I don't love them as much as I love any of the CSIs, but when you get them all together it's like having access to a whole litter of puppies or kittens.  They play well off one another and make me giggle.  Even though I don't like Hodges, I love getting to see the inner workings of his delusional mind. The way they joke around and tease each other is a nice break from the weighted perspective of the regular CSIs; they're less affected not only by what I'm currently referring to as The Sara Tragedy, but the tragedy of human violence in general.  In sharp contrast to Sara burning out after all she's seen, they delight in hearing the gory details of their fake murders and making a game of solving them.

8:45 PM: "Wow!  That was such an awesome episode.  Seriously, perfect."
Dad: "Hey, there's still 15 minutes left."
Me: "Really? Oh...well, that's cool, I guess; he hasn't talked to Warrick or Greg yet..."
At that point, everything really was pretty perfect.  The humor, wonderful as it was, was nicely balanced with Grissom's more serious scenes as each team member tried to talk to him in turn...well, everyone except - as we saw later - Warrick, who was too busy dropping anvils about his new source of unnatural energy, and Greg, who was too busy snarling at him in passing.  This latter one I find most interesting, mostly because I didn't pick up on it at first - I was distracted by some cute pose my dog was in, and I only caught a hint of what seemed like unprovoked hostility from Greg as he brushed past Grissom.  I was momentarily curious, but it didn't get picked up again, so I forgot about it until everyone started speculating, and now I'm quite curious.  The inner Sandle shipper in me, or at least the Greg/Sara friendship supporter, desperately wants to believe that said hostility has to everything to do with Sara and the fact that she left without a word to anyone, that somehow Grissom should have seen her downward spiral and done something to intervene before it was too late.  Greg might not have seen it either, but he certainly saw hints of it, only the best he could do was try to offer a sympathetic ear.  The real significance would have had to come from Grissom, and it clearly didn't.  He let her go.  I'm very much up for bitter! and/or angsty!Greg fic, should you wish to point me in its direction.  No one ever actually directs me to fic when I ask for it, but hope springs eternal that it will trigger someone's recent memory.

Bottom line: it was one of the better eps of the season, and then came the last scene.    
First of all, Hodges should not ever, ever get to succeed at reaching out/talking to Grissom where everyone else, including Catherine, has failed.   Second of all, what the hell kind of BS was he spewing?  I wish everyone would stop acting like just because Sara left her line of work, it automatically meant she had to leave Grissom as well.  Walking away from the job =/= rejecting him.  And Grissom did not have to retire to a life of entomology lectures in order to remain in a relationship with her.  They would have simply become like MOST couples in the world, who have separate work lives.  While it might be a bit more challenging for them given their workaholic natures, I think the motivation to make time for one another would have been sufficient to keep that other urge in check.

Friday: I'm doing my best to ignore this bit and pretend that Hodges is just an idiot who doesn't know what he's talking about, and Grissom is similarly ignoring him in favor of focusing on the game (oh yeah, I love the board game concept - and Grissom WOULD be intrigued by the chance to solve puzzles), but...still kind of frustrating.

And now that I think about it, she's with her mother?  Okay, I guess I can accept that, but please tell me that the writers also remember that her mother is the lovely woman who killed her husband, and weren't trying to imply a Gilmore Girls relationship there.  That's how much I don't trust the writers to know their own show's canon. 

"2 weeks from now" -- damn it, are you planning to distract me with a Warrick-centric episode?  Because...that will probably work as well as the lab rats did.  And after that, I hear you've got a couple of animal-cruelty themed episodes, which...argh, at SOME point, I really am going to stop watching in protest of Sara's absence!
Numb3rs: Graphic
I find myself intensely amused by the fact that David is a comic book geek, but I don't understand the appeal of comic books.  At all.  I understand comics bound into books, as in collections of the Sunday paper variety (Garfield!  Foxtrot!  Calvin and Hobbes!  Many others!), but superheroes?  Those are just silly and boring.  They're neither grand art nor entertaining story, and I am completely lost as to how they have managed to fascinate millions of otherwise intelligent people. 

In other words, I couldn't really get invested in the casefile this week, although I loved certain aspect of it, such as:
-Christopher Lloyd (never having seen Back to the Future, he represents a different but no less significant piece of my childhood, 'Angels in the Outfield'). 
-David & Colby's footrace to see who would have to tackle the half-naked suspect (answer: scary-ass Amazonian women, despite the suggestion of "whoever gets there last")
-The back of Don's head getting acquainted with the concrete (whump!)
-David getting whacked in the knees by a little old lady with a cane (STILL makes me burst out laughing)
-Super!David performing a flying-squirrel leap onto a suspect about to shoot Don.  Colby has taught him well. 
-The Pose for the comic book at the end.  Don's hotness does not translate very well to 2-D art, but Charlie's definitely does.

There was not nearly enough Amita in this episode, although I loved her gorgeous silk top, as well as her mock-smitten response to being called hot.  More interesting was what they finally started to develop with the popularity of his book - unlike the whiny, whiny fandom, I have been happily lapping up every bit of information about this subplot, but this week, the unhappy note in Charlie's voice while claiming "I never intended to go down in history as some crackpot expert" made me wonder if they were going to explore some avenue of him losing academic credibility with his peers.  It would have made a particularly complementary development to what I started to notice in "Primacy" - that as much as he complained about publicity events, he seemed to secretly be flattered by/enjoying the attention, and I wondered if that might blow up in his face. 

Alas, neither of these really played out the way I expected, but that's okay.  I think I prefer the way it turned out; Larry and Amita had some amazingly profound statements to make about him, but it's Alan for the win with the Definitive Professor Eppes Description, which I shall include here in full once I can see the episode again, so as not to misquote and look foolish like I always do while trying to recite from memory. 

And finally, poor angsty Don.  I'm trying to get over Liz too; this is not helping!  What does help is the amusing reaction of his teammates to his doldrums--

Colby: Maybe one of us should...go in and see if he wants to talk about it?
David: You volunteering?
Colby: Hell no.

Do I really have to wait 2 weeks for the next episode?  I am also in denial that there are only 3 left before the blackout, because Numb3rs has unexpectedly risen through the ranks in the last few weeks to become one of my favorite shows.  It's a combination of the heady Charlie/Amita rush and the fact that Charlie is ridiculously attractive to me at the moment, but I suddenly can't get enough of it.  Makes waiting for Friday even harder than usual.  Man, I miss the days when CSI: Miami was on top, and I was excited for the BEGINNING of every new week...

I shall go content myself with a script snippet of Cute from 4.12.  *snuggles*
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