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Crap.  I accidentally stayed up all night.  It really wasn't my intention to do so, but for the first time in about 3 months I got really invested in working on a fic (I know!  Gasp!  Shock!), which is now about 85% of the way to completion.  If you're curious as to its content, I'm planning to add a CSI stripe to my rainbow of fandoms by expanding that Personal Canon meme I wrote in May.  Anyway, by the time I'd reached a plateau point it was 3 AM, so...I just moved on to talking about TV.  I will deeply regret this at approximately 9:00. 

America's Most Smartest Model: Episode 8 (a/k/a "The Episode Which Restored My Habit Faith")
So, guess those spoilers about Pickel being the winner were made of COMPLETE AND UTTER LIES.  Which I find wonderful, because I've been somewhat discouraged, thinking at the back of my mind that I might have to put up with his carnie tattooed look and frat boy attitude for the entire series.  It never even occurred to me that he might get booted, and while I would have been just as happy to see Andre ejected (although finally something broke through Mary Alice's zombie shell and forced her to admit that he is actually not awesome at all times), I'm quite satisfied with this outcome.  Especially on the heels of Angela looking hot and gorgeous, and winning all the praise, and being rewarded with the automatic callback.  It was so gratifying to see the Queen Bitch judge give her actual compliments and otherwise perform a total reversal of her usually preconceived judgments.  Can you tell that my initial Mary Alice love has withered and died in the past few weeks?  She's become a bossy loudmouth after all, blinded by her love for shirt-forgoing jerks and carrying a disturbing admiration for cutthroat tactics. 

I still don't really understand how you can form an alliance in a competition like this, but okay.  You do that.  Whatever helps get rid of VJ is appreciated.  It's rather evil to gang up on Angela, though, just because she's smarter than the rest of you idiots.  Honestly, Rachael, I thought you were better than that!  (although I will accept the excuse that she's on the chopping block and looking to save her own neck by any means offered to her) Brett, I'm going to assume you were swayed by the persuasion of your BFF and would not come up with such a mean idea on your own.  

I'm still annoyed that anyone can be annoyed with Angela.  Smart people are awesome, come on now.  Plus she endeared herself to be by being "really upset" that Daniel's gone, because a) she's probably the only person in the house who can say that and mean it, and b) I still think it's just plain wrong that he got kicked out before VJ, Andre and Pickel.

I could have done without the nasty treadmill challenge - I'm still in awe that they managed to run/jog for over an hour; I think I would collapse and die at the 8 minute mark at best - but I liked the runway one.  Okay, maybe I just liked the runway one because everybody bashed Andre.  I don't actually see what was so wrong about him using a couple of silly gimmicks, but apparently the runway is V. Serious Buisness and not to be toyed with.  What really irked me was Mary Alice's Prime Example of Insanity complete and total overreaction to Brett's "arguing" with her, unless the editors cut out a huge swath of Daniel-esque hysterics.  He had a legitimate complaint - she had no criticism of his earlier walks, which were exactly the same as this one, so he didn't change anything.  Why would he change something that was apparently working?  I think he had every right to question why she would suddenly complain that it was terrible.  Not to mention that they only went back and forth for about two exchanges before he shut himself up AND APOLOGIZED.  I would hardly call that combative and disrepectful behavior, Crazy Lady.

But you know, it all ends delightfully well with Pickel sent packing, Brett-missing anguish and all.  So much for Guy Love.  And on the bright side, we're now 60/40 on contestants I love/hate!  (okay, it might be more like 40/40/20 for love/hate/indifferent to, but that's still decent)  Wait,we're down to 5?  No!  How can this series be almost over?  IT IS MY CRACK ADDICTION LOVE!  
'Cold Case: Justice
*sighs* Okay, CC, if you're going to keep handing me ammunition, I'm going to keep climbing up on my soapbox and shooting myself in the foot with it.  Example of the week: the definition of rape, and how it is never, ever the victim's fault.  No matter what.  Not even if she drags the guy into her bedroom, tears off all her clothes and grinds naked against his lap, the minute she says "stop," and gets ignored, the guy deserves to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Or, not.  That wasn't really the case here, but certain interrogation questions of Lily's bugged the hell out of me.  Some of the women tried to justify it with "I invited him up" or "I had too much to drink" (entirely of their own volition, I might add), which sounded pretty damn reasonable to me in contrast to the virgin, but Lil was right there to smack them down.  "NO!  YOU WERE RAPED!  CRY VICTIM, CRY VICTIM!"  All about the lack of responsibility, there.  Cases like this make it difficult for me to sympathize with the more helpless types of rape, the kind by a stranger, or the kind that involves pure physical force without being preceded by kissing and/or judgment-impairing alcohol.  (drunk!rape is the one that truly makes me cranky.  If you choose to drink, that should put more responsibility on your shoulders, not absolve you of it.  Like with drunk driving)

Ahem.  Like I was saying, that wasn't really the case here; the BMOC was a rotten little piece of trash who deserved to be beaten in the face with a wrench (much more satisfying than a single gunshot to the chest!) for his arrogance in persisting, despite the vehement protests of multiple women, that they really secretly wanted it.  Like there was no possible way he could be even the tiniest bit mistaken in his intrepretation of their responses because they were just Silly Twitterpated Women!  I understood all the pent-up rage of the girls there, as well as of the snarling cop Lafferty.  That being said, I had no idea who'd ended up pulling the trigger, and was rather depressed to find out it had been Tessie's kid brother.  But then!  In an unexpected twist!  All the detectives worked together to see to it that it went down as an act of self-defense so he wouldn't be prosecuted.  It was quite a feat, too; he was determined to send himself to jail and it took all their patience (or at least all of mine) to make him see straight.  I'm still in shock and awe that they did something so delightfully rule-bending, seeing as how these are the same detectives who walked an Alzheimer's patient off in handcuffs a few weeks back, not to mention had zero sympathy whatsoever for the poor man who mercy-killed his zombified best friend/love.  

Other than that, this was rich in character development.  Well, maybe not development so much as "showcasing" - Lily's still struggling with her near-death experience and the terror of dying alone, Scotty's still waiting to lend an ear, Stillman's still not back to work - and judging from the way Jeffries finally, with great reluctance, hauled a great stack of files and sat down in his office, I'm suddenly VERY worried he never will be - but in combination, it meant that the characters got a lot of personal screen time this week, which I don't think detracted from the storyline at all, and so PLEASE TAKE NOTES, WITHOUT A TRACE. 

Oh, and Kat & Vera had another awesome round of Pass the Snark --
Vera: Guys like Delaney make it hell for the rest of us.
Kat: Your point?
Vera: My point is, sometimes women say no when they don't mean it, because if they didn't, they'd be thought of know...
Kat: *glaring daggers* Hos?
Jeffries: Digging that ditch deeper.
Vera: I would never call a woman a ho.  All I'm saying is, what's a guy to do, back off at the first no?  Human race would go extinct.
Kat: No means no! How many ways you need that spelled out?
Vera: The name of the game is pursuit.  You run, I chase.
Kat: You ain't chasin' me anywhere. 
'How I Met Your Mother: "The Yips"
Yay, the return of Barney's gay black brother!  I thought his overcompensating machismo was hysterical, although he can pretty much say anything on this show and I will still love him to death.  Better than Ted, this man.  Further yay for the return of Weepy Hippie Barney!  Is it weird if I think he's almost cuter that way?  Short hair and suits really don't do it for me.  (Ponchos and scraggly hair that's longer than mine don't really do it for me either, though, so maybe I just like that fragile, homeless-puppy expression of his.  Yeah, that's probably it.)  I could have done without the appearance of Rhonda, though.  That concept sounded funny in spoilers, but onscreen I was too, what's the word, nauseated to watch it.  

The inclusion of Heidi Klum, among the rest of the Victoria's Secret crew, seemed obnoxiously and ostentatiously done for the sole purpose of ratings, but I'm rather fond of the woman because she's had two kids with the same man (and they're even married!), even if said man's face gives me nightmares about bogeymen.  Full siblings are becoming increasingly rare in Hollywood, as people tend to split up too fast for multiple single births to occur.  Anyway, she's cute, and I liked her role here.      

Didn't really need the gym subplot, because people working out is gross and people working out so hard that they sweat profusely is even worse.  Silly Robin, it's not the lack of makeup that turns people away!  Speaking of which, that scene with her pumping iron killed my lingering sexual tension.  And I didn't even know I had any to be killed. 

Finally: Lily's hair really needs to stop changing, because it gets worse every time.  This new, nearly-black color does not match her complexion at all, and makes her look like she's in permanent Halloween mode wearing a Cleopatra wig.
CSI: Miami: "My Nanny"
No, I'm not going to call this episode by its full and proper title.  That's just stupid.
Hm, I think the word I'm looking for is "underwhelmed."  Not that I expected any different from the previews, really, but wow.  I wouldn't watch that again under pain of death.  I do have to give them credit for an entertaining mystery, because I had no idea who it was at all - I randomly guessed the dad, but it seemed like anyone could have done it, including the innocent little 5-year-old, and each time they aimed their focus in a new direction it seemed plausible.  I'm just happy it wasn't the son, because I've had quite enough of these male juvenile delinquents lately.  That being said, now that I know who did it, it's already settling in as the most boring episode of the season in my mind.  And speaking of who did it...Miami may not have average victims anymore, but they can still churn out some very dumb-as-a-post criminals.  "YOU DON'T WANT MY BABIES?!  YOU ARE NOT WORTHY OF LIFE, NANNYING HUSSY!  *STAB*"  Because of course, the guy couldn't possibly ever have fallen in love again, with someone who did want children...

The ending amused me, too.  The rich peoples' hearts grew five sizes that day!  "Ah yes, priorities," purrs Horatio, and goes off to apologize to Calleigh after shunning her for the past year.  Oh drat, I think I only imagined that last part.  But do you think if we all wish it hard enough, it will come true?   

There is one good, noteworthy aspect to this episode: Eric & Calleigh's hypothetical (not) talk about children and the raising of them and such.  I feel like Eric's had a bit of a conflicting history on this show, alternating between womanizer and standup family guy, but the latter one seems to be shining through lately, and frankly I welcome it.  Because he WOULD make a good dad (who's got the icon of Eric lifting up the little girl in last year's finale?).  He was also supposed to make an awesome uncle for Marisol's babies, but someone decided to be cruel and deprive me of that fantasy, so I will just start a countdown clock to his and Calleigh's wedding.  What?  I rotate my Miami ships more often than tires, but I have to tell you it's not taking a whole lot to make me bring the Hip Huggers front and center.  

I love that their conversation was frank and sincere, even though it could very easily have gone into Uncomfortable Non-Hypothetical Territory (in fact, I'm pretty sure they were both actively steering to keep it from going there), so we got some lovely candid answers from the pair of them.  For you fic writers, you can take away the tidbit that even with crazy CSI hours (which really aren't that crazy in Miami, since all crimes are solved before dusk), Eric thinks it's entirely possible to raise a family without outside help, something Calleigh had dismissed but now appears to be reconsidering.  Also, they would have gorgeous babies.  I am just saying.

Oh, and there's an extra tidbit about Calleigh's past, which they seem to be bringing up an awful lot lately...about how her mom was more of a best friend than a parent.  I can't remember how fandom usually portrays her mom, but I suspect it's not like that.  That's okay; new and different is always good.  

Finally, I wish the Natalia/gun subplot would die already.  Give it up.  This pairing is just not as classic as Horatio/gun, and never will be.  

Notes from the Fashion Show
This fashion show has been sponsored by the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and your local Hallmark Valentine's Day stock.

Well, not really.  But you believed me, didn't you, what with the EXPLOSION OF PINK IN EVERY DIRECTION?  That wasn't even faintly subtle, Wardrobe!  Usually when they do their color themes they mix and match a bit, striving for similar/complementary colors without being completely uniform.  But then this!  Let me count the ways:
1. Alexx, whose shirt I loved when it was the only one of its kind - white tank with pinkish-red chain pattern around the scoop neckline
2. Ryan, in a solidly pink T-shirt quite indistinguishable from one I own.  That's not good.  Also, we went over this.
3. Eric, the gray suit is fine (in every sense of the word), but please don't think you can hide the pink-striped shirt beneath it.
4. Natalia was confined to the lab - with accompanying coat - the whole hour, but the collar of her pink blouse was quite visible beneath it.
5. Not to mention that the entire nanny agency apparently had a dress code that specified its workers could only wear pink or red.  Or maybe that was what they were required to wear to their audition.  I don't know; I wasn't really paying attention at that point, I just know that I saw an ocean of uniform color.  I really am quite disappointed that Stetler didn't appear in this episode; I feel certain that he would have been sporting the most eyecatching of pink ties.

Escaping the curse of pink was the one person who really would have rocked it - Calleigh, who went back to her dour black ensemble, try though she might to dress it up with an unnerving amount of cleavage.  I liked the way her shirt was gathered at the neckline, but think it may have warranted a white tank top beneath.  On the bright side, loved the sparkly heart-shaped pendant she was wearing.    
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