RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

What's that? A...fic post?

*keels over and dies of shock* 

I have a certain paranoia that will kill it at some point for being a "list" or some such nonsense, and yet I can't bring myself to ditch the roman numerals.  At least not yet.  Depends how strongly the paranoia sets in over the next couple of days.  I'm nervous about posting it both because I'm venturing into a new category and because I haven't posted anything in four months and I feel like I've forgotten how it works, and goes.  Yes, about half of it has been previously posted here, but that means the other half is brand new.  :)

Fandom: CSI
Title: Watch Your Dreams Like Falling Stars
Rating: PG
Pairing: GSR, strictly speaking, with a healthy dose of gen.
Summary: Fifteen small truths in the lives of the team.
Word Count: 945
Spoilers: Through season 7, and not a step beyond.

Tags: completed, csi, fanfic
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