RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

New York: #1 CSI?

Okay, I've been behind on individual episode discussion, for the most part.  After the long, meager summer, it's hard to handle so much good TV at once.  But I've got to get out my amazement at how much I suddenly adore CSI: NY.  It's a couple of weeks into the new season of TV now, and New York has been...well...WAY BETTER than Miami so far.   Couple that with its strong showing last spring, and...well...I have to wonder where my priorities are.

OMG SQUEE DANNY/LINDSAY!   Plus a retroactive squee for Mac and the random new coroner, who is awesome by virtue of being a love interest!  (I actually don't like random new coroner all that much on her own, but Mac freakin' kissed her - did you not all DIE of SHOCK as they boldly broke new ground on this franchise????)

DANNY/LINDSAY!  Hard to remember back to the days where I didn't like her...she's such a sweet character I don't know how that ever worked.  And now - after an ending like that??  With the hugging and the -- HUGGING!!  Next week looks kind of unhappy, though, which was so disappointing. 

Me when the episode ended: New York is SO my new favorite CSI!
Me after next week's preview: ...DAMN IT!  Why's it gotta blow up already, huh? 

*hopefully* Maybe it's a bait and switch?  Maybe they'll fight early on and then at the end of the episode, come to their senses and try it out not unlike my cute wittle couple on Standoff?  Mm?  They're no Grissom-and-Sara; I don't feel like they're "meant to be together no matter what and nothing could ever break them apart," but I still think any relationship between them has a good chance of success, even if they are both kinda stubborn and quick-tempered.  I think they could be good for each other.  Besides, they're cute.  :)
Tags: csi: ny, tv commentary

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