RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Um, so, my computer keeps randomly shutting down.  There's a sudden "woosh" and everything goes dead except for a yellow light on the CPU.  Flipping the power strip off/on and then pushing the restart button seems to restore everything just fine, but it's done this twice tonight, and the second time its startup screen said "checking the files on E: [my flash drive] ... the volume is dirty."  

It finished the check and continued a normal startup, but that last bit still rather worries me.  What does that even mean?  All I've found on Google are references to C: drives that go on to talk about running the installation CD, which my flash drive doesn't exactly have.  I don't know if I should be worried or not.  I've had this computer for two whole years without problems, which is a record in our family (*frantically knocks on wood*), and I don't want to break that streak!

[Edit: Okay, it just did it again not two hours after the last time, and the flash drive wasn't even plugged in.  Crap, crap, crap.]

On a brighter note, "Holiday in Handcuffs" was every bit as funny, silly, heartwarming, and implausibly feel-good/cheesy as I expected it to be.  I may not get to see "Enchanted" in theaters (it's a long story involving finances.  Still, ()*@&%()*@&%(*@# and *headdesk*), but at least I can treasure this movie.  It made me so happy I had to watch it twice in a row.  Other than the draggy bit near the 3/4 mark where Mario Lopez Clay disappears for a while (boo!) and the focus swings back to Trudie's strained relationship with her parents, I loved every minute of it.  No, I will not stop pimping this movie!  I want to spontaneously create a fandom for it, with fanfic and picspams and discussion of Clay & Trudie's next Christmas where they will be legitimately cute and cuddly, rather than (respectively) trying to flee at every opportunity and making threatening gestures with antique muskets.  ...I may need help. 

While we're talking about movies, by the way, we're presently wasting time watching "The Big Lebowski" to close out my theory course.  After seeing an hour's worth, I have yet to crack a smile, although I have spent a good deal of time twitching at all the F words.  We're supposed to be looking for the copious examples of theory in references to things like hippies and Vietnam and the sexual revolution and other 60's things (my professor's most beloved time period), but what I'm getting out of it is that this is a PERFECT film to show in this course, because I am still pretty much of the opinion that "theory" is a silly non-subject of meaningless drivel.  And this movie seems both plotless and utterly pointless.  They're a match made in heaven!
Tags: holiday in handcuffs, movies

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