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*hiding under blankets again*

Too much TV!  Too much to process!  Eleventy-billion (or literally, up to 20 with the comedies) shows airing every week; I never thought I would be HAPPY about the World Series steamrollering everything on FOX, but...

This new addition of streaming shows online is both a blessing and a curse, as I no longer have to choose which show to sacrifice.  I just have to make time to sit still for 45 minutes, because I can't fast-forward the stuff online, unlike all the stuff I conveniently tape. 

So, because it is unlikely that I will ever catch up on all my backlogged reviews of the last 3-4 weeks, we'll just do a quick State-of-the-Networks approach and see about catch-up later. 
Cold Case: Um, missed the first episode because I really didn't have the frickin' patience anymore to wait for the sports-delayed programs to randomly begin sometime during the 8:00 hour.  I assumed I could catch it online.  It's apparently the only show not being streamed on the Inner Tube.  Damn it.  Saw second episode, and squealed about the relationshippyness and the CATS!  OMG THE CATS, I LOVE THE CATS!  Lilly's new boyfriend isn't very cute, but I don't care because she HAS a boyfriend and we get to see it, and the way they met was awesome, plus I'm all squealy because he came into the kitchen holding the one-eyed cat!  Awwww...

As for the episode, I just kept thinking about NCIS.  ;)  It had some great music, though; Vanessa Carlton and Dido...

Without a Trace: I still haven't watched this show, though I've got an episode sitting on my tapes.  First episode opened on Jack-and-Anne, and that just made me spit in disgust and turn off the TV, which in turn pissed me off because later I remembered that I had been looking forward to the casefile that week, but in the atrocity of Jack-and-Anne, it fled my mind.  The next week, it was the nasty one I'd read nasty spoilers for, Elena IN A FRICKING STRIP CLUB, or what have you, and it was just gross.  Hate Elena, hate Elena, hate Elena!  I keep watching the reruns on TNT, when this show was good, and you know, I really *do* love missing-persons cases.  I love them.  I want to see them.  And I know it's hypocritical to say that personal/relationship drama is overshadowing this show and ruining it, but this is the one exception to my rule.  I do love these characters, and I like hearing about their lives, but not THIS much.  I'm sorry.  I miss this show...I miss seeing Vivian (spelled right?) and Sam, because they are awesome, strong, kick-ass women...but Danny turns into a dolt around Elena, Martin - once the favorite - is wimpy like Nick Lachey these days, and ever since Jack lost his family, every sight of him crawls under my skin like flesh-eating bacteria. 

The Class: I am really, really enjoying this show a lot more than I thought I would.  I don't know any character names yet, but Jason Ritter's character is hilarious, and so is his quirky quasi friendship with the louder twin.  I see future sparks.  I hope they don't happen for a long time though, because if it happens in the next few episodes, it would just be weird.  Meantime, I love her brashness (is that a word?).  I'm also enjoying the cute, fairly adolescent attraction between the pathetic redhaired loser and the sweetness-and-light twin, whom I am calling "Hat Girl."  Seriously, she is SO cute.  The gay characters actually don't bother me so far.  Reporter girl is still a little neurotic for my tastes, and her husband DOES bother me.  Married-to-football-player woman and her high school sweetheart are amusing on the slightly raunchier end.  Oh, this is a fun show.  Every episode seems to whip by - I'm always left squawking "What?!  The END?!"

How I Met Your Mother: Not only do I ADORE this show's credit sequence, it's hilarious.  It puts me in stitches - I think it might be turning into my favorite comedy of the night.  I just love Lilly and Marshall. 

Two and a Half Men: This is still my favorite, though.  I can't explain it, it just makes me giggle.  Charlie is just that it's great, and Alan's nerdiness is funny.  Randomly Appearing Rose is good too.  The kid annoys me, though.  The actor's fine, but the character is so dumb it drives me up the wall.

New Adventures of Old Christine: I should love this show, but it still feels...plainclothes to me.  I still enjoy it, of course, and hope it sticks around because I like all the characters, it just doesn't grip me as much as it should.

CSI Miami: Still broken.  It just, somehow it doesn't have the edge that it's had for the last four years (especially last year).  I think, although I am not positive, that I can trace this to the fact that Horatio is now in fewer than 75% of the scenes.  I can't prove it, but I'm getting that feeling...where I'm more of an omniciscent observer, instead of following his storyline.  And even though most people think this is an improvement, I am stubborn and love my star.  Also, HATE NATALIA.  Lastly, we should start up the relationship drama again.  I am only a little bit interested in the murder-of-the-week these days; I care about my characters, and mostly that means the state of their love lives (but CSI style, not the nasty random-sex-scenes that Grey's Anatomy favors). 

All the other crime shows are doing it, and I know CSIM is recovering from Marisol's death and all, but while there have been shipperiffic tidbits all over the place (most notably Calleigh saying "Thanks Babe" to Ryan after he says he's glad she's okay), there's nothing concrete.  Someone!  Date!  Now!  Or at least get Horatio a damned nemesis; I'm sick of this polite smiling and cooperation between him and all the government people he usually makes a point of antagonizing.  Okay.  Rant complete.  It's just, I'm at a point where I wonder if I shouldn't give the original CSI its taping rights back.

NCIS: This show was broken for one week, because the season premiere was totally off, but then it went back to humor and Gibbs-and-Abby and general normalcy, and thank God my prayers were answered and Agent Lee was kicked out on her tail.  Still loving this show.  Loving that the show, though the secret of Kelly and Shannon has been revealed, has not forgotten about them and recently had another flashback.  You cannot possibly fathom the depths to which I adore that little girl, and the idea of Gibbs as a father.  And I like how Tony is in one respect still his juvenile self, but really, you can see how he's matured, and glimpses of what he must have been like over the summer interim.

House: Again - have not seen the last two weeks, because I only just today discovered where Fox is hiding its streamed-online shows.  But I've read all the recaps, and that scene with House & Cameron sounded really good.  As do the confrontational scenes with Cuddy about the bloody carpet.  So, after the World Series, this show is back to its 8:00 slot, and I can watch again.  This is bad news for Standoff.

Standoff: This show will swap and go to 7:00, with the NCIS clash, so I will have to watch it online.  Which ticks me off, because while I pretty much never want to transcribe scenes from House, there are many Matt-and-Emily bits I want to write down before this show is canceled (I have bad feelings...), and for that I need pause and REWIND, REWIND, REWIND.  Sigh.  I mean, I love this show.  Ron Livingston is apparently famous for something else (Office Space?) and it's making me want to go find whatever that is and watch it.  I am actually still quite interested in the crimes on this show, and yet, it does the best job of all with giving me a weekly shipper fix.  I can't help but snicker to myself, though, that Fox - with its longstanding reputation of being the most-likely-to-get-a-content-advisory-warning of the channels - WOULD make sure that even when branching into the crime genre, it kept sex at the forefront.  Heh.  Don't care, because as previously mentioned, there has been nothing dirty about this show so far.  No!  I promise!  Nothing dirty!  One horizontal makeout session that would have pushed the limits except they remained fully clothed, and then one scene between the sheets which did not push any limits at all because it was purely pillow talk and cuddling.  Both such things have happened many times on the O.C., but on the O.C., it was always, always way grosser. 

Law & Order: SVU: Okay, so, major kudos for introducing a new partner for Elliot that I actually like.  You know how to win me over?  1) Make Elliot accept her, but mostly 2) MAKE HER SPEAK FLUENT FRENCH.  I love any characters who speak French in any context, fluent or just remembering something from high school.  It's an automatic ticket to love.  I will be perfectly happy with her until Olivia comes back.  Last week's episode was incredibly powerful (even though when the first victim misidentified her rapist, I chanted "CHIMERISM!  CHIMERISM!" until the final minute...).

Bones: I finally watched it again.  I almost skipped it, because it was just so much WORK to get a tape ready and all...but I did.  I just can't get into this show.  I don't know why.  Bones' bluntness is amusing; Booth is just all around great as the layman of the team annoyed with their fancy forensic words; skeletal remains aren't nearly as gross as what CSI usually produces; this most recent episode (number 4?) was really good, with the fights over diplomatic immunity...and yet, I just cannot get excited about it every week. 

LOST: Huzzah!  It only just started; I'm not behind!  So:
Wow, the way that one started?  Really, really awesome.  But I'm confused about the blonde woman - WAS that Sarah, as in Jack's wife?  (or ex-wife...whatever...I try not to pay attention to Jack's story) Messed up! 

The rest of the episode?  Not so much.  Jack is boring.  Jack's pre-island life is boring, and Jack's life on the island when not patching people up is boring.  Why does Jack's hair not grow?  He would be so much more attractive without the crew cut.   So, I almost never watch the flashbacks because they are BORING...which saves me lots of time, actually...and today was no exception.  The recaps will tell me all I need to know.  Actually, the recap-in-a-nutshell tells me all I need to know about that part.   So, moving on from that part.  I'm tired of seeing Kate in the shower.  Shocking, huh?  Yeah.  It was extremely ominous and creepy, the breakfast with NotHenry (Ben?)  He's like a little bug eyed lizard-man and I wish he would go away or die or something so I don't have to see him.  I want to know what the hell it means when he says "the next 2 weeks are going to be unpleasant."  But even moreso, I want to know why Kate's wrists are all chafed up.  What happened??  Because, when it comes to injured women, my mind immediately jumps to stereotypical things, and while I'm sure that's not the case here, I'd like to know what IS.

Speaking of which: Sawyer in a cage is...oddly appealing.  I mean, I want him *out* of the cage, but on the other hand...if you could catch Sawyer and keep him all for yourself, wouldn't you?  I love how he went from being my most hated character (season 1) to one of my favorites.   Him figuring out that display was almost heartbreaking, in retrospect, how ridiculously excited he gets when he figures out the device (which I still haven't figured out, actually.  I couldn't quite follow the camera angles to see what he did, and reception was way dark)...I mean, he's being demeaned and reduced to the level of an animal.  Stupid Others.  At least NotHenry got treated like a human.  Okay, like a prisoner-of-war human in a secret military base, but...

But: That scene between him and Kate?  By far the best (and some would say only worthwhile) part of this episode.  Seriously.  I don't understand how Jate shippers still have any hope at this point.  LOOK AT HIS EYES!  Look at them!  Look at the worry when she first approaches.  And the sweet way he couldn't do anything, but tried anyway with a meager offering of the only food between them, his sort of satisfied look when she started eating...  Okay, I suppose the Jate shippers do still have hope because I'm not sure Kate has let her guard down as much as Sawyer has, but at least we've got one half of the equation fulfilled. 

Previews for Next Week: *OMGSQUEEFWAMBLOWSUP*  *picks up pieces and puts self back together* Please don't be a bait and switch.   Please please please.  Please make it a real kiss, and not that cheap and cheating way she kissed Jack and then ran off like a crazy...plleeeeeaassee...also, could it NOT lead to sex 2 minutes later?  Because I'm not interested in that much.

CSI: NY: I think I have probably squeed about this one enough (no, wait.  DANNYLINDSAYHUGSQUEEEEEE!).  Sigh.  Danny and Lindsay aren't happening anytime soon.  Look, I TOLD you, I don't *want* to find out about Lindsay's tragic and violent sob story. I was going to go on Talk CSI and discuss last week's eppy, but the people there are so VICIOUS and anti-this-ship that I recoiled and ran.  What the fugg, is pouring on the love.  *shakes head* Confusing.  Anyway - they're all (even the official reviewer, Kristine Huntley) complaining that Lindsay is being defined by her relationship with Danny, which inandofitself is forced, rushed, unbelievable, and exactly what people were afraid of happening when crime scenes met romance.   Huh.  I always thought of her as having a tiny little crush, just because she's still young and he's nice to her, and that's what I'd have in her place.  But she also seemed like she was trying to tamp it down and not let it show.  Problem was, at the same time, Danny started to seem interested in her all on his own, and so she accepted the attention without acknowledging it.

People complained about her obvious infatuation in the way she asked questions about Aiden ("she and Danny were close?") during Heroes.   See...those were season 1 storylines, and she wasn't here then.  Of course she asked questions, she was on the outside of the loop, and she was trying to get information but at the same time, trying not to seem blunt and callous towards obviously sensitive issues.  I never thought she was phrasing it like, "so were they dating?" I really took her question at face value.  Maybe I'm naive.  Eh. 

Anyway, I've always seen Danny as the one more interested in pursuing the relationship, so the progression in this episode made sense to me - mostly because it mirrors my own.  She was sort of an annoying replacement at first, but gradually we warmed up to her.  She was kinda cute. She was fun, quirky, definitely not like anyone we'd ever met.  I remember in Charge of This Post, the way a semi-dazed Lindsay was explaining to Stella what happened with the explosion, and Danny zeroed right in on the bleeding cut on her forehead.   It wasn'tserious, but it was still the first thing I saw in that scene.  And of course...last week shook it all up.  I'm not sure if it qualifies as an actual near-death experience, but it was dangerous, and it definitely opened up the mind to WHAT IF scenarios.  When you've got two characters dancing around UST, they can dance forever.  It may take a big event like this to shake one or both parties up enough to speak up and act on their feelings.  In this case, it was Danny realizing in that moment, in the aftermath of the miniature grenade explosion, that the undefinable little something that attracted him to Lindsay could very easily mean more.  So he asked her out, because a relationship has to officially start somewhere small and innocuous.  ("tumbling into bed" is not a good way to start.  Shut up, Burke and Cristina.)

So, where were?  Oh, right. Episode.  Lindsay blew him off.  Damn it, girl, you should have turned him down, not stood him up when you suddenly got cold feet.  It wouldn't have been automatically writing him off.  Look at Grissom!  He turned down Sara's first dinner invitation, but a mere three years later, they were together.  You could always have asked him out later, when you were ready, rather than hurting his feelings and ticking him off by breaking a promise.  Or at least called him or 

I have no theories on what her tragic and bloody past is.  I don't want to come up with any theories.  I'm tired of theories, and I'm sure they'll be revealed by the midpoint of the season anyway.  Eventually, I think Danny and Lindsay will make it.  I do.  I have faith.  Somewhere before the end of the season, my couple will be cute and cuddly again.

Until then, I am saving episode 2 of season 3, and watching the ending over and over and over...maybe I can find an icon to use. 

Oh.  And also, on this show, people investigate cases.  The cases are actually pretty interesting, and I really like seeing Stella work because she's got the best manner out of all of them, but I don't have any energy left to talk about them.  Also, I miss Hawkes' facial hair.  Just like I miss Danny's normal, non-crew-cut hair.  I do, however, adore Angell the Detective (is that her first name or her last?) and want her to return immediately if not sooner.

Til Death: I am beginning to notice that Fox reruns this show constantly.  Like, in every possible timeslot whenever they need a half-hour sitcom.  It's ridiculous.  I mean, it's fun and funny, but really only needs to be watched once.  I also notice that while the newlyweds were fun at first, they are showing themselves to be increasingly one-dimensional, and I wonder if their roles aren't going to slowly diminish as the show rolls on. 

Fine with me.  More love for Brad Garrett, whose name I think I just spelled wrong. But whatever.  He's more fun here than he was on Everybody Loves Raymond.  Yeah, still working on learning his character's name.  I know all the OTHER people...

Ugly Betty: *thanks to the powers of online streaming, I will begin watching this show soon!* I watched about 10 minutes last week during boring bits of Survivor, and although I am still scared it will turn out like a Spanish telenovela, a type which sucks more than daytime soap operas, if I can erase that stigma from my mind and the show doesn't, like, storm the ratings or anything, I think it could be great.  I love America Ferrara.  Another name I can't spell, DANG IT!   Anyway, looking forward to catching up soon.

Survivor: Television Without Pity has re-addicted me to this show, and I love it again.   Even though they basically just do the same few challenges over and over with tiny new twists, I still tune in.   It's always fun to meet new people and watch them befriend and/or backstab each other.  It's trixy (I refuse to write "tricksy") talking about reality shows, because...these are real people, and it makes writing about them seem like nothing more than high school gossip, and seems like it could be hurtful somewhere down the line. 

Eh.  Let's talk about the first impressions of people!  So far, I'm fine with all the people that have been booted out; none of them were memorable.  16 left!  Wait, didn't Survivor used to START with 16 people?  Damned if they don't drag this show out more every season...

Adam: No opinions yet. 

Becky: She's cute, spunky, like people I might have known in school.   I hope she sticks around a while, because her attitude is great.

Brad: Brad is like the cheap, smaller-nosed, less-interesting version of Yul.   He's okay, but not all that interesting yet.

Candice: She seems like she might be one of those people whose wide-eyed sweetness lets her fly under the radar and stick around for a while...that, and Jonathon's got her under his wing, which is either her saving grace or her ruination, depending on whether HE sticks around.  I like her, though.  Sporty/athletic type.

Cao Boi: He rocks my socks off.  Seriously, he's got to be one of the most unique, hilarious contestants ever.  I suspect if you were living on the island with him, he might get on your nerves, but just as-is?  Neat.  He's awesome, though I thought he was in his 50's or 60's.  The way he actually put the nest BACK last week after knocking it down?  I thought he was just going to suggest eating the baby bird, I really did.  What he did instead endeared me to him forever and ever.  Plus, according to the website bio, he owns 2 pet cats plus a dog brought back from Vietnam in 2003.  AW.  :D

Cristina: After reading her biography, I'm beginning to think they had a quota for "at least X number of people must have previously appeared on TV."  Anyway, even though I thought she was rather plain at first, now that I know she's a cop and everything, she's pretty cool.  You know what?  She looks like she stepped right out of one of the Law & Order shows.  That's the look.  And yet, she's authentic, which is awesome. 

Jenny: She's 36?!  I had her pegged at 26, tops.  Wow, she's really petite.  I love her as much as Becky, another spunky persona, gutsy, and knows how to work this game even though she doesn't look like it.

Jessica "Flica": Fulfilling the role of the slightly loopy, New Age artsy type...complete with nasty dreadlocks...yeah, seriously, she'd be awesome if not for that.  How can you not love a rollergirl?  She's like that fire-dancer from last season, only without the pinched expression and born-in-a-trailer-park vibe.  I like her sweet naivete and how she wasn't really thinking about the game at first.  Not like all the other seasoned, cynical people.  That naivete will probably get her torch snuffed soon, but oh well.

Jonathon: Oh man, I have to go look up whatever episode of CSI he was in RIGHT NOW.  Anyway...he's sort of bumbling, sort of goofy, a big dad figure (not mature enough for "father figure"), who uses his friendly charms and easygoing smile to trick you into letting him win. 
[edit: CSI "Viva Las Vegas" as a detective I don't remember.  ALSO in CSI: NY, in "Run Silent, Run Deep," as a character I totally remember, Newt. (but damn it, we've already established that the CSIs exist in the same universe!  No cross-appearing as different characters!!)

Nate: Nate is cool.  Nate's also kinda hunky, with the muscles (even though I usually don't like that like) and the occasional wearing of the glasses.   He makes me smile when he's onscreen.  Keep him around!

Ozzy: So far, he sounds like a whiner.  He also looks short.  Like one of those annoying, bossy short people who make up in attitude what they lack in height.  So, he should leave.

Parvati: Awesome name.  Otherwise, she is indistinguishable from the flocks of giggle-girls that permeated my high school hallways (and even now, college dorms).  A recent college graduate, and it shows.   I definitely wouldn't like her.  She's all right on the show, the token beauty queen, but her wide smile with the gums showing kind of makes me grimace, no matter how white her teeth are. 

Rebecca: Haven't seen much of her yet, but of the three women who all look alike, she's the most memorable and I like her the most.  She seems like she's got it all put together.

Stephannie: My name is so popular these days!  I don't know what to think about her.  She seems like she's not strong enough for the game, and not just because she lost the last challenge and said so herself.

Sundra: Eh. Louder than Rebecca, I just don't like her as much.  OH!  And what did I tell you about people on this show all having been on TV?!?!  Says she was in CSI Miami.  Damn, gotta look THAT one up, too, and seeif I remember her. 

Yul: Yul's cool.  I think he should stick around.  He and Becky make a great alliance.  That is all. 

CSI: LOVING the direction this show has gone lately.  I don't know what they did (oh wait, yes I do.  Put GSR back!), but it's just way, way better than the episode clunkers last year.  I hate the episodes where they do lots of mini cases, and I hate when they push the surreal, so I was all set up to hat "Toe Tags" but then it turned awesome.  Mostly due to chainsaws and Grissom's eyes bugging out.  *laughs self into FITS*  And seriously - three episodes in a row with cute Grissom-and-Sara exchanges.  It's almost enough to make me forget Nick's nasty haircut.  Also, Brown marriage is STILL on the rocks.  Christ.  Either fix it up for a while, or smash it already and get the YoBling back on.   I'm all for the latter, myself. 

And next week, I won't even care if there's lack of GSR, because INJURED GREG!  That's the second best thing this show could possibly give me!  I love my Greggo!  I love my poor sweet noble heroic BEATEN WITHIN AN INCH OF HIS LIFE Greg!!  Squeeee, fangirls everywhere will flock to comfort him and I'll be right in the thick of it.  :)

Grey's Anatomy: ABC is being ridiculously nice and re-airing this on Fridays, so I can tape it and spin through all the boring and/or gross stuff, of which there is a lot (I haven't seen ep 3 yet.  it's waiting). 

Can I just say I love Burke's dad?  His "mama" is annoying as sin, but Burke Sr., the man of few words, is GREAT. 

I also love Bailey.  And I looooove drunk Addison, who is even more awesome than regular Addison.  I laughed so hard I choked. 

Things I do not love, and why CSI should be (but mysteriously isn't) kicking its ass in ratings:
Izzie is still annoying.  Alex is still an ASSY ASSY ASS.  Callie is still ugly and creepy and the size of a house (it bothers me that people keep calling her hot, sexy, etc.  All made up as she is, I'll grant you she's not BAD looking, but she's only just attractive enough to have a boyfriend.  She's not *gorgeous.* and every time I read something like that, I can't help thinking, "is everyone blind?")   And Meredith.  OH MY GOD, MEREDITH IS AN IDIOT.  JUST LIKE MCDREAMY.

Everyone knows Mere will pick Derek in the end.  As well she should.  They're both screwed up, messed-up people.  They belong together like Ryan and Marissa.  Finn might have the noblest of intentions (Ooh Johnny! I see Johnny Harper paralells!), and I positively ADORE him for it, and it hurts that he so openly adores Meredith, but she's no better for him than Derek is for her.  And Finn should see that, and find a nicer, prettier, animal-loving woman toute de suite.

McSteamy, however, is even uglier than Alex, and since lately I've been finding Addison prettier and prettier, she's too good for a face like that.  I wouldn't mind him if he were just there as the resident plastic surgeon (which I think he will be), but him in relationships...yeah, I was *not* one of the millionsof fangirls salivating over the sight of him in a towel.  Yuck.  

ER: Um.  Yes.  Morris is back, this sucks.  The Luby baby is okay.  That's good, because otherwise Kovac and Carter would have WAY too much in common.   Sam is a murderer, and her son knows.  Figures.  Neela is a surgical intern.  When the hell did that happen, and why?  She's being hazed up there, which Dubenko is ignoring because he knows better or something, and I don't like it.  Uh, more on this later.    

We're almost done, people!  We've made it to Friday!  Two more shows and we're out!

Law & Order: Been behind on this show...only saw one episode, because I really frackin' HATE Alana's bobbed hair...but on the other hand, it's so good to hear her voice again, even when she's all tough with lawyer speak instead of whispering and helpless.  Maybe if I blur my eyes and twist the context of the words... okay, I just miss Marisol.  This is my desperate, Vertigo-esque attempt to get her back.  And in the meantime, L&O is always a good place to go for uncomplicated crime drama, anyway.

Numb3rs: Haven't seen ep 3 yet - but I loved the 2-part opener.  I do not love Charlie's hair.  CHARLIE!  THE SCISSORS!  WHYYYYYY??   And more importantly, why do Charlie and Amita not have chemistry when I so desperately want them to be together, and yet Larry and Megan, a pairing which seems inherently wrong and awkward and mismatched, is ending up as the sweetest thing about this show?

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