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I'm working on my paper, yes I am.

How I have I lived this long without seeing the music video for "Bye Bye Bye"?  VH1's "100 Greatest Songs of the 90's" is perfectly timed to coincide with my radio nostalgia trip, so now I'm over at their website (which provides UNHOLY AMOUNTS OF ENTERTAINMENT, I might add) checking out their endless collection of music videos.  And it makes me giddy and gleeful.  This amuses me greatly, not least because - look!  Justin Timberlake in the 90's 2000!  Remember when he was cute? 

I don't remember, per se, but that's because I was proud of myself for not succumbing to trends in middle school.  I clearly missed out on good things.  Like curly haired Justin.  Hee!  He's so young!

I was not entirely oblivious to trends, actually, at least not once I finally figured out that Dawson's Creek was a TV show and Backstreet Boys were a band.  I never took a side in the great N*SYNC vs. BB debate, but in retrospect I think I've come to the conclusion that the former had better personalities, and the latter had better music.  Not that N*Sync doesn't have some catchy tunes, but Backstreet Boys have "I Want It That Way."  And "Larger Than Life."

I am having way too much fun in the Boy Bands/Bubblegum Pop section. I am beginning to think that I don't just like it, it's my favorite genre after the respectable Celtic and solo singer-songwriter categories.

RS: Vaguely. 

You know what else is weird?  How I distinctly remember referring to the eldest Hanson as The Monkey when I was 12, but now I'm watching the video for MMMBop and suddenly he's attractive.  And the family dynamics are making me smile helplessly, and...all this is weirding me out.
Middle Hanson still looks remarkably like a girl, though.  Good to know some perceptions don't change.
Voice: I'm unplugging your internet connection.  

Edit, 8:32: Yeah, well, I got it back.  And still on a Hanson kick - you know, "Penny and Me" is already an amazing song, and then I discover that Samaire Armstrong stars in its music video.  What a delightful morning I'm having!  And before you start, Voice, I just hammered out my entire introduction to the paper, so now I have 3.5 pages of polished material, and 7 all told.    

10:42:  Voice?  If I break 50 repeats of the MMMBop video, you may need to remove my internet access again. 
V: I liked it so much better when you were distracted by Jim and Pam.
RS: I find it ironic that "Life Less Ordinary" is the next song on my computer playlist.  Or is it suspicious?
V: I had nothing to with that at all.

12:11: Obsessively editing now, which means that I delete as much as I type, and have made no net progress whatsoever on the word count, despite dilligently working for over an hour.  It's necessary, of course, but also discouraging.  Especially since I think I'm actually cutting more than I'm keeping.  I'm up to 4 polished pages of text, but I don't think the ideas I have are going to stretch beyond 6.  And since I'm not quite yet at the point of "hell if I care as long as I have something to turn in to avoid failure," that sucks.       



P.S. Does it annoy anyone else that if you set 1" margins in Word, the last line is always at least twice that space from the bottom?  I routinely have to knock it down to at least .7 before it matches the top margin.    

8:30 PM: Whoops.  Got in a little more work at the library (just over 5 solid pages now!), including rounding up the remainder of the sources/quotes I plan to use, but then slept away the afternoon.  And now I'm trying to figure out how to divvy up my studying, because Nutrition is up first (< 9 hours, woo!) and has a lot more material to cover, yet it's much easier than the Stats final, which is supposed to consist of just one casefile's data that we're supposed to interpret the hell out of, but which makes no sense to me at all. 

9:21: Voice: Oh no, not that damn video again.
RS: I miss 1996.
V: I thought you didn't actually fall in love with this song until a decade later.
RS: Yeah, but before I was required to actively despise the band and mock them at every opportunity, I liked it when I heard it on the radio, riding the bus to Summer Academy.  And...yeah, wow, how wrong is that I suddenly understand why Hanson fanfic exists?  And kind of want to read it.
V: Okay, this is officially the fastest - not to mention SADDEST - obsession you have ever tumbled into.
RS: Which means I should tumble out of it by next week or so.
V: Let's make a deal.  You finish your paper by 4 AM, and I'll let you do that.  In the meantime - *forcibly wrestles Hanson out of her arms*  Here.  Listen to Josh Groban.  Remember Josh?  Curly hair, voice of angel, usual object of musical obsession? 
RS: Eh.  So, I finish by 4 AM, and you'll let me read this lovely bandfic epic I just got my hands on?
V: This lovely - OH GOD, IT ACTUALLY EXISTS?  I thought that was just your overactive imagination combined with wishful thinking!  
RS: Psh.  Everything exists on the internet.  Except Danny/Elena stories, apparently.  
V: Untrue.  I found you an epic one of those too.
V: Not until you finish your paper, and then maybe we'll have a fic trade.  
RS: I hate you.
V: You'll hate your grades more if you don't listen to me, dear.   

I have officially reached the "hell if I care about the length anymore" point, and am pretty sure that I'll be topping out at 8 pages or slightly under.  I just have to edit this material, further explain the secondary-source quotes, and figure out a better way to frame the discussion of her sexual liberation, and then I give up.
V: And this, of course, explains why you're now hooked on Backstreet Boys videos and trying to decide who you would have had a crush on if you hadn't been so preoccupied with mocking their existence back in the day.
RS: Indeed.  I'm thinking Nick Carter, mostly because I am trying to deny that A.J. McLean is (irrationally) appealing to me in the slightest.
V: I think your maturity is actually regressing.
RS: Obviously.  I blame finals week, and after Christmas will probably claim to have no recollection of this at all.

Notice: Post now being periodically edited to feature running commentary on my paper progress.  Or, you know, lack thereof while I argue with Voice.
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