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What a delightful evening I'm having in TV/computer land.

(Alternate title: "Hilary Clinton came in third! apparently, she picked the wrong late-night talk show." --Leno)

7:00 PM: 1 vs. 100 came back with its new season, and I still think that this is the best game show on evening TV, even if they have gone and tweaked the rules a bit.  It's slightly less exciting when you have to knock out 10 people to reach the next level of prize money, rather than having each person you knock out on a question worth a set amount of money that increases each round, but it's a still a fun game.  One, Bob Saget hosts it.  This has nothing at all to do with my rediscovered love of Full House.  Two, and more importantly, it's fairly fast-paced, in the manner of Jeopardy.  And tonight, they had their first million-dollar winner - who was 21 years old, which was AWESOME.  He looked like the leader of the 7th grade math club, but he was incredibly charming and personable, so you had to cheer for him.  And cheer I did, ecstatically, even though the stupid previews ruined the surprise by a) telling us that 1 of 2 contestants would win the game, and b) putting him on second. 

7:30: Ooh!  According to commercials, Jay has redeemed himself on the strikeout guest appearances, since tonight he will be featuring Jarod Miller and zoo animals!  Jarod is a hyper and spastic little man, and I hate the way he talks a mile a minute, clearly desperate to cram in as much trivia as possible before his time runs out, but the animals (and Jay's interaction with them) are so cute that I can tune him out.

8:03 PM: OH MY GOD!  I'm being sucked into Friday Night Lights!  There is a cute boy and a cute girl and Miss Davis from "Boston Public" and a tornado, and the theme song fills me with warm-hearted-ness and glee!  NOOOOO CANNOT AFFORD MORE SHOWS ON PLATE!!  *snaps off channel*  I have to go eat dinner, anyway.  I'm going to download this tomorrow, aren't I? 

8:30: I came back, switched channels, sucked into my other temptation, Moonlight (a rerun that involved a rogue vampire and a lovely "you're the only person I've ever told this to" confession).  Damn it!  Why must Mick St. John brood so intensely?  It's unbearably hot.   The eyes, the eyes!  (when they're brown and soulful, I mean, not creepy vampire blue)

9:00: Okay, let's turn these Notepad notes into proper episode reviews.

Law & Order: SVU, "Streetwise"
I officially declare this one of the better episodes of the season.  I mean, once you got past the first quarter, that is, because the "acting" of the high school kids was so INTENSELY BAD that it made my skin crawl.  I have never seen faker grief, and all I can hope is that it was supposed to be that way. 

But that all changed with the introduction of Josie the Street Waif, who made a definite case for the most heartbreaking victim ever.  I've never seen a child who reminded me more of a feral barn just wanted to hug her, except that any attempt at kindness or sympathy was returned with spitting and a string of obscenities.  I kept waiting for her scratch up one of the detective's faces when they got too close.   And yet, I still thought she was adorable.  The bribery-with-food bit was a little squicky, more because I am disturbed by people loudly and pointedly enjoying food than any "coercion" tactics, but the fact that she promptly spilled everything she knew, without hesitation, was vindicating.  Such a smart child.  Could they possibly transfer her out of state somewhere, where she could make something of herself without being tempted by the easy access to her brainwashing street family?

Forgetting Rule #1, which is Never Get Attached to Minor Guest Stars, I loved that Paige came to offer Josie a safe place for the night, especially when the latter didn't protest or whine about going back to her "family" at all.  Naturally, after a commercial break Paige was lying in a bloody mess on the floor.  And then, just to twist the knife, where I had been expecting the remainder of the episode to focus on finding Josie, she promptly turned up not only dead but having been tortured beforehand.  OH MY GOD, SHOW, IT'S NEW YEAR'S.  Do I have to channel Warrick Brown?  I think I do.  "NOOOOOOOOO!!" 

And then, having just learned my lesson, I promptly forgot it again when Cassidy took a turn as the star of the moment, because I thought she was a really fascinating character, and I have to say that I was mostly - no, entirely - on her side.  I believed her sincerity as a mother even knowing she only probably 5 years older than Josie.  So naturally, she was revealed as a hypocritical fraud and ultimately jailed in the end...but I still loved her, and I don't know that I blame her all that much for Shelby's death.  Casey might have been trying her hardest to skewer Cassidy like someone who opened a lion's cage and set it loose, but ultimately I think all the blame belongs to Cole, you know, since he was the one doing the actual killing.  Of course, that could also be just because I really love this actress...

Quote of the Week:
Lake: The earring was hocked by Sunshine Smith, lives at 6789 Peekaboo Lane.  That's a fairy tale.
Pawn shop owner: Now that you read it back to me, it does sound a tad bit suspicious.

WTF Moment of the Week: Hi, my name is Elliot Stabler, and I think I'll just go PLAY IN TRAFFIC while pursuing this suspect.  Running down the middle of a busy street?  Sure!  What could possibly go wrong there? 

ER: "Status Quo"

1) Neela's cousin is hilarious, despite supposedly being a sex-crazed maniac, and while I don't think we've ever seen her before, someone clearly realized that Neela's been in sore need of friendship scenes and took measures to remedy this.  To which I say THANK YOU.

2) Now, if only we could have done it without having Harold drool all over her.  Seriously, Doc Baby is starting to outstrip Morris in terms of horniess.  He's like the dog that humps everything in sight.  It's gross.  I wish he would just resign himself to the fact that he currently looks 12 years old, and consider taking a 5-year break from the dating scene to get his act together.

3) Where is this Gates/Sam thing going?  More importantly, where did it come from?  I'm getting that uneasy this-friendship-is-just-a-prelude-to-more feeling.  I wish I didn't, because I might have been able to handle them as friends but the chemistry vibe is just not there.  Besides, Sam has repeatedly proven that she is incapable of harboring deep, romantic feelings.  Tony's not that much better at it, but at least he tries.

4) Sigh...weeks now, you've been building up my hopes that Pratt was on the exit route, only to disappoint me at the very end?  I constantly waffle between him and Morris being my least favorite members of the senior cast - I love Mekhi Phifer, but Pratt just grates against my every nerve.  It would have been so wonderful if he'd finally packed off to Northwestern like he's always threatening to do, and then...fizzle. 

5) Rule #1 on crime dramas also applies to medical dramas, particularly ER.  "DO NOT GET ATTACHED TO PATIENTS."  Here I promptly fell in love with the military couple, especially when what was clearly a surprise/unplanned pregnancy was met with joy by the way-too-cute-for-his-significant-other guy...and then two seconds later he was raging about her being knocked up by someone else.  *headdesk*

6) But then it turned out she was raped.  Oh good! So she didn't cheat, we just have to convince her stupid husband/boyfriend (I wasn't sure) of that fact.  What a horrible reaction.  That's got to be one of the worst things in the world.   

7) Fortunately, all of this happened before the halfway point, which meant there was plenty of time to fix it...and in the end, that's what happened, YAY!  He returned with proper shame and apology, they resumed being cute and cuddly, and I was quite placated.  At least in that respect.  Not so much in the other case of the week. 

8) So, I guess at this point I should finally mention Jeannie Boulet.  Yay?  I only vaguely remember her from the reruns - apparently her run was only through season 6 - and I don't remember her being all that interesting, but I've been swept away by all the "you are exactly what this place needs" promos (promos which, I will discover later, were horribly misleading - stupid NBC).  I love connections to the past.  Connections to the past are good.  There's a whole string of doctors I'd rather see back than her, but we have to start somewhere, right?

9) I love how they keep hammering in that the nurses are the heart of not only the ER, but the show.  It fills me with warm fuzzies to know that Haleh and Chuny (and Malik, according to  WIkipedia) have been there, connecting to everyone and witnessing all the changes of the last 14 years.  Specifically, as much as I skipped and danced to hear that Carter "might be coming back for a visit in the spring" (which I promptly verified through the internet...only to be crushed with disappointment at the realization that was negotiated prior to the strike)...what I really loved was hearing about Doug & Carol.  DOUG AND CAROL!  They've been gone how many years from this show?  And yet now according to Official Canon Lore, they're still living happily together in Seattle with their daughters.  Ahaha!  I don't even particularly care about them, but I love just knowing happy endings are possible.  Luby Love will survive, dammit!  That was, without a doubt, the single greatest moment of the episode.  *is still brimming over with happiness*

10) I don't remember him at all, although I do recognize him as Miranda's husband from Grey's Anatomy, but apparently they got back not only Jeannie Boulet but her husband, Reggie Moore.  I was sad to hear about their separation on principle, but since I don't actually remember them...I'm not too fussed. 

11) I do remember Jeannie adopting the Carlos as the HIV-positive baby, though, so I liked that her return tied in with that.  Even if its only purpose was to turn his HIV into full-blown AIDS...I find myself not really caring.  Separated couples, hell no; children with AIDS? Eh.    

12) OK, Pratt had one awesome line: "Ma'am, I AM the attending."  For once I almost appreciated his smugness.  Also, that exchange served to remind me that Kerry Weaver was gone, which in turn reminded me to perform my regular "Woo-hoo, Weaver's gone!" dance.

13) Oops!  Forgot one non-Jeannie thing:  Skye's holier-than-thou quote to Sam, "They're dealing with their own crisis.  They don't need to listen to ours."  In context, shut up!  But in principle, could we possibly export this character to Grey's Anatomy when her run on this show is done?  I feel like they could all use hearing this lesson a time or seven.

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