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GREG! *flails wildly*

I'm not even gonna try and get my post up at Your Tax Dollars at Work until I get some of this out of my system (a feat which may or may not be possible).

CSI: Fannysmackin'
That was the BEST DAY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD for the Sandle shippers, of whom I happen to be one.  Yes, I'm perfectly capable of sailing a cute little side ship right alongside the flagstaff GSR.  I can be both.  I'm fond of alternate scenarios.   Damn it, Greg is adorable, and I can't really argue the GSR because it just seems right and proper, but I personally don't find William Petersen all that attractive.  So.  Instead I sail two ships.  And even though this is a season of GSR canon and I know Sara was just being a deeply concerned friend,

SQUEE WITH THE SOFT VOICE AND THE HAND IN HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  *hack* *gasp* *choke* Sweet Jesus, that was beautiful and painful and heartbreaking, and really, how the frick do you not love Greg?  How does ANYONE not love Greg, especially since he stopped spiking his hair and gave in to the natural curls?   And now he's a hero.  As of tonight, Greg is *officially* my favorite character.  I'm trying to rein myself in and transcribe the scene, but every time I think about it (never mind actually rewatching and seeing it again), my stomach starts doing flip-flops from the pure and unadulterated squeeing.

And wasn't the only thing, either.  There was GREG BACKSTORY FINALLY!  His conversation with Grissom was really great.  The look on his face when he entered the room said it all.  Reclusive and emotionless Grissom this was not; here was great shock, concern, sadness, regret, and any other emotion along those lines you can come up with.   And poor Greg, with his face pretty much one purple bruise, didn't you want to go throw yourself on him gently curl up beside him (don't want to bruise him any further, after all) and hug him for an hour or two or twenty?

Off from Greg, there was Sara with the awesome workout crime scene re-creation, determining shoe patterns by kicking the crap out of a dummy draped in a white sheet.  And then Grissom came in, and for the second time in two weeks looked a little frightened of Sara, which made me smirk and start to say something about her being the dominant one, before suddenly I realized that that would cause images of their sex life to flood my brain, images which are EXTREMELY UNWANTED.    His comment sounded like his old season 1 self, though.  It's crazy how much he's reverted.  (or progressed from the reclusive nut he's been for the last five years)

For those of us who like random violence from antagonized and overstressed CSI's (Ooh, ME ME ME!), we had Nicky sock a guy in the stomach.  More specifically, he socked Kevin Federline in the stomach, and even though I thought he could have hit him a lot harder, it was still pretty much the best thing I've seen on TV in 4 weeks.  And off that, we had a great Nick/Warrick friendship moment.

And for those who wish all the shippers would shut up and fall dead, we had a GREAT ending scene in the locker room with the whole team (I was seriously beginning to suspect that Grissom never entered that room...).  It was a wonderful sum-up from everyone; Nick lamenting that Vegas ain't quite like Texas, Warrick defending kids' ability to grow up in Vegas...although kids these days are mostly delinquents...Catherine reacting and chiding that SHE'S trying to raise a teenager here...Sara clearly referring to personal experience when she says that good parenting skils or not, kids KNOW the difference between right and wrong, and they should be able to do the right thing.  And then Grissom the Zen Master, with his closing commentary about how our culture preaches that we shouldn't be ashamed of anything we do.  (To which I say, WORD.  Word to Grissom, that is, about how that do-as-you-please attitude sucks)

Although if you look hard, you can catch trace elements of YoBling when Warrick assures Catherine that she's a great mom and Lindsey will turn out fine.  Come to think of it, if you're one o' them gross Nick/Greg shippers (*shudders and puts up fences to keep them away*), you can probably write a small novel on Nick's inner monologue for this episode.

So basically, tonight was ship-happy!  Provided you're big on interpretive post-episode fan fiction.  Which I am.

Oh, and also?  The Halloween costumes were mega cool.  The contact lenses on Demetrius (dude, that name even SOUNDS evil), especially when he stares directly into the headlights?  Scary as hell, I kid you not. 
In other news, at 7:00 I watched Survivor, and my namesake is now gone, but that's okay, because she was beginning to annoy me with her way-too-short hair.  The everyone-stand-on-the-tiny-platform challenge was really pretty cool, I thought.   Don't remember much else of what happened.  It's not really worth commenting on, I guess, except to say that I'm liking Flicka more and more, and I want Parvati to stay around because she'seither interesting or just amusing, I'm not sure which.  I really like Rebecca as well.  Nate is still my favorite from among the guys, but Cao Boi takes #2.  You know what I just realized?  There are no cute, young guys this season.  They're all buff and muscly and none of them catch my eye (besides Nate, but he's not young enough). 

And at 9:00 I watched ER and you know what I realized?  This show is good.  I swear it was a year of pure crap last year, but suddenly it's bearable again.  Even with Morris.  And Pratt.  And the overly-trusting-in-God intern who makes me want to CUT OFF HER HAIR AND STUFF IT DOWN HER THROAT every time she breaks out the prayers to Jesus.  It's excessive and waaaaay beyond the point of funny anymore.  I just remembered that Weaver wasn't on tonight; that could account for a lot.

Because Gates is cool.  But I didn't quite understand...does he live with his sister?  That's what I assumed.  He can't better not be married if he's so openly trying to charm the pants off Neela, and the blonde woman didn't seem a romantic interest anyway, plus the girl (who's really really cute and I want to see more of her) treated him more like an uncle than a dad.   So that's what I'll assume.  And is it wrong of me that the woman reminded me of Suzie, which in turn made me think of Horatio, and visualize Madison a few years down the road and how they might interact?  Because while I suspect H will never have that daughter I so desperately want him to have, I am curious as to how he and Madison will get along when she's older and more self-aware.

Um.  ER. Yes.  And I still love Neela.  And until Sam goes to jail (come on, you KNOW her kid is going to slip up and tattle at some point without meaning to), I love her too.   And SARA GILBERT IS BACK!  But...wasn't she an intern like, a long time ago?  [Edit: I looked her up; she was there in the 04-05 season.  Huh ? Wuh?  Why is she back being an intern?  Whatever, I don't care.  I want her to become a regular.  I love Jane.]

And then there was LUBY LOVE!  It still seems not-quite-real, and so I'm excited to see it, but it takes me a while to digest, and I'm not sure why I have to *convince* myself to make my stomach flip.  I have never been totally sold on the Luby Love, and I think this is because I am afraid that if I love it, they will kill it.  For one thing, I seem to recall spoilers which do not help this worry.  For another...I don't know.  It was so WEIRD to me to see them as parents all of a sudden.  I mean, this is a kid. Barring some tragic accident or illness, he's here to stay.  And even though "Joe" is a poor name choice (conjures up images of truckers and bartenders; apologies to all you other guys named Joe), it still amazes me to think of Abby as a mother.

And perhaps moreso, Luka as a father.  Even if he and Abby break up - which I am certain they will do because ER is contracted at least through next season, and when's the last time a couple on this show was happily involved for 3+ years without one or both parties leaving the show?   - Luka will still have a son.  That's an image I've been dreaming of ever since I learned that he had children in Croatia.  (Which, come to think of it, I still cry every time I think about that episode with the flashbacks of his first family)  Anyway, tonight's episode was really cute, especialy Abby sitting with the nannies and finding out all kinds of things that made her look slightly green and abruptly cancel her plans to hire a nanny of her own.  And the end, when they were cuddling on the sofa, and then he got up to calm the baby and over the monitor she heard him singing a really crappy 80's song to soothe him, but smiled anyway...awwww.  There is love!  Dear writers: you don't need to break up the love.  Not while the kid's a newborn.  Preferably not ever.  Not unless you hire a really smokin' hot guy for Abby to fall in love with.

It will, after all, be Abby's fault if they DO break up.  Luka would never leave her.  I'm gonna stop talking now, before I think much more about how desirable a husband Luka makes and how any woman would be crazy to break up with him and/or not want his babies (*coughSAM!*).   And I hate babies, so that's saying something.

But since I'm not really in the age market for a husband at this point in time, I'm not so much interested in Luka as a curly-haired, heroic CSI. 
So, good night.  If you need me, I'll be cuddling Greg.

(what?  it's morning?  oh, frick, I've got classes today...)
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