RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

LOLcats 'n Funnee Capshuns

THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER. I was actually hunting Medium reviews on LJ (they are in disappointingly short supply), when I came across this random generator meme that filled me with glee. I cannot believe it has not popped up anywhere on my flist, aside from maybe the fact that you need public entries, so I shall bring it to you. To quote from the place I borrowed it, "You go to this website and replace the last section with your LJ username, and you get cute kitty pics to go with some of your subject lines. Fun times."

It's amazing that this works, but it does!  Some of yours will probably be better, since my subject lines are often so verbose and specific, but I still have a few gems to share with you.

Kitteh is zombified.

Potbelly Kitteh appears to have gotten into the canned ham.

From Australia?

Final immunity challenge: take on Vampire Kitty

(It is coming for me!)

("Has not affected my vision at all.")

Tags: lolcats, loltastic, website toys

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