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Let's see, what have I watched lately...

Episode 3 of Numb3rs (Provenance).  I shrieked excitedly when I saw the ninja (shut up, it was too a ninja) at the beginning, thinking gleefully of Spy over at Fandom Talk.  Have I mentioned that the Numb3rs recaps are literally THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY WEEK?  They even beat out the school newspaper, and the school newspaper is a pretty hot commodity.  Numb3rs recaps are better than the Ask Ausiello column.  I LOVE THEM. 
I suppose I could give you my own opinion of the "eppesode", eh? Uh...I need to know what music was playing at the beginning.  It's beautiful.  And it was the most haunting opener ever, with the Holocaust footage.  The episode itself was really good, had some more nice father-son bonding moments, although Amita squandered her opportunity to have a good conversation with Charlie by being passively-agressively snippy.  Why can't these two just make nice?!  I want Geek Love, CalSci affiliate!  Yes.  Touching victim, touching story, not much more to say.  Except that I nearly threw up when David was all impressed with Don's "ability to speak French" by reading the title of a piece of artwork.  In the most horrible anglicized accent ever.  I would have assumed he was speaking gobbledegook, if I hadn't suffered many years of high school French with people of similar (non)skills that allowed me to recognize the franglais. 

After setting a tape and crashing at 9:30 on Wednesday, I also finally finished watching CSI: NY.  Not much in the way of character development and yet easily the most riveting casefile ever.

Okay, there was probably was some character develoopment...though not much that I remember except Danny trying to connect with the criminal at the end by bringing up how HE knows a little something about the bond between brothers...and you know I feel about CSIs whining about their messed-up brothers.  >:[ ), BUT: Coded T-shirts??  This reminded me of the days when I still watched crime shows to see crimes solved!  I'd forgotten what that felt like!  Man.  New York is kicking ass this season...actually, so is the original CSI...damn it, Miami, get your butt in gear!!  Not to mention that that at the end, when you think it's over because of al the slow, pleasant music and montage, and then Lindsay rushes back in and yelps that he's escaped.  Unnerved stares all around.  Ending credits.  What - ending credits??

I literally jumped off the bed and shrieked "What the crap?!"  ACK!  Season-long plot arc, nooooo...I told you, I can only handle so many of those at a time...

[EDIT: Okay.  It's time to take issue with Kristine Huntley.  (official reviewer at  Normally I love her, because she wrote nice things about Geek Love, and the Yelina storylines as they pertained to Horatio, and she even (eventually) wrote nice things about the Marisol storyline, especially for the finale, and it's a refreshing break from the usual bashing I have to put up with.  But for once, she's diverting from my ship interests, and I take issue with the fact that she hates not only the Danny/Lindsay romance storyline, but apparently Lindsay altogether. 

"The romantic storyline between Danny and Lindsay is thankfully pushed aside this week, and Lindsay likewise fades into the background. Lindsay has little to do in the episode save for looking horrified at the crime scenes. It seems fairly clear that the romance storyline exists to prop her character up, as she has little to no development outside of it. I sincerely hope the revelation of her secret past adds depth to her character because as it stands now she's little more than a pallid love interest for Danny, and one that pales in comparison to Claire Forlani's Peyton Driscoll, a character that was specifically brought in as a love interest but has already grown beyond that role in just two episodes."

Excuse me!  PEYTON DRISCOLL is not a worthwhile character.  She is a *tolerable* character because she gave as un an opportunity to see Mac shirtless again and then HE KISSED HER, but Peyton is not worthy of praise and merit.  Lindsay can kick her ass from her to Queens.  (that's half the country).  Hiss. ]

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