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Inspiration: I has it.

Um, so being in senior seminar ("Miserable Class of Death," I think I'll rename it) while simultaneously not being in the Scarlet Letter course (cue hearts, sunshine, birds chirping) is CRUSHING MY VERY SOUL.  On the bright side, though, Shakespeare floods it with joy.   More details to follow, but for now I want to distract myself from the misery of the former by discussing a story idea inspired by the latter. 

Since today was the first day, we simply went over a few sonnets in class.  The one that jumped out at me was no. 87, which is basically about letting someone go because they deserve better, wherein I decided that fanfic should be written for the title "In Sleep a King," after the closing couplet:
Thus have I had thee, as a dream doth flatter
In sleep a king, but waking no such matter

We discussed the dual meaning of the second line, and how it refers to sleep both literally and as a metaphor for a state of unawareness, in which case the "waking" would be the realization that the situation isn't quite right.  I immediately set my brain to work running down possible TV couples this could apply to, and three seconds later I pinged on Burke/Cristina.  Prefaced with the couplet, this would be perfect for a short piece exploring Burke's mindset after calling off the wedding.  God, this is so delightful.  If only I had any idea where to start with the actual content...

(Yes, yes, I know Shakespeare is about as far from a unique prompt as you can get, but I love it and will not have my excitement dampened)
On a semi-related-to-the-first-part note, whilst playing yearningly around on the webpage for the S.L. course, I discovered a list of pop songs that relate to or reference the novel.  Which is how I discovered the incredibly gorgeous song mentioned here, which I am now playing ON ENDLESS LOOP.
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