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Shiny New Obsession Love!

1. Medium fic: EXIST, PLEASE.

Seriously, there are twenty-five fics on  TWENTY-FIVE.  And I can't find much more than scrapings on LJ, either, nor any sign of a centralized fansite.  The hell!  This show has been on for three seasons, and on a basic network station during primetime at that.  Explain to me how it has no creative fan base at all.  

Is it an age thing, too young to identify with the parents and too old to identify with the kids?  Is everyone watching this show too old to know about fandom?  Does its emphasis on fluffy domestic scenes already give you everything you've ever dreamed of seeing?  I WANT FIC, DAMN IT.  I spent like three hours on Monday night digging around the internet, and I only managed to churn up three decent stories.  I deem this unacceptable and demand that it be rectified in the near future.  

2. There, with that smallish rant over, we can move on to an actual episode, 4x2, "But for the Grace of God"

I swear, having this episode to look forward to was the only thing that got me through my awful first day of classes.  I don't know how it happened, exactly, but I've tumbled head-over-heels in love with Medium.  It's my new favorite show; everything about it fills me with bubbly glee.  IS MADE OF AWESOME.  YOU GO WATCH NOW.
The main reasons I continue to love it, of course, are the desperately fluffy and/or domestic scenes that pepper every segment.  You'd think I'd eventually get used to them, but no!  Every touch, every kiss, every mundane conversation over teeth-brushing brings a smile to my face.  I literally could not even keep track of how many there were in this episode, but I know I really loved the "give me a boost?" as she pushed him back up over the sofa.  See - SUCH MARRIED-COUPLE THINGS.  Dear Fandom Which Glees Over Coach/Mrs. Coach: It's just like that!  Only without a baby, and with less gruff sternness and more softness. 

They are also SUCH PARENTS.  IT IS FANTASTIC.  I keeled over laughing at Joe's mildly repressed panic over Ariel coming home brimming with excitement because a boy had asked her out, as well as Allison's frozen look of "  Yes.  Well." Very much sympathized with Allison's gentle but firm no.  To be fair, Ariel has a very good point about the fact that it's a concert in the middle of the day, which is about as non-threatening of a venue as you can get...but I can see how that whole downtown-with-a-strange-older-boy thing might not sit so well with them.  (My rationale, of course, would simply be that it could turn into a gateway for more traditional dates, and I have a firm rule in my head that my future children are not to be dating until the minimum age of 15, and even then it's subject to review).  ANYWAY.  I like the fact that as a viewer, I can be equally sympathetic to both sides here - snicker at Ariel's wise-ass answers until she flounces out, and then go awwww at how sad Joe looks when eldest daughter gets snippy and throws death glares.  They both look sad, actually, even though they're in the right.  Now let's have a squee factor for him smoothing her hair.

I'm not sure how I feel about Ariel's dreams taking center stage.  On the one hand, I really like Ariel, so I like seeing more of her, but the 80's flashbacks just weren't that interesting to me.  I don't care what Allison was like in high school.  I did love Ariel's conspiring with her redhead-friend-whose-name-I-must-learn-because-she-is-awesome to figure out a plan to get to the concert, but I got really tired of her constantly whining about how "cool" her mom was in high school.  That just seems like the dumbest thing I've ever heard.  Like *any* parents even remotely resemble who they were in high school?  There's a reason for that.  They're no longer stupid teenagers.  Ariel does realize that most teenagers are stupid, yes?  I'll grant you that she seems to have a smarter head on her shoulders than most, but High School Allison - and Casey, for that matter - clearly did not. 

Further on the THEY ARE SUCH PARENTS theme: the lecture after Ariel gets caught coming back from the concert she was forbidden to go to.  Or rather, Allison does most of the lecturing and Joe stands behind her in support, looking rather dark and moody.  Once again, I sympathize with both parties, but Ariel starts using very immature logic at this point, so I'd have to say I come down on the parents' side this time.  Besides, how do you not feel bad for Allison's sigh of "She says it had been the best day of her life, and I made it the worst day of her life."  Yep, I think I remember saying things like that a time or two, and I'm also pretty sure that once I'd disappeared from view, my mom reacted the same way...ugh, you know what this show does?  It RETROACTIVELY GUILT-TRIPS PEOPLE.  Now I feel like I should go e-mail Mom and apologize for my previous behavior in general.  ...I'll do that later.  First I have to go squee factor Allison sitting on Joe's lap, letting him wrap his arms around her and rest his chin on her shoulder.  SO MUCH AFFECTION.  I CANNOT TAKE IT ALL IN.  And I thought Charlie and Amita were spoiling me.   

Kudos for the unexpected twist of a pervy cop - the dreams obviously weren't really about Ariel being in danger, or they'd have hyped that angle more in the previews, but I assumed the dreams had to do with the missing girl, probably that she'd ditched school to take a road trip or meet someone in another state, and eventually would end up crashing her car along the way.  Loved all the details swooping in together at the end, though, right down to the death-by-deer-accident, and Allison dreaming about Ariel because Ariel was dreaming as Casey...hall of mirrors, that.  And I started to feel as sick to my stomach as Ariel looked during the end of her last dream, pleading "I'd really like to wake up now..." (I'd like that, too), and then the merciful cut straight to her screams jerking her parents bolt upright and running to check on her.  Put another check in the "I'm melting" column as she bursts into hysterical sobs and throws her arms around her mother.  COMFORT SCENES.  I WILL NEVER TIRE OF YOU.

And finally, that brings me to the ending scene, another installment of the "so married" theme...falling asleep watching the news, blanket draped over them, and waking up in the middle of the night to shuffle off to bed.  HEE.  They are way too adorable.  (Man, I didn't even get to mention the goodnight kiss and snuggling on her shoulder from the beginning scenes.  See?  So much Cute, it cannot be calculated!  I would ask why more shows can't figure out that this formula works, but I'm afraid of jinxing it.)

In non-DuBois things: I am really loving Cynthia, even if I still think "Anjelica Houston" in my head (she's just so *GOOD* at playing roles that require dry sarcasm/passive-aggressive snark/condescension).  Also, I did not miss Devalo AT ALL, and was similarly fine with Scanlon's 1-minute scene.  And yep, that'll about do it for non-DuBois things - we weren't very focused on the current victim's life at all.  Now, to wrap up:

-I think the theme song is growing on me...I used to wish they'd do away with it, mostly because I despise Hitchcock, but if I avoid looking at the weird psychedelic patterns and instead focus on the forboding, eerie musical score, it gets much better. 

- Ariel's hair = STILL SO GORGEOUS.  Still puts me into a hypnotic trance staring at the pretty braids resting against a bed of waves.

I never noticed it before, but Joe is extremely quotable:
-"Let's leave Ariel out of it.  She's 14; she's in her room simultaneously doing homework, listening to music, texting her friends, and counting the hours until she's 18.  Let's not unnecessarily tax her concentration."

-"OK, here's my strategy: I'm paying the mortgage.  Everything else I'm paying, but I'm paying with the credit card, which I'm not paying.  Are you listening?  It's important that you know these details so you can testify in my defense when they throw me into debtor's prison."

(P.S. Did my music post show up on the flist?  I'm just checking; I restarted it so may times I don't remember what I was doing as far as unprivatizing vs. new post)
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