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Wednesday Show Fun

There's really not a lot to say that isn't spoilery, so we'll just skip to cuts.
Lost: 'Further Instructions' a/k/a Polar BEEEEAAAAAAR!!!
WOOHOO!  WOOHOO!  *jumps and spins in circles* Lost rules!  Yay lost!  POLAR FREAKING BEAR!  Also, RANDOM TRIPPY DREAM SEQUENCE!  Best use of a flashback-type-thing *ever*, even if it was about Locke and featured Boone.  It was worth it to see Charlie and Claire all cute and couple-y.  Actually, Kate and Sawyer looked kind of cute and couple-y too.

I hate Locke, usually, but his flashback sequences this week didn't totally suck.  The fact that I actually watched them all instead of speeding through says something.  Although I was really kind of hoping he would shoot the undercover cop in the back at the end and then hide his body in a quarry or something.  But I guess after Kate, it would be a bit much to have two on-the-run murderers on Lost island.

I was also kind of hoping they'd kill Sex-AAA.  I don't hate him or anything, but it would have been interesting, and I kept waiting for him to say something profound and mysterious to Locke and then dramatically wheeze his last breath while Charlie stood around staring.  I was disappointed when he survived all the way back to camp.  Speaking of camp...
Okay, let's back up a little.  I missed the first 2 minutes of the episode due to taking an unexpected nap this afternoon.  Was that when we met the two new random people?  I think I'm even less interested in meeting new people from the original section than I am about meeting the Others or even than I was for the Tailaways.  I mean, if they've been around these people for the last 2.5 months, why the hell couldn't we meet them before?  I call stoopid.  But back to speaking of polar bears:

WE GOT TO SEE THE POLAR BEAR!  It was slightly fake-looking, but so what?  We got to see its FACE.  No cheap man running around with white furry pants this time; actual effort made to create an animal.  Dude. I don't care how unrealistic these bears are, I love 'em.   I was afraid we were never going to see them again, but then there they are!  Woohoo!  So overall, it was a pretty awesome episode.

And the real reason I'm all excited: previews.  Next week: SAWYER KATE TORTURE PANIC DISTRESS WHEEEE!!!  This is *literally* the stuff my shippy daydreams have been made of since the finale last spring.  I cannot freaking believe it.  Even if the Skate train derails after this and never gets back on track (though I hope it keeps going...).  I also can't believe I actually have to create and give a long and ugly French presentation before I get to see the awesomeness...but so what.  My thoughts are going to spend the next few days mulling over Kate's hysterical screaming and her final choking sob "Ilovehim; please..." The actual words would seem spoken more out of desperation and telling them what they want to hear to make them stop beating Sawyer up than some sudden realization & declaration of her feelings...but the fact remains, at least as I see it, that these guys do love each other.  They just haven't admitted it to themselves in so many words.  And they're sure not about to say it to one another anytime soon.  Hell, look at Leah Kate's stories novels - it doesn't come out until about halfway through the second one.   But: it is there.  And I will never stop believing in it.  Skate is like GSR.  A dirtier, cheaper, much more screwed up, much less profound version of GSR.  They're just *right* for one another.

Okay, maybe they're more like the dirtier, only slightly cheaper, equally screwed up version of Derek and Meredith.  Yeah, there we go.  That's the comparison I want. 
CSI: NY = Another fricking awesome episode.

I first stumbled over the concept of Suicide Girls about 3 years ago, when I was looking for statistics and things about self-injury.  The Suicide Girls freaked me out, and I ran away from the site at high speed.  Every so often the term still appears in my searches, and I still shudder, but at least I know what they are.  Overall, good episode.  I thought it was really interesting and her murderer's identity was a twist, as was the motivation to kill her.  I mean, yikes.  A little gross with the autopsy, though - between the top of the skull and the flap of chest skin with the tattoo...this is why people are reluctant to let their loved ones be autopsied. 

The subplot with Chopper wasn't quite as interesting - plus I'm DEEPLY disapointed to see a Teacher of the Year award used as a murder weapon - but it did tell us all kinds of cute about Flack, mainly that he mentors YMCA kids.  Did we know that before?  Well, I didn't, so AW.  Even though unlike most of the planet, I am not hypnotized by Flack's dark locks and baby blues (what?  I notice cool color contrast, is all.  The only blue eyes I want to get lost in belong to a lieutenant, not a detective), that's still a pretty sweet character trait.

And we also got more hints on the road to Revealing the Secret of Lindsay's Deep Dark Past, which I guess I should stop denying is coming.  After tonight, when she a) stared down at the body of yet another young woman like she was going to be sick and b) tells us she can't deal with grieving mothers, I am finally ready to place my bet on what it is.  You ready?  I'm calling it as: violent murder of her cousin, sister, or best friend.   Possibly occurred in a situation in which Lindsey herself was almost the victim if not for luck of the draw, and/or she left the (hypothetical) cousin/sister/friend alone shortly before the (hypothetical) murder occurred and so feels responsible, like if she'd been there it wouldn't have happened.  Perhaps is even blamed by the mother of the (still hypothetical) murdered girl.  So there you go.  I think I remember that she tells Mac the story in episode 12, and this was #5, so we're nearly halfway to finding out!  Hiatus weeks will make it feel longer, though...
You know me.  I was just happy to see Danny concerned about her.  And I have to thank God and praise Heaven than he didn't go out with that nasty chick at the end.  I mean, EW.  (Although from the look on his face, I have a fanfic idea that says he changes his mind later and hooks up with the SG anyway.  Out of frustration, for distraction, something/anything to stop thinking about Lindsay.)

Last notes: Okay, seriously: where has Detective Angell been?  BRING HER BACK!  I'm cool with Peyton staying off screen, but I miss Angell.
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