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Quadruple-Prong Post

(Clearly I don't have piles of reading homework this weekend, or anything.  Not at ALL.)

I. Top Ten Moments of Glee
II. Shows I'm Tempted to Watch
III. Numb3rs review
IV. Views on the strike: in which I get my WGA-hate on, so be forewarned
I. This is a list I actually meant to post at, um, Christmas?  And then I got overwhelmed by all those backlogged episode reviews.  Probably I should just give up and retry this at the official end of the season, which is about a month past the date of this list's original creation, but I was optimistic about the strike ending before the holidays when I wrote it.  And I am stubborn, and so this list is only going to include such moments as aired from September-December.  And I'm posting it now because I am becoming obsessed with completing the list of topics I meant to work on over break. 

I think I forgot to finish this last spring, but no matter; we're going to write that off and move along with last fall.  Here be my favorite squee-worthy moments - by definition, anything that made me explode from squee and rewind a dozen times, which usually means something shippy, but needs not necessarily be the case.  I was going to include video clips, or at least an illustrative picspam, but I do not have such things at my disposal, I'm not very talented at tracking them down, and I expended way too much effort on the music post, so in the interest of moving things along you just get a plain text list.

All right, enough stalling.  And yes, I think this is in order of squeeful significance, although in the interest of including as many of my fandoms as possible, I try to limit them to one entry apiece.    

The Moments (September-December, 2007)
1. [The Office] EVERY DAMN JIM/PAM MOMENT.  But especially the ones from "Money."  Namely
a) Pam wrapped up in Jim's arms while Dwight reads Harry Potter (it...worked), and
b) The Epic and Sweeping Kiss of Grand Romance
This is my list, and I can give people 2-for-1 slots if I want to.  :P

2. [Numb3rs] There were a lot to sift through, but I think the desperate reunion hug between Charlie & Amita at the end of "Primacy" pwns them all.  (see what I did there, with the gaming pun? ...fine)

3. [ER] Sarah running to Tony for rescue/the ending with him tucking a blanket around her back at home.  Awww, quasi-father/daughter reunited, world is back on axis.  

4. [CSI] THE PROPOSAL.  Could have been higher on this list if not for the bee masks, NOT THAT I'M BITTER OR ANYTHING.  

5. [HIMYM] Marshall slapping Barney.  YES.  And I'm counting Marshall's excellent song as part of that moment.  

6. [NCIS] Anything that involved the little Cub Scout, including but limited to Gibbs' extraordinarily paternal conversations with him, Jenn playing games in her office/babysitting him overnight, and/or the "I forgot how good you are with kids" line delivered with bedroom eyes from Jen to Gibbs. 

7. [Bones] The Christmas montage - specifically, Parker running to Booth, and Russ's stepdaughters whipping like magnets to his side., I don't know why these moments keep edging out romantic ones.

8. [House] *sighs and shuts ears to H/W shippers* Honestly, my favorite part of the season to date really was from "97 Seconds" (a/k/a House electrocutes himself for fun): Wilson's "Just looking at you hurts."  I stand by the decision that said scene encompasses everything I love about him as well as their screwed-up friendship, emphasis on the "friend."  
Although Wilson-as-guitar-napper was a close second...

9. [Grey's Anatomy] George snuggling up with Izzie, which in no way was followed by them agreeing to give up on dating.  (Wow, I cannot believe Gizzie beat every other pairing, including the whole of Private Practice, for the top moment of Shondaland squee). 

10. [CSI: NY] Flack/Angell quasi-flirting!  Look, I'm sorry it outstripped any snippets of D/L this year (such as there were(n't)), but The Pretty exploded off my screen in that scene.  It wins. 

And honorary point #11 goes to Pushing Daisies, and Ned/Chuck's saran-wrap kiss.  While I did not officially see it in the context of my usual television pursuits, I have enjoyed it many times since via the power of YouTube.

II. About a week ago, I said that we were going to talk about the confused new feelings I was having for Friday Night Lights and Moonlight.  That day is here.  (and just for fun, I'm going to throw Pushing Daisies in too, because I have similar thoughts I've never actually voiced on my own journal)  

Friday Night Lights
The setup: I shunned the movie when it came out - I'd already loved "Remember the Titans," thank you very much, and was pretty sure I only had room in my sports-disliking heart for one football movie.  I continued to shun the series, even after everyone said it was the best thing since sliced bread, because what I saw were teenagers, and where there are teenagers, there is inappropriate and meaningless teenage sex, which my shaky balance between attempted understanding and natural prudishness cannot handle.  And I KNEW it was about more than football, but football was a big enough component to turn me off anyway.  So I shunned it.

The peripheral knowledge (unintentionally absorbed into consciousness during regular travels about the internet - may or may not be 100% accurate): Kyle Chandler, otherwise known to me as Bomb Guy from Grey's Anatomy, played Coach, and it was widely accepted among most female viewers that Coach's stern, growly gruffness was Very Hot, especially when tempered by his family commitment.  Also, Coach & Mrs. Coach were like the poster adults for married couples, and made everyone exceedingly happy, as they were not perfect but were very, very stable.  Unfortunately, they have a new baby despite also having a daughter in high school (FACT: fastest way to tick me off in the name of character development).   

Also, in season 2 there's some murder plot that everyone hates, featuring, I think his name is Landry?  The guy who looks like a gargoyle brought to life.  It might possibly have been put aside by now.  And football does somehow factor into the show, but it never seems to be a major component of the previews anymore, so I don't know what that's about.  Yeah, I think that's about it for stuff I've gleaned.  Mostly I hear a lot about Coach Taylor (it's only within the past couple of weeks that I've learned the first names of he and his wife, actually).  

The tipping point: Two weeks ago, never having previously seen more than perhaps a brief clip while channel-surfing, I was boredly waiting for something to watch at 8, and was promptly captivated by
1) Jessalyn Gilsig, or the woman I've since learned is Tami's sister
2) a Very Hot Guy (whom I've since learned is Tim Riggins; he reminded me of Joshua Jackson) - who in the space of 5 minutes cuddled a baby, had an adorably nervous girl try to engage him in conversation, and then shielded said girl while enduring a tornado
3) the theme song.  OH, THEME SONG.  It is and rolling hills and RURAL MIDWEST HEARTLAND (or a bit south of it, whatever), and fills me with paroxysms of joy.  

Later on in the episode, I was also rather duly placated by Tim being extra protectively-big-brother, so...that worked for me.  Basically, RIGGINS = YAY.  And that is how the show sucked me into its vortex.   

Why I want to watch, even though I won't: I'm not watching because I don't have spare time to watch old shows.  If and when I do, I'll get on that.  HOWEVER.  I would really love to see more of the Taylors, all 4 of them (even the baby).  And MORE RIGGINS, because it is absolutely wrong how attractive - no, actually, the only word that will suffice is in fact "hot" - that boy is; my brain refuses to believe he's supposed to be in high school because that is clearly incorrect. 

From poking around in recaps I have gleaned the realization that I met him while wearing Julie's rose-colored glasses, and he's actually not nearly as much of a shiny-armored knight as my first impressions led me to believe, but these flawed aspects of his character weirdly make me love him all the more.  He's...not unlike Sawyer, come to think of it.  I get the same sense of layered character here, which fascinates me.  I might be entirely wrong, of course, but I've only seen 1/4 to 1/2 of three episodes so far, so I think that's allowed.

ALSO, I have just realized that I do not entirely hate football culture.  In fact, I sort of love high school football, because it sends me in a dizzying rush back to my beloved pep band games, which were the highlight of the year.  Our team was pretty average - we won sometimes, but were far from great - but the spirit ran high.  It was fun.  And seeing little clips of the games in previews for this show, I can almost recapture that rush - not to mention the nostalgia of high school (aw, high school...even if my experience was nothing like anything I've seen so far).  So!  In conclusion: show should continue for many seasons, so I can lock myself into it when I'm ready.  -


The setup:  First of all, I hate vampires, because they bite THAT THING in the neck, the v-thing, and it sends me into SCREAMING EPISODES OF SQUICKDOM every time biting is so much as suggested.  Second of all, I didn't watch Angel, and I sure as hell wasn't going to watch this terrible show being marketed as a crime-solving vampire.  CBS had clearly gone insane greenlighting it in the first place.  I watched the show get put in the Friday Timeslot of Death, and waited for it to die after 2 or 3 episodes.  Somehow, it survived.  I was annoyed.  People began listing Alex O'Laughlin on their lists of hot men.  I rolled my eyes and continued to ignore it.

The peripheral knowledge (unintentionally absorbed into consciousness during regular travels about the internet - may or may not be 100% accurate): So, we've got three major players - (1) Mick St. John, the vampire detective, (2) Coraline, the evil vampiress previously seen in A Knight's Tale, and (3) Beth, the wide-eyed blonde and partner (sometimes?) to Mick.  And Josh, Beth's boyfriend, who was clearly only there as a temporary obstacle between Mick and Beth.  A less permanant one than Coraline, that is.  That was about all I got, until I happened to be captivated by some episode in December where some freaky backstory came out about the three central characters. I'm still not sure I understand it; all I got was that Beth was somehow kidnapped/held captive as a child?  It seemed unpleasant. 

The tipping point: Beth stabbed Coraline.  It was most excellent.  Also, that was the episode I learned that Mick St. John is an INTENSE BROODER.  And his eyes, when not creepy-vampire blue - the "vampire" bits scare the bejeezus out of me; it's seriously the most frightening thing on TV all week - are so very dark and sad that it turns me into a melted puddle of fangirl. 

Why I want to watch, even though I won't: Actually, I kind of am watching it, starting with last week when Josh got killed.  (worst-kept secret, in terms of spoilage, EVER)  THE BROODING!  THE BROODING!!  Silly little Beth with the hysteria, not understanding that being a vampire sucks much more than being dead... and that was also the week I realized Mick does all these little voiceovers of inner thoughts.  When she asked why he kept living if being a vampire was so horrible, and his unvoiced response was "You make me want to," I exploded with squee and was helplessly sold on this show.  I don't want to admit it, because that would mean I'd have to write episode reviews, and also either catch myself up on canon or admit that I know nothing about the majority of this series to date, but...I'm hooked.  And I am really intrigued by this hunt for the cure, even though clearly there would be no show if they found it.  

Oh!  And I also really like Coraline.  I don't want to like Coraline, because I bear long grudges and she has a wicked, wicked misdeed or fifty in her past, and it faintly repulses me whenever she starts laying her hands on Mick...but damn it, Shannyn Sossamon is REALLY, REALLY PRETTY.  And unlike in "A Knight's Tale," her hair is as gorgeous as her face here, and that combination plus her generally coy and secretive behavior gives her this enchanting, bewitching, intriguing demeanor that makes me sit up and take notice.  I really like her as a character, I guess, and while I am clearly going to ship Mick/Beth forever and ever, not even my imagination is ready to push them beyond brooding UST for a good long while yet.  I kind of love the way the show has been juggling its love triangle - rhombus?  no wait, triangle again - so far.    

Damn it, I really, really like this series.------------
Pushing Daisies
The setup: I saw a preview in the movie theater.  I went "BITCH PLZ, this is clearly a comic book and/or superhero-type story, and no way in hell am I going near it."  I dug my heels in further when everyone started getting hyped about it as the #1 up-and-coming fandom show of the season.  This was clearly "Heroes" all over again.  Hatred.  Hatred.

The peripheral: After I figured out that Ned/Chuck was not a canon slash pairing, but that Chuck was short for Charlotte, I warmed up considerably to what various members of the flist had been posting about how it was the sweetest show ever, and the phrase "like Jim/Pam" definitely piqued my interest.  I also knew there was some character named Olive (I think?) who was kind of like the Karen in this equation, if Jim had never actually asked Karen out...except that Olive seemed beloved by the entire fandom.  Also, Chi McBride was on the show.  Chi McBride is awesome.

The tipping point: After having peeked at friends' reviews for a couple of weeks, and getting excited by things like "saran wrap kiss" in addition to hearing how almost-unbearably sweet it was, I was linked to a fanvid that told the story of Ned/Chuck (more or less), then asked </a></b></a>kimberkatie to fill in the gaps in my understanding, and was hooked.  By that point it was probably late October, though, and I didn't want to spoil what was clearly an epic series by jumping right in with no knowledge of any other characters or the general style/plot elements.   

Why I want to watch, even though I won't: I saw part of a teaser on YouTube, and I'm 99% sure the guy narrating is is the same one who did "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" - and if not, they sound a lot alike - so it's got that whimsical fancy going for it.  Obviously, I really want to watch this adorable story of Ned & Chuck play out in the context of the show, rather than in fanvids and picspams alone.  But I'm also really curious to see how I feel about Olive, because despite what the fandom says, I'm predisposed to dislike her.  I don't like the actress, and from just looking at screen captures, I'm getting strong vibes of "excessively plastic Playboy model," so.  I really do want to watch this series in order, from the beginning. I know I said "maybe January," but now I'm saying "maybe summer."  Nice to know it's there.
 III. 'Numb3rs: 4x12, Power
Well, that was decent.  I guess I shouldn't have expected it to top last week, but I found myself a little disappointed anyway.  I should really learn that will always build up spoiled Charlie/Amita scenes in my head more than they end up being, whereas if I just let myself be surprised, they will fill me with unexpected delight.   Let me get into specifics.

It still makes me laugh hysterically when Charlie gets all excited over applying "game theory" to the idea of them living together.   It's an affectionate kind of laughter, I promise; it's just...only serious math geeks could manage to make that sound appealing.  And I think it's kind of funny for all that Charlie happily leaps into the idea of domesticity, right down the cooking/cleaning/TV-watching labor divisions, while Amita blanches and distracts him with the promise of hotel far as putting it in practice, I think she'd go right for it while he'd find himself suddenly reluctant to dive in.  I was proven right at episode's end, but I'll get to that.

I always worry when it looks like Charlie & Amita are getting too clingy, because despite my firm belief that their wedding is a mere waiting game, and could take place immediately if we didn't have to stretch the show out, I feel like when they get overly wrapped up in one another, they risk developing the feeling of suffocation.  I would have held off on teaching a class together, for example, for fear that their teaching styles wouldn't match up and it would have led to fights.

Luckily, that didn't end up being an issue.  I don't think much about Larry & Amita working together, but I like their dynamic, and although I worried that they were setting up longterm potential future conflict for my preferred pair, I should learn to to trust this show's speedy conflict resolution by now.  I just stared in disbelieving delight at the way Charlie's face lit up, even when Amita looked nervous and hesitant about broaching the subject.  That's it?  Really, no reservations - he's just thrilled for her opportunity?  He is!  I love them.  And the way he said "I want the world for you" completely undid me.  Look at this, I'm just giggling with happiness remembering it. 
As for the case: wooho!  Nicole!  The Class, I miss you!!  Is it wrong if I chose to call Rena "Nicole" the whole time, and wonder where Duncan might be?  (because Yonk is clearly ancient history by now)  I mean, her character here had very much the same personality.  Anyway, I really liked this storyline, although I thought it was spectacularly funny coincidence that of the only two shows I watched on time this week, both centered around rapist policemen AND both female stars had close friends who were raped in the past.  Speaking of that, though, I'm really glad that, despite what the previews would have you believe, it didn't actually happen to Megan.  That's such a cliche thing to do to your female characters.  I loved Larry's expression of concern when he flashed to that conclusion, though.

Am I the only one who's never used Venn diagrams in math?  Megan claimed to remember them from geography, but I used them exclusively in reading/writing classes (starting in elementary) to compare plot elements, or traits between two characters.  I was not aware they had any computational purpose at all.

I will never understand why facing lineups is always portrayed as such a traumatic experience - I mean, it's not like you're testifying in open court.  It shouldn't be any more distressing than looking at photographs, yet it always seems to panic rape victims into hysterics.  I do not understand this phenomenon, nor do I understand why parents always get defensive and hostile about it.  But I will forgive all that for Don's gentle reassurance of "Just take your time, sweetie, all right?" PET NAMES.  YES.  It's physically impossible not to feel safe around him.

Let's see, what else...Megan and Larry are so ridiculously perfect for each other.  The scene where she asked him to come over and he offered a sympathetic ear and supportive reassurance made me melt.  For all his eccentricities, he always knows the right thing to say.  By the way, their wedding is also a mere waiting game.  I've already plotted out a world in which they have a baby girl (the scenarios that come with imagining Larry as a befuddled father offer hours of endless entertainment).  I'll stop now before I get too carried away by fantasy, but I really do love how their relationship is portrayed on this show.  They balance each other.

My life was not complete before the image of cranky!Don, having been so rudely awoken on his day to sleep in, burrowing under a pile of pillows and blankets to go back to sleep.  So cute.

Sidebar: I would like to know who the environmentalist nut on the writing staff is that keeps forcing painfully awkward lines into the scripts.  STOP IT BEFORE I KILL YOU.  It was just so unnatural to have Amita wandering up, all "Oh!  By the way, this is completely out of the blue, but we should get a new ENERGY-EFFICIENT refrigerator!"  I wouldn't have been surprised if she'd followed that up by dropping a brand name.

The rest of that final scene was pretty cute, though.  "I love that you said 'we'" (aww, Charlie) and  "Translation: Charlie's not ready."   Well, as long as everyone's fine with this arrangement and there's no rush, including from the writers, and we can continue coasting in this uninterrupted bliss from now until the end of the series...I'm good. 
'IV. Of course, the fact that the season is over means I am now going to go into Charlie/Amita withdrawal pains.  Meanwhile, reading the Fanrush message board reviews annoys me, because everyone seems compelled to do things like thank the writers for a great season, and pray for a fair deal so the strike ends.  How about...I blame the writers for the fact that there is SUPPOSED to still be half a season left, and pray for the writers to end the strike?  Because a lot of people seem to failing to grasp the concept that THEY are the reason the strike exists.  A synonym for "strike" is "temper tantrum," as demonstrated by very small children, who normally grow out of such behavior.

I guess I'm just tired of everyone acting like the strike is some magical property that only a wizard can solve, when really it is entirely one side's fault that it exists.  You can say that the AMPTP forced them to seek desperate measures, but that's like saying America's attitude forced Osama to attack the twin towers - sorry but no, blame goes to the instigator. (yes, you heard me.  The writers are LIKE TERRORISTS.)
Voice: Interesting.  Do you also blame abolitionists for the Civil War?
RS: That is...shut up.

I know that after all this time and effort the WGA isn't going to just roll over quietly and lick its wounds, but that doesn't stop me from wishing they would.  Have I mentioned how much organizations like this get under my skin?  As I understand it, you can't work/get a job in the industry unless you belong to the guild.  But you also have to go along with whatever the guild says, even if you don't agree with it, which seems completely unfair and perhaps monopoly-ish.  You cannot convince me that there aren't at least SOME writers who would rather be getting the same steady paycheck than throw it all in chasing a bigger bonus, and this would seem to screw them over a bit.

*heaves a sigh* Sorry, but I had to get that off my chest.  I'm already a little bit lip-twitchy upon hearing about their plans to picket the Oscars - why are such disruptive activities even allowed; can't we arrest them for heckling or something? - and this latest round of "yay, fight the power" posts pushed me overboard.
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