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I am putting the past behind me by doing what I do best: stubbornly marching on with episode reviews, specifically the remainder of the ones from last week because I was a little too busy having a freak-out to watch SVU last night.  I'm not sure what I was freaking out about, because I have blocked it from memory.  Have some reviews while I continue to be frustrated by my failed attempts to sleep normally.  
Law & Order: SVU, "Unorthodox"
Congratulations, promo department, it's been a while since you managed to ruin the suspense of the entire first half of the episode.  Couldn't you have at least let me PRETEND to suspect the zany Hasidic Jews?  

You know what, I will forgive you everything for the fact that Munch had a hugely starring role in this episode.  MUNCH!  DETECTIVE JOHN MUNCH MADE AN APPEARANCE!  HE MADE MULTIPLE APPEARANCES!  HE GOT TO SPEAK AND BE RELEVANT!  CAPSLOCK OF JOY!  He actually got more screentime in this episode than Olivia.  Do you know how often that happens?  Approximately never.  I have so much glee about this that I can't even catalogue all the quotes there were to love.  And to make things even better, we were extremely Chester-lite this episode.  You might even say we were Chester-free.

The second half made me mad, though, so that's what's going to dominate the review.  I must stage a vehement protest against the defending attorney's RIDICULOUS claims that the media screwed Jack up so much that really, he could not be found at fault for his actions.  WHAT. That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.  Hey, I saw a lot of sex on TV & movies & the occasional pop-up ad before the age of 14 too.  You know how I responded to it?  Deciding to die a virgin.  Arguably, this was an equally damaging effect.  God knows I am a huge proponent of toning down what I inevitably see as sleaze, and hate the fact that people parade around half-naked or more everywhere in the name of entertainment and advertising, but I generally do not think that any type of crime is "the media's fault."  I am an equally huge proponent of blaming people for their actions regardless of motivation or state of mental clarity.

That "I didn't know it was wrong" stuff is crap.  I don't know about New York, but in my school system, the definitions of sexual harassment, assault, and rape were soundly beaten into our heads by health classes every other year, starting from about the age of 8.  I'm pretty sure that something you learn in school should trump the FICTION of TELEVISION.  Or didn't anyone ever tell Jack that TV isn't real?

Also, I was not aware that gay sex generally earned you respect outside of prison.  I thought if anything, it got you beat up.  Didn't  the original Law & Order teach me that just last week?  Jack must live in a serious porn bubble.  

So yeah, I'm just the slightest bit ticked that Jack skipped off all "not guilty."  The only thing more annoying than that...other than the way I had to keep skipping forward during the testimonies because SQUICK SQUICK SQUICK THESE ARE CHILDREN...was Elliot breaking down Jack's father's door to harangue and browbeat and guilt-trip him into supporting his son.  I see no reason at all the father should stand by his vile little creep of an offspring.  Gasp, shock, and awe, it is actually possible to do something so revolting that it shatters the deepest bonds you have with a person.  And the father-son bonds seemed pretty shaky already. 

Remind me that if I ever watch this episode again, I should skip the teaser and the second half.  The rest of it's pretty good. 
'Law & Order, 18x04
Wow, four in a row with the winners!  This show has just been infused with the sparkly shininess of LIFE this season, and I continue to be dazzled by it.  I don't understand quite how it happened, since I know I've always been put to sleep as often as I've been entertained by this procedural, and yet all of a sudden it has become massively interesting. 

"Four years chasing terrorists overseas, and now I'm the pants police." 
Oh, Cyrus.  You're just grumpy because your cute sister-in-law ignored you in favor of your partner, and then brightly dubbed you the babysitter when you offered to come over later and "see the kids."  *pats*

"What the hell was that, the call of the wild muskrat?" --Greene.  HEE.  BEST LINE EVER (also a fair question).  Mostly I just love how he laughs his ass off at Lupo's fake phone-tap noises, even though they end up working.  Sparkling working chemistry, they have.

And then they even follow it up by throwing an entire bread crust at my feet in terms of the Lupo backstory.
"So, you and my sister-in-law, you guys are getting pretty friendly?" So NOT CASUAL.
"Friendly enough for her to tell me that she was with you before she married your brother." Greene is enjoying this entirely too much.
"That's...that's pretty friendly."  Indeed.  *munches happily on bread crust* I have a few daydream scenarios now, thank you - oh wait, you're still not done?  "So you guys like, like getting together or anything?"  Hee.  So NOT SUBTLE AT ALL.
"No, man, she's just widowed.  She ain't gettin' together with nobody."  ...does Greene always talk like that?  I've never noticed much, but written out, his lines look like they're from a high school student.  From the inner city.  Nevertheless, I continue to love references to the sister-in-law...whose name I should really learn; why can't I remember anyone saying it?!      

The episode was a bit less interesting once it derailed into a corporate cover-up instead of just being an awesomely ridiculous story of murder over a pair of pants, but then again, things often do once we move into the courtroom segment.  I have come to the conclusion that I am just always going to hate Cutter - such a whiny little hothead; I do not remember Jack being nearly so annoying.  Bad whippersnapper.

But I love Connie's scenes, such as they are, and apparently she doesn't even have to talk for me to love them - the look she shared with Jack after Cutter stormed off in his one of his increasingly trademark tantrums was priceless.  As was Jack's very matter-of-fact recitation of Savings-Mart's low, low prices, although I am distressed that no one actually commented "You sound like a commercial" after that.
You know, I actually still have quite a lot of TV left for Strikegate.  I've got a smattering of House and Bones yet to come, plus the last one or two from Cold Case, SVU, and CSI: NY.  Then I've got Medium, Law & Order, Lost and possibly The New Adventures of Old Christine to distract me on a regular basis, plus Survivor and the devastating tidal wave that is American Idol.

I KNOW, damn it, I swore off Idol last season.  But  [Unknown LJ tag]
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