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In which I meet Doctor Who

Background Info: it steadily ate up portions of my flist in the same stealthy but all-consuming manner as Supernatural, I gleaned that Doctor Who was British, a revival of a 70's show, sci-fi, and involved a time-traveling scientist (?), who was usually referred to as Nine or Ten, presumably depending upon which actor you were referring to. 

I also knew that the major shipping possibilities appeared to involve either Martha or Rose.  However, I never saw any pictures - even promo material - so Nine and Ten were interchangeably David Tennant in my head, I had inexplicably formed a mental picture of Martha as a stout, middle-aged, gray-haired woman, and I could NOT shake the mental image of the Rose character from Two and a Half Men. 

This was the extent of my knowledge right up until at least September 2007; I only knew who David Tennant was because Mrstater had posted a picture of him as a potential candidate for Remus Lupin in her fantasy recasting of Harry Potter (yeah, that image is stuck in my head a bit too).  Oh, and then I knew there was something tragic about Rose involving permanent separation.  That would surely be unimportant later.

Tipping Point: In the last week or so, after the proposal of potential Doctor Who/Numb3rs crossover fic, which sounded great to me already but which would clearly would make for better reading if I knew both fandoms,  [info]stunt_muppet sketched out a little history of relevant facts for me, including the important knowledge of what the number-names referred to, and the peculiar alien-regenerating-character idea that...I could not bloody explain if you paid me, but I understand how it works.  I was finally lured into giving the show a try.  Being bound and determined to start with the Ten era ONLY, because I generally react to sci-fi with something bordering on passionate hatred, and knew it didn't stand a chance without a pretty face, I decided to skim over the canon in the first two current-era series before going straight to series 3 video.  

However, then I found out what Rose looked like, and was quite smitten.  Once again, the knowledge of tragedy bobbed to the surface of my thoughts, remembering it more clearly now, but I stubbornly batted it away, and went on a mission to churn up series 1.  Long story short, now I have the first episode of New Who cued up and waiting to play.  I want to find out how well I like Rose, and in the process will perhaps not hate this mysterious Christopher Eccleston fellow after all. (and if I do, well, series 3 is waiting)  So!  Let's see what I think:


Oh, and I should possibly point out that the only non-claymation British TV I've ever seen has been East Enders and Are You Being Served, and that was mostly because my parents insisted upon watching them, so this is a brand-new world o’ film for me.  I think I might possibly suffer from Anglophile tendencies, though. 


Abbreviated Running Commentary: 1.01, "Rose"


-Right off the bat, I love this theme song for both music and video presentation.  This is a good sign.


-HEE!  BRITISH ACCENTS!  I feel the need to revel in this and be delighted.  See?  Anglophile.  I apologize in advance.    


-It's been 5 minutes and I already adore Rose to pieces.  I always imagined her to be a little older, mid-20’s maybe, but I’ll take what appears to be a pretty high school student




-There is zany chase music!  HEE.


-"Nice to meet you, Rose.  Run for your life." HEEHEEHEE!


-Oh God, now I REALLY don't want to find out whatever tragic thing happens to Rose in the future.


-Her mom (yes? Er, mum…the point is, not some random aunt?) makes me giggle madly.

"Anything could happen…”

“*pause* No."



-This living, evil mannequin hand is going to give me nightmares.


-Doctor is delightful!  Is more delightful when not seen up close and personal, though.  Tell me no one ships them.  I'll do Ten/Rose right now, for sheer pretty factor, but Nine/Rose gives me a bit of squick.


-I reserve the right to change this opinion in the future.


-Awesome, I love it when creepy figures appear in pictures from decades of historical events.


-OH, ROGUE GARBAGE BIN DID NOT JUST KILL BOYFRIEND.  This show is too whimsical for death!  ...oh, I see...he's all plasticy.  Still depressing.  And how has she not realized this yet?


-God, the Doctor just keeps getting more and more awesome with every scene.


-SO THIS IS THE FABLED TARDIS!!  *is excited to be In The Know*  Time And Relative Dimension in Space.


-It occurs to me that the Doctor grins sort of like Wallace.  Of the Gromit companion type. 


-The music: it fills me with joy


-Woo, Mickey is whole and hale!  Wikipedia could have told me this, I suppose.


-Whoa hay – did you just shoot the nice kindly old guy from the internet?  What did I say about mixing death and whimsy!


-These are the most incompetent wrestling dummies ever.


-I freaking love Rose right now.  Bronze-medal gymnastics skills FTW!


-Shiny happy ending love! 





Um…GUH.  I am currently having trouble wrapping my brain around how much I just loved that episode.  I have no idea why.  I specifically went in planning to watch just one episode and be unimpressed.  I can’t even really explain why it was so enjoyable, but it was like a great action movie.  Again, that makes no sense, because I don’t really like action movies, but there was just so much energy, combined with a whole slew of really likable characters, that I was glued to the screen. 


I can’t get over how much I like the Doctor.  I am debating whether this is related to the actor or just because the character is so delightfully odd that it honestly doesn’t matter who plays him, but I kept breaking into random giggles and could not stop smiling whenever he was on screen.   


Also: ROSE.  In the space of a day, she’s gone rocketing up through the ranks of my favorite fictional females.  I am still not entirely sure how old she is – I latched onto the phrase “A levels” and tried to look it up, whereupon my brain promptly exploded from the attempt to understand non-American school systems – but I’m sure someone here will tell me.  (Edit: Okay then, merci!  apparently she is 19.)  Meanwhile, I will just continue to love everything she says and/or does.  

Question: wh
ile Wikipedia gets me all jumbled up and is kind of hard to comprehend – especially since I don’t want to know TOO many details, so I kind of skip and skim –Mickey has a good few more appearances coming, right?  Because I really love him too. 


Plotwise: I freely admit that I have been terrified of mannequins ever since I was little – shut up, I’m not the only one – and they still kind of creep me out; I’ve held a long term and very irrational fear of their coming to life and being evil, so the plot of this episode was quite possibly the most terrifying thing I have seen on TV in years.  I kept cringing and wanting to hide under the table.     


I give up on trying to be coherent.  YAY DOCTOR WHO.  

Other Stuff:

Meanwhile, I have gone and looked up the tragic thing about Rose, and while I am not quite yet to the point of bawling over this knowledge, I have the vaguely uncomfortable feeling that this will get more devastating as I get more episodes under my belt.


And then I looked up Martha, who, WOW, could almost literally not be farther from what I imagined...and take an instant dislike to her based upon nothing more than her Wikipedia photo.  She looks hard-nosed and sharp-tongued and I am already reviled by her, especially upon skimming her bio, where I'm now positive that I will just be forever annoyed by her third-wheel-sounding tendencies.  Crap, you know what?  I think I like Billie Piper more than I like David Tennant.  I suddenly want to watch this show in perfect order.  My carefully-laid plans, they are in ruins! 


I have 3.1 sitting right here, and I’m really desperately curious to know what David Tennant is like as Ten, but I can’t make myself watch it because I’m afraid that it will destroy my unexpected tolerance for Eccleston.  Also, I really don’t want to go into a world without Rose.  And so…chronological order it is.  I haven’t actually exploded in fandom love for this show yet, but the embers are glowing. 

While I really do not have time to devour a whole season, or even another episode right now what with the homework I’ve put off all weekend, for the foreseeable future I am going to be slowly but surely working this obsession on the side with whatever spare time I have left over at the end of the day and/or week. 


Interestingly enough, that’s exactly how I got into Lord of the Rings.

P.S. Oh my God, Lost starts this week.  I AM NOT READY.  NOT READY AT ALL.   

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