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Lots of TV Shows.

Okay.  I was bored last night.  Without the WB, Friday evenings are dull.  And the Grey's Anatomy rerun isn't on at 7 anymore.  *pissy look*  But I found something even more fun at 8: 1 vs. 100.

I love trivia gameshows (Jeopardy was my afternoon staple for years; also Ken Jennings is my hero), and love Bob Saget, and I loved this show from the first minute of viewing.  Not at all like "Deal or No Deal" - I DESPISE that show with every fiber of my being.  Not only do I hate that host, I hate lines of identical-looking trophy women showing off the prizes, but most of all I HATE games that revolve around an all-or-nothing, *especially* "double or nothing."  It's just horrible to watch.  "You won $500,000!   Oh wait, I'm sorry.  You win NOTHING."  Once you earn money, you should be able to salvage at least part of it.  And 1 v. 100 sort of has that take-it-or-lose-it aspect to it, but it's just more fun, watching audience members fall like dominoes.  Knocking out competition is much more amusing.  Plus even when the featured people lose, then I can still feel good knowing that everybody in the audience won instead, so the money isn't just poof-up-in-smoke.  That's important.  So: in conclusion, "1 Vs. 100" rocks and I hope it lasts for ages. 

Also watched Law and Order - I really don't like child-molester storylines.  They get under my skin and generally make for unpleasant viewing.  Not the best episode to watch.  I like the new detective more this time around, though.  And continue to wish that Alana hadn't hacked off her hair in such a severe bob.  I can't stand it.  And lately she seems more like an ornamental decoration while Jack does all the talking.  I know she had that field trip to Philly where she interviewed people that the killer knew, but still.

I was also unhappy with the verdict of "guilty," charging the TV producer with murder-by-proxy for knowingly "encouraging" the unstable and possibly violent woman to confront her rapist.  Okay, yeah, maybe she shouldn't have given her a KNIFE and sent her in alone, but come on - haven't you ever desperately wanted to kill someone who hurt you?  Not that I've ever been raped or attacked, but I know I have in perfect seriousness wanted to kill someone.  But that doesn't mean that even if I had a knife, I would be prepared to violently thrust it into their body and watch blood flow forth.  I mean, it's just mind-bogglingly impossible.  So I don't think they should have had a case that they KNEW she was violent.  I felt bad for the poor TV producer, she looked so shocked when they grabbed her (why do they always grab them so roughly, anyway?) and took her away at the end.  Stupid jury.  Stupid closing argument.

Survivor: Wrestling challenges are always amusing, even though I expect they're not even a little bit fun to actually PARTICIPATE in, what with getting your face rubbed in sand, your limbs yanked out of their sockets, your hair getting yanked on, and your clothes being torn off of you.  I mention this latter because one of the girls (don't remember who...Becky maybe?) had the little blurry screen between her legs, and even if just for a second, that seems rather mortifying. 

Double boot!  Whee!  I felt bad for Christina, mostly because I've decided I really can't stand Jenny anymore.  She's one of those Sneaky Short People.

No offense if you're short.  I dubbed the SSP's when I was a young'un playing soccer - those MADDENINGLY INFURIATING little devil-girls who would be everywhere and nowhere at once, who could  get the ball away from you no matter what you did and evade you with absolutely no difficulty.  Tiny little people who could flit here and there and spin on a dime.  How many times one of those Short People made me see red... anyway.  Jenny is like that.  Appears sweet at first, but later winds up seeming like a short-tempered bitch, and kind of conniving at that.  Christina wasn't my favorite player, but at least she seemed honest.  She deserved to stay a little longer.

Cao Boi, on the other hand, is the first boot that's made me a little sad.  Sure, he was wacky and crazy as all get out, and his long/random/pointless stories sometimes got on my nerves, but wacky and crazy can be fun, and I kinda liked having him around.  Plus that puts JessiFlicka on the chopping block, I think, because before she and Cao Boi were kindred spirits by virtue of being on the outskirts of the tribe and reveling in their uniqueness...but she doesn't have that anymore, and I think she's quickly going to find herself blocked out of alliances and booted.

Lastly, Adam needs to be booted before the eyesex takes over the game.  Can you imagine if he and Candice ever get back on the same tribe?  *remembers Cuddle Puddle and shudders* No.  Adam is like a classic cocky high school football stud.  What's up with that cheeky grin/smug look he wears all the time?

CSI, "Double Cross": I was literally blown away by every second.  That opening scene - the grotesquely beautiful image of the woman in a shimmery dress, backlit by candles and strung up in the air, on a cross yet looking like some grim parody of an angel...breathtaking.  Dear CSI: Miami: THIS is how to make your teaser effective.  Wow.

And there were all kinds of beautiful paralells between the priest and Grissom - but this time, it was so much nicer knowing Grissom had already come 'round and opened up his eyes.  The line all the GSR people are jumping on, spoken  by the Father Frank: "We only made love once...but it awakened the husband in me, the father in me.  I wanted to be those men for her."  We noted, and stored away for later study.

Grissom having a rosary in his desk - amazing character tidbit.  Though I suspect it had more to do with the fact that it belonged to his mother than for spiritual comfort - still.  What a thing to see.  Oh, and we're jumping on that too - "belonged"??  That would certainly make it sound like she died - but when?  At the beginning of season 3, she was still very much alive, or at least he told Philip Gerard, "My mother says hello."  Interesting note to ponder.

And we looooved the conversation Grissom and Sara had about their different takes on religion.  Neither come as a surprise to me; ever since Alter Boys it's been easy (for me at least) to see that no matter how obsessed he is with his science, there's an undercurrent of spirituality flowing beneath it.  It certainly doesn't surprise me to learn that Sara is the one going without religion.   But their conversation was really great, deep, and I LOVE hearing them talk about things not strictly related to the case.  Or involving deep emotional trauama.  Every day conversation.  *sighs dreamily* Remember when we used to go multiple episodes without them sharing the same screen?  Haha, so glad those days are over.  *blithely ignores William Petersen's impending 4-episode hiatus*

Nothing, of course, beats the way that even though Sara's worried she offended him with what she said, she doesn't go chasing after him in a panic.  People pointed this out, and I didn't realize it, but they're right - it just further underscores that these two are in a mature and well-established relationship.  Even more so when he returns, and without even looking up to make sure it's him, just picks up where they left off.  "Something I said?"
"No dear."  Seriously - when I heard that, my jaw hit the floor and I had to rewind 6 or 8 times to hear it again.  GSR moments in *every freaking episode to date.*  And it was just the way he said it - like the way my parents talk to each other, or something; a term of endearment spoken absently, without thinking, as opposed to something mushy.  Ohhh, happy Televinita. 

1000 to 1 odds say that Grissom slips up with something like in front of one of the team by the end of the season.

Um.  Where was I?  The case!  Honestly - the case was amazing; there were all kinds of beautifully directed shots, like him sitting  on the stairs in his robes.  Then there were the two nuns - the hilarious older one, and the so-naive-and-infatuated-she-almost-seems-insane Sister Bridget.  (I kept waiting for her to have a more prominent role, like find out she was sleeping with him too, or something.  As it was, I guess she just had a sort of hero-worship thing going on, and I couldn't help seeing a SERIOUS GSR parallel that *had* to be intentional.).  Yeah.  Case was amazing.  I was so glad Father Frank wasn't the killer; he didn't seem capable of that to me.  And it about broke my heart when Sofia asks in her slightly jaded way, "What if the baby wasn't yours?" and he just looked at her and said, with all honesty, "A child is always welcome."  *tear*

As an aside, I totally don't hate Sofia anymore.  I only hated her on principle because she was leaning in on the GSR, but now that we're all canon and she's no threat, I'm cool with her again. 

I loved the conversation between Catherine and Greg.  (Continunity!  Bruises!  And I want to hug him some more!)  Whereas Sara has a little bit of the mentoring aspect in her where Greg is concerned, I think Catherine sees him with almost motherly affection, and even though I don't like her much, I loved their dialogue here.  also, a line in Wintertime's profile immediately jumped into my head: "Support the sickness of Cath/Greg!"  :P

Okay.  That's about all the more I can handle mentioning.  First rerun next week (boo), which I probably need in order to recover from five straight weeks of "amazing," and after that...are we in sweeps?  Or still a week away from them?  Either way, DAMN those came up QUICK.

One more...
ER: I don't know why everyone was talking about Forest Whittaker; I don't see what's so great about him and the only place I remember him from is that episode of Without a Trace where he was haranguing Jack about finding his son who'd been missing for months.  He didn't seem like anything special, anyway.  ANOTHER instance of a stupid jury.  Poor Luka.  Nothing ever goes quite right for him, even when he's trying to be an upstanding citzen (unlike that period, back in the day, where he was beating people up in bars).

While I'm on that topic, is anyone else's mind still blown away by the fact that Kovac is now the chief of staff?  I mean...yow.   The ER world as I knew it is upside down.  But its cast of likable characters is expanding, now that Kerry's apparently never on duty anymore, and I LOVE Gates, and I also really like that girl - Sarah? - who's Neela's student/gal-pal up on surgical rotation.  Now if she'd only stay away from Ray, it'd be cool.  She looks so familiar, for some reason...oh!  She looks a LOT like that teenager Ray got in trouble for sleeping with back in the day, the one he didn't realize was underage until it was too late...damn. 

And what a boring time for a body to light on fire.  Grey's Anatomy just DID that, y'all.  Psh.  At least they got to show up the surgical team.  Where is that annoying guy in charge from?  I want to say he's from some super annoying  ER's still pretty good.
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