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Random/Fandom Babbling, in Numbered Lists

Three New Reasons to Love my Shakespeare Prof:
1. Aside from having darker eyes, I've come to realize he looks startlingly like Jonathan Frakes (from his Star Trek days).
2. He gives us actual specific topics on which to write our papers, as in "What is Viola's relationship to time?  Be sure to offer a detailed reading of the importance of time in the play."  It is so STRUCTURED, I may KEEL OVER AND DIE OF GLEE.  Or, you know, fail horribly because I only know how to BS papers with so little understanding of my subject that I can't find my own thesis half the time.
3. His use of the word "nebulous," which may be one of my favorite words ever.  (as in "avoid nebulous introductions")

One Reason to Hate my French Class: 
Our movie of the week was "Amelie," which I've been dying to see for five years and was SO excited about finally getting to experience.  Except that for no reason at all, my class voted to watch it without subtitles.  WTF!  So now the movie is basically ruined for me because I've seen everything that happens without having any idea why or in what context.  Plus I now have to obtain and watch the movie again on my own time so I can actually do the homework.  
NineThings I Learned from the "Lost" Mobisodes:
1. Missing scenes: not just for fic writers anymore!  (However, FACT: Fic writers do it better)

2. Ben has a creepy romantic-interest backstory with Juliet?  Ewwww...unrequited or not.  

3. Jin throws really awesome temper tantrums.

4. The writers are WAY too fond of Michael/Sun. Which is stupid, because its support in fandom is minimal to non-existent.

5. I really hate putzy Doc Arzt and demand to know why TPTB keep bringing him back.

6. Lostzilla is clearly the greatest thing ever - even greater than polar bears - and should be featured in every episode.

7. It took the ABC website a ridiculously long time to load each little mobisode, but actually getting to see Juliet tell Jack that her coming back with him was part of Ben's plan was worth every second.  Cannot even speak coherently about how worth it this scene was, just to watch Jack try to come to terms with it.  (he does remain remarkably collected about the whole reveal, I must say)

8. Neil, a.k.a. "Frogurt" for reasons the writers clearly want me to ask about but about which I really don't care, is more annoying than Pikki.  And I am hard pressed to decide whether he or Hurley is more unattractive, so this creepy male posturing over pretty, pretty Libby is so moot it's not even funny.   

9. Christian Shepherd is also on the list of people I hate and am confused as to why TPTB keep bringing back.

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