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In which Doctor Who and I have our second date.

Written yesterday: "Ummm...PROBLEM! 

dollsome went and linked to this absolutely beautiful and joyous little clip of Ten/Rose on YouTube.  And now, despite solemnly promising to give Nine/Rose a chance, priming myself for acceptance and sincerely believing that I would come to love them in due course, I want to kick it to the curb.  Nine has abruptly become annoying and balding and old and just not compatible at all.  And like, I get that there has to be a history with Nine in order for Ten to mean anything, BUT IT'S NOT HELPING!  I just want him to keel over and regenerate immediately!" 

I decided to remedy the problem by forcibly administering episode 1.02, despite having worked out a schedule whereby I would only give myself one new episode a week.  Luckily, viewing it seems to have worked.  Am docile once more. 


'"The End of the World" (commentary not in chronological order)
Gah!  This show is so delightful.  I am tempted to just sit here quoting every other line and let that explain everything.  My future self will probably be annoyed with me for not doing this, but...there's just way too much to even start with.  

I love all the aliens in this one (especially the giant head in glass case).  It's funny, this whole ep reminds me so much of the endless Stargate SG-1 footage I subjected myself to during my years of staying up late to tape X-Files reruns, and yet Stargate never had characters half so interesting.  See, that's another reason I was so reluctant to get into this show - it sounded like Stargate, which was terrible. 

Didn't love the creepy little metal spiders of evil, though.  I have an irrational fear of creepy little things just like that.  This show really, really needs to stop exploiting my irrational fears.  

"Tainted Love" + Doctor + ridiculously amusing head-bob of silliness = LOL!  Is animated icon somewhere, yes? 

"Oh, well, it would be you."  HEE!  Yes.  Keep saying stuff like that, Doctor.  It reminds me why I like you.  

I giggled wildly at the bits of "historic culture" that Cassandra pulled out, but I am a bit distressed that this episode forced me to know what Britney Spears' "Toxic" sounded like.  I've been rather proud of keeping myself from being exposed to songs like that all these years, and wham!  Suddenly it's out of my control.  Also, I sort of like it.  Damn you!  I didn't want to know that!  

New rule!  Do not get attached to any nice minor characters who get a name.  They will inevitably be killed, and it will grow v.v. depressing.

I've just realized why Rose's mum delights me so's like she was plucked straight out of East Enders.  Somehow, she doesn't quite blend in with the rest of the characters; even her scenes are like they're filmed under a different filter.  But that's quite all right. 

"People have died, Cassandra.  You murdered them!"  Ooh, Angry Doctor.  I would have had a hard time picturing that if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.  I like it.    

Speaking of Cassandra, despite her delightful flattened-face-pop, the name "Lady Cassandra" sounds familiar.  Like something that will be cropping up again in the future in ways I don't want it to, but I can't quite put my finger on why.  That's a lie.  I know it has something to do with that fantastic kiss I'm pretending I don't know about.  But I still know it's not in a good context, so I'm working on erasing the memory more completely.  

Aw, playful little ending of cuteness.  "What sort of date are you?!" 

So, speaking of my problem with Nine/Rose...all right, I'm back to finding him delightful.  The wife/partner/concubine/prostitute reference to Rose sufficiently amused me, but at the current point in time, I'm think I'm appreciating the literal sense of the word "companion" with respect to the pair.  I like that she's still kind of in a starry-eyed state of wonder - not unlike how I'm reacting to all this, actually - while he seems by turns amused and enchanted by her presence, if not quite sure what to make of her.  The dynamic pleases me.  

It pleases me even more that while I'd be happy leaving it right here, I can see the stage being set for Shipville in ways that will be gradual and seem to progress naturally.  Or at least, as naturally as is possible for the fact that this show is sci-fi in nature and one of the partners is a 900-year-old alien.    

P.S. Flist which knows all, could you clarify something for me?  I seem to have been under the impression that Ten wouldn't appear until series 3, and that he and Rose would never cross paths except in a few magic scattershot episodes.  Apparently, I was mistaken?  And there's actually a whole glorious series that offers the best of both worlds?  I AM ONCE MORE IMPATIENT WITH SERIES ONE!  Perhaps will inject self with 1.03 as sedative.  Yes, that sounds good.  It did promise me all kinds of 19th century goodness...

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