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Now it's getting serious.

(I started writing this early this morning...would have posted then had I known it would take me so long to finish the 2-parter.  Stupid life, getting in the way of my TV!)

Haaahaha.  So much for that one-episode-per-week thing.  And I realized after acquiring them that 4 & 5 were the ones I was warned to skip and read summaries for instead, but I was having too much fun to stop there.  Plus, you know, I only have a very limited number of Nine episodes to begin with, which I've become weirdly sad about, so I want to see him as much as possible.  Quick, Voice, fetch me the YouTube video again.  I must be reminded of my future goals.   

'1.03, "The Unquiet Dead"
Hum-de-dum, just admiring all the 19th century goodness...

WAUGH!  I didn't really think you could do 3 in a row, but yet again!  Irrational fears!  That corpses in coffins at wakes will suddenly open their eyes and be ALIVE(-ish)!

V: Are these really all irrational fears you already had in place, or are you just realizing that Doctor Who has a knack for creeping you the hell out?

RS: I don't know!  The freaky animated corpses were legitimately terrifying!  Especially when they started glowing!  And then they somehow got even creepier when they became child-like ghosties, and by the time they turned into DEMON GHOSTIES, I was back under the table.  Or...behind the sofa, as is apparently more traditional for a freaked-out Who fan.  (?  I don't know.  Over in Xanga land, where inexplicably my most faithful readers are all male, someone said that.  I'm never sure if he's serious) 

Show freaks me out.  ...on that note, should possibly stop watching between 3 and 5 AM in empty computer lab when residence halls are devoid of all signs of life.

I really couldn't decide what my favorite part of the 19th century was.  Charles Dickens was really quite great ("I'm your #1 fan!" HEE), as was the servant whose name I deliberately did not learn so as not to get attached to her BUT THEN I DID ANYWAY, which left me depressed...but I would have to say that the horses stole the show.  Especially the ones pulling the hearse.

 Also, I would like to revoke the doctor's privileges to grant unknown aliens the benefit of the doubt in the future.  I cannot afford any more scenes quite so heartbreaking as Gwyneth’s last stand.  

I have drawn four conclusions about Rose thus far in the series:
1) She has a terrible knack for getting captured
2) She is equally terrible at figuring when people have become something not quite human (i.e. attempting to reason with the recently revived corpse of the young man)
3) I think maybe she failed her history lessons, between her lack of knowledge about appropriate dress and her SCANDALOUS gossip with the servant and her apparent inability to figure out why this was so scandalous.
4) I'm growing slightly - just slightly - annoyed with her repetitive look of incomprehension as she tries to grasp the notion of time's fluidity and how things are done and over and whatnot.

None of this hampers my love for her at all, of course.  I think she's in that special tier of female characters who can just show up to a scene and do absolutely nothing, and yet I will still glee over her mere presence.  (doing stuff, of course, is highly encouraged, and Rose does quite a lot.)

"Seriously, though, you can't!"
"Seriously, though, I can!"

HEE.  YES.  YES!  The bicker-bantering must never go away.

EEEH, hand clasp!  *treasures*  *has no idea why she treasures this, though suspects this scene is routinely mined for fic*  Although the Doctor's "she's only 19 ... she's in my care" exclamation tonight struck another chord in my attempt to hammer out their relationship and why I cannot go to the shippy place (yet): she's essentially a headstrong child with a patron, a student with a teacher, etc.  It's a bond you could eventually start to call love at some point, but only in the purest sense. 

Which...actually works for any incarnation of the Doctor, come to think of it; I've been leerily dipping my toe into the waters of fanfic, largely by following instances of "red bicycle when you were twelve" (I'm obsessed with this phrase.  It just sounds so proper for ficcing purposes, and I haven't even come to its context yet), and discovered that I am happiest with ratings of PG and lower.  I'm thinking this may be the smartest course of action.

Likelihood of me revising this opinion by tomorrow: extremely high.

Next up: noooo, I've been having such a nice time time-traveling, I don't want to go back to London!  I've already forgotten Mickey!  He's in the past!  ...yes, well, off we go anyway.
OK, am not entirely sure why I was told to skip this 2-parter, because it was great.  It was so great that I couldn't even be bothered to keep up a running commentary  - I tried to mark notes, but then I would just get caught up in the action and realize 15 minutes had passed.  So, some brief round-up thoughts on

1.04/1.05, "Aliens in London"/"World War Three"
-Ah!  The creepy evil blonde woman!  She was mrstater's pick for the perfect Umbridge.  I agreed with it on principle just based on the photo, but now that I've seen her being chillingly nice in action, I am really really annoyed that nobody moved Heaven and/or earth to see that she was cast in that role. 

-Right.  I continue to be enthralled by the aliens on this show; each new variety is as fascinating as the last - although I would like to stamp my foot down and state for the record that the gimmick about the gas exchange was disgusting and not even slightly humorous in any capacity. 

-I also admit to being completely fooled (and frightened) by the pig in costume, and was quite in agreement with the rampaging little beast being shot until the Doctor came up shouting "It was scared!", and then I was promptly devastated and sick with horror.  *sniffles* Poor little piggy.

-As for the interpersonal relationships...let's start with Mickey.  Mickey fills me with joy, even if I'm not sure whether I enjoy the hero or the idiot version of him more.  He's very, very good at being the lunkheaded comic relief.  On the one hand, he and Rose are sort of cute, and I felt a tiny bit bad about his plaintive "I waited for you," but on the other I'm feeling more pity than any real empathy.  Rose's apology, too, sounds more like she's sorry he got hurt than for being the cause of it. 

I dunno.  I just can't seem to get terribly invested in them - the very first time I saw him, until they kissed I assumed he was a best friend rather than a boyfriend (though in my defense, I'd just been catching up with a slew of "What I Like About You" episodes, so there was a precedent fresh in my head), and that's the feeling I'm left with whenever I see them.  They're a delight together on screen, but very much in a past-tense context where romance is concerned.  As for other relationships...

-"I think I know my own name!"
think you know your own name, how stupid are you?"
HEE!  Doctor just loathes him so much.  And vice versa.  The animosity between them had me positively rolling with laughter.  I do like how they come to terms with one another at the end, but the insult rounds preceding that are too entertaining for words. 

-I still really like Jackie.  Hard not to like someone who gives the Doctor a well-deserved slap, but even though she's screwed up on a great many levels, it all makes her very endearing, and she so clearly loves her daughter above all else that it's hard not to feel weepy when they say goodbye.

-"I could save the world but lose you." 
Okay!  And is official!  I am throwing all attempt at definitions out the door and just going to enjoy whatever magical connection it is that these two have.  Will probably toss the word "love" around from time to time.  It's sort of freeing to able to use it outside of a strictly romantic context.  Whatever it is, it is firmly cemented in the exchange of Long Looks and Seriousness.  I was lost as soon as I saw the way he asked "You don't even know what it is, you'd just let me?", but by the end of that scene I was utterly swept away by how much I adored them.

-Also, unexpected squee-dance for the crouching under the counter and hand-holding and all.  I don't know why it was unexpected.  I know me, I know my Checklist of Cute, and I know my timeline for falling in love with canon-type pairings (it pretty much mirrors the characters'). 

Geeze, look what I would have missed if I'd skipped these eps!!  How glad am I that I didn't listen?

-Random final note: The theme song continues to bring me immense joy every time I hear it.  

Up next: Something called "Dalek," a word which fires off a red flag of hatred in my head.  I really should be starting to do homework now, because I have a metric ton of it due at the beginning of next week, but I cannot stop fetching episodes!  Damn the inclusion of previews on these episodes...every time I think I'm done, I see what's next and am all "Oh!  That looks exciting!  I must have it!" 

P.S. OI!  How was I not previously aware that Television Without Pity has recaps for the first two seasons of this show?  The joyful surprises, they just keep coming.
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