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I watched 1.11, but I'm letting it percolate before I write about it.  Have more important thoughts taking precedence just now. 

My brain is kind of buzzing with all the DW fic I've stuffed into it today (because I'm on a schedule of 30 minutes homework, 30 minutes fic-hunting, apparently).  The idea was that reading fic required less time than watching episodes, which held true at first, but...yeah.  I started with the previous recs, browsed by genre at the Teaspoon, and then went back to my standard Google search for fic recs, which got me to a couple of highly useful LJ comms.  I'm not entirely sure I want to know how many stories I read today, especially between actively reading, skimming and bookmarking for later, and skimming and hitting the back button on.

I'm sure I've spoiled myself somehow, but the thing is that I can't really tell what's made up in the story and what's referenced from actual episodes, and I'm not focusing too closely on anything that smacks of canon plot themes anyway.  It's kinda fun; this is how it went with The Office, and it made it even more delightful when I later saw episodes such fic had referenced and it'd be like "Oh, THAT'S Jan!  Now I get it!" or "Wow, so that's the context for the Casino Night kiss."

Anyway, largely due in part to the fantastic-ness that is Camilla Sandman (first she brings the GSR post-Living-Doll goodies, now she's making magic out of Who...), I've managed to satiate myself on just about every scenario I could hope for with Nine or Ten & Rose.  I'm still at the stage where I prefer plot & dialogue over word art, as always in a new fandom, but I'm finally starting to feel as though I have sufficient supplementary material to the episodes thus far. 

Overall, it's taught me that as much as I like & enjoy Nine/Rose, for they have some mysterious magic of their own, as soon as I get something with Ten, things click into place. I think I'm glad there's that history, but at the same time I'm glad it is history.  Kind of like how I loved high school and have fond memories, but I'm more glad to be in college now and don't think I'd actually want to go back.

I've also been very carefully avoiding any mention of Martha, mostly because for all my rampant spoiling I've been steering clear of knowing much about season 3, but also because after my disastrous experience with Jack, I'm trying desperately not to have pre-conceived notions about Martha.  It's not working too well, since the mere mention of her name in a summary sends a stab of irritation through me, but... It's not that I hate her, exactly, it's just that she doesn't have the instant appeal or magic dynamic that Rose did, and seeing her standing next to the Doctor in promo pics just looks incredibly wrong and backwards.

Okay, so, about that.  I know I haven't even finished the first season yet, but I'm already thinking about what's going to happen after season 2, and I find that I really violently reject the notion of the show existing after that (Sigh. I ought to have watched 3.1 right after 1.1, like I planned, for comparison purposes).  I read in a comment somewhere that Doctor Who is about change, doctors regenerating and companions moving on and stuff (tho really, after 26 episodes?  how is that an acceptable amount of time to you?), but I can't deal with that.  I HATE change; I hate it beyond measure.  I don't care what I've read about the strength of the show being its ability to survive with different actors; that's like the CSI people telling me how they could survive indefinitely based upon the aspect of science & crime-solving to their show.  What?  I've certainly never any comments to the effect of how I've continued to enjoy the show in Jorja's absence. 

Why did I even get into this fandom, knowing - or at least strongly suspecting - I would get my heart broken?!  (Note to self: abandon all plans to watch Robin Hood, ever)  This is like...adopting a dog that's old and sick, where you know it's only a brief matter of time before you'll have to let him go.  He's so sweet and adorable that you can't turn him away, and he makes your life better for having been in it, but in the end you almost wish you'd never met.  I'm basing this assumption entirely upon the fact that reading any sort of angst fic, even that which has nothing to do with the series timeline, sucks me into a pit of despair and requires me to go find piles of shameless utterly embarrassing cliche and self-indulgent hurt/comfort fic to make up for it; any kind, no matter how poorly written.  

Again, I know I should really save this whole spiel for when I've, I don't know, gotten past season 1...remember, Self? Season 2?  Full of shiny and sparkling promise?...but I fear I might be too gutted and destroyed to form coherent thought at that point.  Besides, it's good to have a record of how my attitudes are progressing.  Sometimes my head spins with the realization that I've only been in this fandom for 10 days.

*shakes self off* Anyway!  Fic is nice because extraneous characters are largely absent from it (well, the fic I deign to read, anyway), and I get to go back to the nice, happy place where it's just the Doctor and Rose.  It's been exactly the thing I needed to put myself back in good spirits.  It's also been terribly distracting because oh my God, I need to finish this &$(@*$@ French homework but still.

P.S. I don't know if this is just me, but whenever I spend too many hours reading a particular author's work, I start to absorb the characters' voices and think/speak/write in their style (happens with blogs I've recently fallen in love with, too).  It doesn't usually happen with TV, but since Saturday I've found that most of the thoughts in my head are coming out of Rose's mouth.  It's a very odd experience. 

[Edited P.S.: Why in God's name did I just do that???  I was just about to explain how proud of myself I was for still not actually knowing the context of the Tragic Demise of Season 2.  From the videos I had narrowed it down to three tragic-looking scenes, but I figured I would still be in the dark until I actually watched the episode for myself.  And after all, surely at least one of those scenes was from a different episode and actually had a happier ending!  (ahahahaha)

And then...all of a sudden I couldn't take it anymore, the not knowing, and I hit up TWoP for the scene-specific description I know.  I am fully aware that this makes me a HORRIBLE PERSON - although, really, what can you expect from someone who read the detailed synopsis for the X-Files series finale seven hours before airing? - and I am also FRESHLY DEVASTATED.  

But all is not lost!  I didn't read very closely!  The context remains unknown!  I can still dissipate the memory - it's fading already, as proven by the fact that I don't even need to go find AU baby!fic right now or something - and it'll be only a vague recollection by the time I get deep into season 2. 

Yeah, I'm still disappointed in me too. 
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