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By my definition, a list of exceptionally random thoughts that do not necessarily have anything to do with one another, and are stated apropos of nothing.  Like accidentally tipping over a glass and seeing what comes out. 

1. If you notice the timestamp on this entry, my sleeping patterns have had another crazy week, because it's simply a proven fact that I am more efficient at doing homework while everyone else is asleep.  Therefore, it's gone like so: 
Sunday - arguably skipped, or 6-9 AM on Monday before class
Monday - 2:45-9 PM.  
Tuesday - 10:30 PM-midnight
Wednesday - 2-7 PM, 10:30 PM-midnight
Thursday - ?  Sometime after classes end at 4 PM.

It works for me.  I actually feel really content & satisfied that I've managed to get so much work done this week.  Although on second thought, I should probably tell my roommate that it's okay to turn on the bedroom light in the evenings.  I think she might possibly be getting annoyed by my habit of falling asleep in the late afternoon and not waking up until well after sunset. 

2. Barack Obama's first television ad, rather impressively, caused me to like him less.  I was enamored of him throughout the beginning of the campaign, to the point where I almost secretly hoped he'd be elected President (not by my own hand, of course, but I wouldn't argue with the decision).  Then he came on my screen yammering about "change," and I was suddenly filled with an alarming and overwhelming desire to punch him. 

3. I desperately want to love John McCain, the majority of whose policies suit me very well, but his position on Roe v. Wade throws a very ugly wrench into that.

4. The closer I get to being of apartment-renting age, the more pessimistic I get about the possibility of ever owning pets.  So many restrictions, so much money.  And I am exceptionally frustrated that big normal dogs are banninated everywhere.  See, people, this is the kind of discrimination that needs more public awareness.   

5. This has not prevented me from dreaming about my ideal pair of cats, a black-and-white female named Ziva and an all-black male named Illyria.  I've been invested for at least a couple of years in acquiring companions to fit these descriptions.   

6. I think my moral compass has funny wiring because I have absolutely no reaction at all to human suffering, from 3rd world starvation to abused children, nor any desire to help others in general, but if you replace "humans" with "animals" in any context, I'm all over it.

7. My current song obsession is The Killers' "When You Were Young."  This may or may not be related to a Ten/Rose YouTube video.  I'm vaguely ashamed to admit this since radio hits normally make for terrible video songs and it may be true in this case as well, but it's really working for me. 

8. So, I was thinking about the DW Finale I Don't Actually Know About, and realizing how much it reminded me of Rachel & Tobias' last scene in the Animorphs series.  I haven't thought about those books in years, and that memory still has the power to rip my heart out and stomp it to pieces in the dirt.  Rachel!  Tobias!  (also, unrelatedly, Jake!

9. I has a secret: I am torn between wanting the writer's strike to end soon, so as to make sure that shows aren't too crippled to return, and wanting it to go on long enough to decidedly write off the rest of the TV season this year.  This is for entirely selfish reasons - I have a lot of homework this semester, which is only going to get worse, and it's been unbelievably nice having my weekly assortment of shows (with all accompanying spoilers, reviews/recaps & discussion) cut from an average of 15 to an average of 5.  The time I devote to my lineup is exhilarating, but also somewhat exhausting, and since I cannot prevent myself from either the watching of or the writing about new episodes, the forced break is a blessing in disguise.

10. I really need to start ordering books via Inter Library Loan.  I haven't done it at all this year, highly remiss since I have less than a year left in which I can take advantage of the ability to pretty much command any book that was ever published to be delivered to a 1-minute walk from my door, free of charge.  After all, there are quite a lot of rare books I would like to read.  Mostly vintage horse stories, but also the never-published-in-the-U.S. "Movies in Fifteen Minutes."  

11. I have a violent dislike of Blogspot.  The word "blog" and its derivative "blogger" is kind of harsh and ugly, if you think about it, and so having it in your site name is  I find the logo equally offputting, and hate seeing it plastered beside everyone's username in the comments.  Plus, the site just screams "novice" to me for some reason. 

12. Cherry Chocolate Dr. Pepper intrigues me, but I can't decide whether or not to try it.  On the one hand, I'm really super curious, I love cordial cherries, and I love cherry vanilla cola.  On the other, I hate plain cherry cola, I generally dislike Dr. Pepper, and it would be disappointing if I ended up liking it and they stopped making it.   

13. Updating my movie list, looking up ratings on Wikipedia, and...huh, apparently "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" was a terrible movie?  Obviously it's not exactly a masterpiece, but I got a rather steady stream of giggles out of it.  It even had some sobering dramatic moments.

14. Small pleasures: having the lone apartment computer lab in my building & right across the hallway, so that I can sit here wrapped up in my heat-trapping blanket and fuzzy slippers throughout the cold late night/early morning hours.

15. I am beginning to think I may possibly never change my default icon.  I've had this one for seven or eight months now, and I still think it is the prettiest thing I've ever seen.  It's also highly apt, since this was originally going to be my fanfic archive site, and Horatio/Marisol is what kicked off my return to fanfic.  
(of course, having said this, I'll probably find something stunning next week.  Irony is fond of stalking me). 


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