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Fun Friday Fact: So...I eventually went to bed on Thursday night, exceptionally late of course, and forgot to set my alarm.  Miraculously, I snapped awake five minutes before my first class.  And I still made it there before the professor started lecture.

'Law & Order, 18x06, "Quit Claim"
*falls over in shock* That was January Jones? What? Why was I not aware of this? Name significance!  She has it, despite no longer being attached to Josh Groban!  This is making me weirdly flaily, more so with every passing second that I can't find anyone else on the internet that seems to care about this fact. Hey, look, just because I didn't actually recognize her at any point while watching...

In other words, icing on an already fantastic episode. Dare I say best of the season? I can't point to a specific reason, but I know it was the first one where I didn't get annoyed or upset with the subject matter at any point and I actually sided with the lawyers like you're supposed to. Might have helped that they pretty much stuck to one motive the whole way through, too, instead of an abrupt spin like "Pants pants pants petty disturbance EVIL BIG BOX-MART COVER-UPS!"

And it might have helped that Kim Brody was a good villain, whose ruthless evilness took me a while to wrap my brain around. She looked so innocent! She couldn't be a con artist! Or...okay then.

But I cannot lie: Connie & Lupo fronting as a married couple, complete with handholding and cheek kisses, was unexpectedly the most delightful part of my TV week. Plus she was rocking her jaunty gray cap again. She should never appear outside without it.

Socks on or socks off? "I get it man, I just can't believe you're telling me that." HEE. Dt. Green is getting a lot of practice using his "I am disturbed" face. I find it hysterical. I'm also surprised by how much I love Lupo by this point. I never expected to say this, but I want him to stay forever. 

'Lost: Confirmed Dead
They really needs to come up with a different approach to its episode titles, because every time I see this written down, I freak out and think that it means the strike somehow caused the immediate and permanent cancellation of this show. 

Funny story: the other day, in response to a meme question about why I watched Lost, I came up with something like "I live in eternal hope that each episode will bring me Lostzilla, a polar bear, Vincent, and/or physical pain for Ben."  I meant it to be somewhat tongue-in-cheek.  I never expected to get them all in the very next episode! 

1. Okay, I didn't actually get Lostzilla, but at least Locke asked about the smoke monster.

2. OMGWTFPOLARBEAR, skeleton in the Tunisian desert of!  I get absolutely giddy over the polar bear aspect of this show anyway, but this was a new mindspin.  And it had a collar.  A leather collar.  This is so, so, so cool.  

3. I remember back in season 1, I was so convinced that they were going to kill off Vincent at any moment just because he had four legs.  I'm so glad he's remained a fixture on this show, because he's CUTE, although I still can't figure out why people aren't fighting over ownership.  Doesn't anyone on this plane have pets they're missing?  Dog just keeps getting passed around like a bad penny.  I also can't figure out how Hurley ended up with the leash. 

4. BEN BEATINGS.  THEY WERE AWESOME.  And multiple in nature.  But let me back up a bit.

The first such scene is my favorite in the entire episode, just because it starts off with Alex and Karl, and I <3 them to pieces.  Oh, Karl.  You're such a boy trying to be a man.  It's endearing, I promise, but not very threatening.  Which is why I collapse into giggles every time Ben mockingly drawls "Karl..." like that.  However, I have to admit that this rugged/protective/conflicted look Karl has going on is really attractive.  He has all this collected anger and frustration stored up, but he's also a total pacifist at heart.  And Alex hates her dad but still loves him at the same time, so as much as he wants to protect her, he can't get rid of Ben permanently, so he ends up standing there struggling both to react and not react.  And looking really attractive because of it, despite being dirty and gross.  DId I mention that my Blake Bashoff love just exploded in full force?

I also love his dynamic with Sawyer, which is funny because they're really nothing at all alike, but I like that Sawyer looks out for him.  Ooh!  It's not unlike Jack Sparrow & Will Turner, actually.  Off you go, whelp, take your girl and let someone who knows the ropes clean up here.  When it's just the two dark miscreants facing off, he does a wonderful job of serenely ignoring Ben's patented stream of purring observation, until the latter pushes just the right button.  "Thank God she's got Jack there to comfort her--"


It took me completely by surprise, but I wasn't about to argue with a flurry of kicks and blows that left already-bloodied Ben even bloodier, regardless of the fact that everyone - Alex included, poor girl...there's hating your father and giving him the silent treatment, and there's seeing him get beaten half to death - is watching. 
It's at this point I realize that, despite his strangely sociable attitude thus far this season, he is still all kinds of messed up over killing Cooper.  He's merely been trying to repress it and put it out of mind.  Meanwhile it's simmering just below the surface, and flies out unchecked at the slightest trigger.  It becomes something very ugly and almost unrecognizable, except that it's exactly how we saw him in "The Man Behind the Curtain."  

I think he's perfectly justified, in theory - especially with the hissing question, in regards to Ben's harmlessness, "His mouth put that hole in your gut?" - but it's still disturbing to see.  And point goes to Locke, in the end: "Okay, James, let's execute him, right here.  Right now!  In front of his daughter!"  Snap.  Locke cuts through the crazy - wow, don't think I've ever said that - and makes Sawyer human again.  I like to think that Alex's great big worried eyes seal the deal: see previous example of Pirates allusion (less any creepy attraction parallels).      

I do love the fact that he's like an inch away from spitting on Ben, though, and looks like he also has to restrain himself from delivering a parting kick.  And the fact that for all that remorse stops him, he's under no delusions that Ben is any less dangerous on a rope than a tiger would be.  

The second such scene is almost better than the first, just because I never expected to get a second smackdown.  And Alex is heartbreaking with her pleading again, not least because both her mother (however loosely one uses that term) and her boyfriend don't even bat an eyelash when they try to pull her away and let Locke carry out his proposed execution.  Methinks there will be a bit of a mini-rift (very mini) between Alex & Karl over that.  Methinks it so much that I just wasted half an hour pouring the scene from my brain to a Word document.  YAY!  May even attempt to clean and post it later)

Too bad Locke's trigger finger isn't quite as itchy as Jack's.  I don't care how much knowledge Ben has...I'm at the point where I just want someone to blow him away, damn the consequences and potential answers.  It would be immensely satisfying.

Now, as for the new people...

A. The fact that I have neither a VCR nor anything else to watch in this time slot means that I'm watching all the episodes live...which means I have to sit through all the flashbacks instead of merrily skipping them.  This is a new experience for me, paying attention to flashbacks!  I still don't think they add anything to the show, as a general rule, but these were definitely necessary for forming character sketches.  Well played.  I'll never watch most of them again (polar bear being the obvs. exception), but they were good.

B. Oh my God! They - whoever "they" are - DID fake an underwater plane wreck, complete with videographic evidence of fake bodies to release to the news!  Hardcore!   I'm already in love with their scary level of control.

C. My love is divided for the freighter people. As mentioned, I was not over fond of Naomi, and probably would have grown to loath her had she lived much longer. Right now I despise Miles and Daniel so much, you don't even know. SO MUCH! I think if somebody were to accidentally shoot Miles in the gut the next time he gets shirty, or push Daniel over a cliff the next time he starts babbling like a man-child, I would be rather pleased with them.

Charlotte, however, is a whole 'nother story. She's an archeologist! And English! And kind of, as someone else pointed out, like Juliet! Which can only be a good thing, even though I have the nagging feeling she'll turn out to be equally manipulative but with much less kind intentions.  Let's cross that bridge when we come to it.  For now, I just think she's great; love that she seems like a fairly sweet and open person unless pushed, in which case she sasses pretty good.  I may have freaked out a lot when Ben blasted her full of bullets.  "WTF, you can't just go killing off the only boat person I like!"  I definitely stood up and cheered when Sawyer's immediate response was to tackle Ben and start whaling on him again.  Especially when Charlotte turned out to be wearing a bullet-proof vest.  Yes!  I like at least one new character!  (Please note: This in no way makes up for Charlie)

D. Frank is pretty awesome too.  I loved his keen-eyed observation of the wreckage being wrong, and at present moment he's crazy but not in the vacant way of Daniel or the creepy way of Locke.  He's funny.  He makes me smile.  Viva Frank!  

Other Stuff
* Sayid: bringing sexy, brooding seagazing back. I've missed him.

* Sayid & Juliet bonding!  I've been waiting for them to recognize their mutual awesomeness for a while now.  They are so much greater as teammates than when pointing rifles at one another.

* There was a cow!  Or, well, a bull.  But it was still beautiful. 

* "I don't know, Miles. How stupid are you?" And thus does Jack continue be awesome.  To be fair, he really did sound like he was bluffing, and that wink was hardly subtle, so the ringing shots made me jump (and continue to make me jump every time I watch it).  But it was still fantastic.  Also, Team Sayid/Juliet FTW.  

* I really wish Kate would stop sulking like a toddler every time Jack & Juliet look at each other.  It's unpleasant.

That was one jam-packed hour.  Next week promises me OTP squee, or at least its promo pictures do, so...looking forward to that. 

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