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This icon is in use entirely for the final scene of the first House episode.

I have successfully fixed my sleeping schedule!  I think!  After staying up all night on Friday, I crawled into bed at 8:15 on Saturday morning and didn't get up until 3:40 in the afternoon.  And then went back to bed at 9 and slept until 7:45 this morning.  So, I basically lost half of the weekend...but it was worth it.  You know how food tastes really good when you haven't eaten in a while?  It was an incredible relief to finally curl up in bed and know I could sleep as long as I wanted.  Plus I woke up early enough today that I will most likely be tired enough to go to bed at a semi-reasonable (a word which means "before 3 AM") time tonight!

While I was doing that, the writers apparently fixed their strike.  Yay?  As I've mentioned a couple of places, I would be happier if they weren't still grumbling about it being unfair, because that makes me worry that they'll find a reason to strike again in the not-too-distant future.  Why can't they just be happy?  Personally, I sort of think their deal should have involved a public flogging for the ringleaders of the strike, "and let that be a lesson to you not to throw temper tantrums!" 

I'm also still a bit worried, as I have been since the strike went on up to Christmas, about how this will affect show timelines - are they going to pick up right where they left off, and be behind, or explain away the missing months with exposition?  Especially for the shows that have already written off the rest of this season and won't pick up again until next fall?  Are they all going to be out of sync with one another now?  This won't be a problem for Grey's Anatomy, which takes place in its own little lala land, but I have to wonder how all the other shows will match up. 

While I ponder that, y'all can have fun with a handful of reviews. 

House 4x11: Frozen

I think I spent more time whimpering and covering my eyes than I did actually watching this episode.  After the grossest teaser in recent memory (I'm usually okay with blood from regular cuts, but not when it involves severed arteries!), all the tests just sounded so much grosser and more horrible than they usually do that I didn't dare risk looking.  

Aside from that, I loved the patient of the week and the effect she had on House.  D'you think she could come back someday, possibly, what with working at PPTH?  That'd be amazing.  Also, I'm really really glad that unthe guy she was working with didn't manage to kill her or give her permanent brain damage or something similar whilst drilling a hole in her skull, which I was rather convinced he'd do.  Because he was incredibly sweet, and the hug at the end melted me.  (I also didn't realize he was Matt from The O.C. until Sara M. pointed it out in the recap.  I have to agree with "It's amazing I'd even remember him when he was so freaking bland on that show. He looks and acts much better here.")   

"He's annoyed by her, doesn't respect her as a doctor, constantly insults her..."

"That's House's version of courtship."

"Oh God.  He's been wooing me for years!"  *falls off chair laughing* Foreman FTW!

I still think Thirteen is awesome, sharp eyes and utter disdain for House's crap.

I don't believe for one second that Cameron actually got fired.  I don't care how marginalized her screen time has become; they would have made a much bigger deal out of it if she had.  And if it's true, well, that was the stupidest anti-climatic firing ever.  ...although, seeing how House got rid of Chase...

On that note, TPTB should really make new credits already. These are just misleading.  It cannot possibly be that hard; all they have to do is erase a couple of names!

"You've seen me fall down a flight of stairs drunk."  And I'm sure there's a good story behind that...10 points to whomever fetches me the first non-slashy fic to tell it.

"The reason I haven't told you is -- *runs*" LOL.  See, this is why Wilson is my favorite character. 

Re: Wilson's date receipt: How...does one dinner cost $190?  Seriously?  That's my food budget for a good two months. 

"It can't be Cuddy, because you're straight..." I am amused by House's insinuation of Cuddy's mannish qualities, because for the longest time I thought she looked like a man in drag. 

As for Wilson's date: Cutthroat Bitch?!  Ew.  Ew.  EW!  Vomit.  Blech.  This development is my entire impetus for using this icon.  She was gross and hateful all on her own, but words cannot express how much it squicks me to think of her and Wilson being together.  So so very WRONG!  I was spoiled for this a few weeks ago, and yet my brain STILL has not accepted this atrocity as truth.


House, 4x12, "Don't Ever Change"
1. The notion of Cutthroat Bitch (I told you, she will never be Amber.  Ever.) + Wilson continues to make the bile rise to my mouth, but the "Oh my God - you're sleeping with ME!" exchange was much funnier than I ever imagined it could be.  I burst out in audible laughter. 

The thing is, prior to the internet, I did not pick up on any slashy subtext between the two.  I wonder if my brain is just that wired to not accept slash, because I didn't get that vibe from Lord of the Rings, either.  Hell, I read The Iliad and didn't get Achilles and Patroclus until we discussed it in class (although that one may have had more to do with the extreme dullness of the text and my tendency to skip every third page).  So for all that the internet is gleeing over this extra-texty subtext, to be perfectly honest I still don't get that vibe beyond the inherent humor in this situation, and until House & Wilson start making out on screen, I'm going to stay that way. 

The inherent humor was especially great, though, so long as CTB wasn't on the screen.

2. I was distracted by two other things in the restaurant scene: 1) what kind of self-respecting adult orders blue drinks?  I didn't even know non-Gatorade drinks came in that color, and 2) that blonde extra in the background has long hair, and it's really pretty.

3. Cuddy's hand on House's shoulder: Icon Moment.

4. Thirteen is bisexual?  What?  Where do you even get that from?  I would think the long stare of disbelief works pretty well as denial, since that's what I was doing - wouldn't instant denial have been a lot more suspicious?  I'm not sure what to do with this piece of character development. 

5. Why is Foreman paying for House's lunches?

6. Loved Cuddy detailing all the reasons why Wilson/CTB was a horrible idea.  Because even by the end, I remained nauseated by the pair.  That l-word coming out of CTB's mouth did not help at all. 

7. So, Chase got to come back for another minute or two of screen time (yay!  I find it ridiculous how much I love him this year; I never did before), but Cameron did not, and nobody mentioned her either.  She's not really fired, is she?  I know Thirteen sad she wasn't in the last episode, but I couldn't tell if that was real or just her being disbelieving. 

8. I think I'm ready for a break from the show now.  I'm glad this was the last one they had up their sleeve.
Survivor returns! That was a sad couple of months without it. I don't know what I'll do when this show gets canceled...the other few reality shows I've fallen in love with never seem to last more than one season.

I would give first impressions of the new players, but I forgot to check the site before the first episode aired, and since I had to watch said episode late, I didn't want to be spoiled about who got voted out first, so I'll put those at the end. Meanwhile, here are my initial thoughts on the returning cast, prior to watching the premiere:

Amanda: I really liked her previous appearance, very sweet girl, and I'm still a little bitter that she didn't win China...but at the same time I feel like I've seen enough of her. Not real excited for more.

Ami: Don't know her, but she's pretty.

Cirie: EEEH! This gal, right here, my favorite of the returning players. She's sweet and hysterical and all-around great.

Eliza: Don't know her, but she's gorgeous.

James: DEFINITELY feel like I've seen enough of him. And heard about him. From Jeff. In fact, the only person from last season I don't think I've seen enough of is Erik. Why didn't you get Erik to come back, show? Or at least Frosti! C'mon! I even would have settled for Courtney had she deigned to come back like they wanted. Come to think of it, I might be a little sad that she didn't. Courtney was funny.

Jonny Fairplay: Don't know him except by reputation, but what a freaky looking little freak.

Jonathon: OH MY GOD. Still annoyed by his existence. His Survivors Strike Back blogs annoyed me so much with their pretentiousness. I think he genuinely is a very smart person, and I want to like him the way everyone else does because of it, but the attitude of self-superiority rubs me the wrong way.

Ozzy: Okay, now here's someone I was happy to see...until he decided to come back without his mess o' curls, and I found my love abruptly cooled. Sorry. I didn't like your personality that much...although I did love his dolphin-like diving/swimming skills. Looking forward to those.

Parvati: She seems rather superfluous with Amanda around. And I know they're supposed to be cut from identical molds, but somehow I think Amanda's gorgeous and Parvati just looks blah. Maybe their personalities are coming through. I can't stand Parvati's blank eyes and scary-huge teeth and utter lack of class.

Yau-Man: ROCKS MY WORLD. My other favorite retread, by far.
Ep Commentary:

After China, the theme song this season is really disappointingly boring.

Everyone's Fairplay-hate was immediately justified in my eyes. I could barely stand two interviews with him; I don't think I would have made it to a second episode. So I agree with the rest of the world that God clearly answered our prayers in seeing this guy rousted out first.

But God apparently deals in tradeoffs, because I fear that the showmance hookups might become equally irritating. I'd forgotten how gross Parvati was when she started "flirting" (I feel like I need a shower just watching). James' immediate perception of her as "one o' them sex-kitten girls" was hilarious, though. I can't really fault him for enjoying the attention.

But Amanda - Ozzy, whyyyy? He's not even cute anymore. Now he mostly just seems sleazy. Did just looking at Parvati destroy half her brain cells?

As for the Vanuatu contestants I didn't previously know, the internet buzz is that Eliza is annoying, bug-eyed, and never shuts up. *shrugs* I still think she's pretty interesting so far. The internet also thinks that Ami is made of awesome-cakes, but she hasn't made any particular impression on me so far.

I loved Yau-Man's little speech about how the immunity idols seem to like him.

In the end, not sure which group I like more right now. I want to say Favorites just because I like familiarity, but when I stop to think about it I really only like a few people in that group. Both Amanda and Ozzy are way down in my favor, leaving basically Cirie and Yau-Man, with Eliza on the fence, and...okay, I can't believe I'm saying this, but after just one episode I already kind of like Jonathon more than I ever did. At least he brings some thought and strategizing into the game, rather than just talk of strategizing. Everything he says has a purpose.
And now, first impressions on the Fans:

Alexis: There's something immediately fresh-faced and likable about her. Probably my favorite female Fan.

Chet: His voice is faintly aggravating, but then again, he rescues animals. I'm conflicted.

Erik: *sniffles* I miss China Erik...
Anyway. He's about as attractive as the guys this season come, so for that reason alone he's my favorite male Fan. However, and you will probably never hear me say this again, I think he'd be a lot *more* attractive with a haircut. He looks like Farah Fawcett right now. (also, "ice cream scooper"? What? I was incredibly disappointed in him until I found out he really is in college. In which case, why can't they list 'student' as his occupation?) However, he has two cats. And is from Michigan. Two more points in his favor.

Jason: Jason would also probably look more attractive with a haircut. This wild-man hair isn't helping him. I can't remember actually seeing him in the episode, so I'm basing this entirely off his CBS profile, but he has two cats and a corn snake. Instant like.

Joel: Scares me in the same manner is a wild gorilla.

Kathleen: I want to like her just because everyone else hating on her for her being a homophobe, or something. (which really isn't fair...sure, she apparently lacks an internal censor, but I understand her "I've never met a gay person!" kind of awe as being very genuine)

However, the fact that she is nearly indistinguishable from Kathy Griffin is extremely off-putting.

Mary: She's really pretty, and seems personable enough from her interview video.

Mikey B: Seems rather blah so far. He looks like someone I'd like, but I have no feel for his personality at all.

Natalie: Ugh. She even looks bitchy in her bio photo.

Tracey: See above.
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