RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I didn't forget the Grammys!

So, I had this whole two-page-long notebook rant about how the Grammys this year were horrible and boring, taken over by hip-hop and R&B with nothing redeeming whatsoever except Cirque du Soleil, and meanwhile Amy Winehouse was ruining everything with his/her skankiness...

and then Josh Groban showed up, whereupon I gasped in shocked delight, squealed, tossed the notebook aside, ignored the scruff, watched/listened in rapture, possibly teared up a little...and was completely and utterly placated despite the three preceding hours of crap.

Because Josh Groban is just that magical.  And I'm not even that fond of "The Prayer."  Or the guy he's singing with.  Or his live singing voice, really.  STILL, IN AWE.

Full post coming later, just wanted to get that out there.  

ETA: In unrelated news, I have an essay due on Tuesday whose topic I have been trying to think of for almost a week and am STILL TOTALLY CLUELESS about.  In lieu of this, I've decided to do my French homework for "La Veuve de Saint Pierre," which is also due on Tuesday.  I've got the grammar all done, and am now working on the essay.  And it's...not going all that well, because all I really want to do is flail about Le Capitaine and Madame La and their heartwrenching love (anti-death-penalty message, what?), and not translating well into academese.

I'm also intensely annoyed by this movie's apparent non-existence on YouTube in any form, save one theater trailer.  This has never happened before!  YouTube has everything!  *grumble* All I want are a few clips...

Tags: josh groban, music
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