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Grammys 2008

The Grammys proved a rather excellent excuse to tackle my giant block of French homework, because I can't do the majority of it at the computer anyway, so it made perfect sense to camp out in front of the TV. And since my French homework takes forever, I had no problems sitting through the entire 3 hour and 40 minute broadcast; I just paid attention to whichever was more interesting at any given point in time. But if I hadn't had that...was it worth it?

Now that my Josh Groban-induced glow has faded, I can look at this show objectively again. And what I had to say still stands: when did these awards get taken over by rap, hip-hop, R&B and jazz? What happened to pop music? I miss pop music! At this point I'd even settle for rock! Despite my magical ability to come up with an even number of highlights and lowlights, this year was a big fat letdown from 2007 - so much for it being the snazzy 50th anniversary. My mom called at one point and I missed some of it, but I think all I missed were an endless stream of commercials and Feist's performance and the nominees for whatever award Rihanna won, so I'm okay with that.

1. JOSH GROBAN. The man is love. Even while not properly shaven, I am pretty much reduced to gazing in silent awe whenever he shows up. I was not previously aware he would be making an appearance, either, so I all but threw my keyboard to the floor in my haste to jump back and watch when I heard his voice. "The Prayer" goes much better with Charlotte Church, and pales considerably in comparison to about a dozen of his other songs, but apparently there was some significance to this old one being brought out. I didn't pay attention to the reason. It's Josh Groban. Plus, the fact that he was not singing with a choir of children was a massive improvement over the last live performance of his I watched.

2. The Cirque du Soleil performance to "A Day in the Life." I have heard much of this famous Beatles show of theirs, and the glimpse we saw was every bit as beautiful as I'd imagined (really, how can you go wrong with a ribbon spinner?). Cirque du Soleil is made of magic. And even though the random descent into MADDENING NOISE in the song makes me hiss and spit like the most furious of wet cats, the rest of it is lovely.
2a. Oh, and the closing performance of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band made me pretty happy too.

3. Rhapsody in Blue! ORCHESTRA PERFORMANCE! Instrumental FTW, seriously.

4. Speaking of instrumental, way to make the My Grammy moment 5000 times better than last year! Not only did we not have to hear about it throughout the entire show, it was for an string musician instead of a bland young songstress. And my favorite won. :)

5. Beatles + Lifetime Achievement Award = yay! I'm surprised it took them this long.

6. Little Richard, of the scary crazy eyes, still delighting me with "Good Golly Miss Molly."

7. Rosalyn Sanchez presented an award? Yes, that's how crappy this year was - one of my semi-well-liked TV actresses making an appearance gets its own highlight.

Come on, people, are you sure she's not a man? Are you really, postively 100% sure she is not a man in drag, and/or has not previously been a man at any point in her life? Okay, fine. What the hell is all over her arms, then? Are those tattoos? Gross, gross, gross. So gross. Looking at her makes me feel unclean. I didn't even know who she was until about a week ago, beyond a famously messed up singer in rehab, yet for some reason she was supposed to be OMG AMAZING.

And then I heard her music tonight, and it was not that great! At all! It was incredibly boring, and there is no way in hell she deserved to clean house on practically every award ever. But she especially did not deserve to win best new artist (mostly because I hadn't heard of most of those people, but Taylor Swift was better), nor SONG OF THE YEAR over HEY THERE DELILAH (shut up, I don't care if you're sick of the song. I made myself sick of it too. But it's still mind-blowingly amazing and deserves recognition for this fact). Come to think of it, every nominated song was better than "Rehab," with the possible - POSSIBLE - exception of Rihanna's nonsense.

2. Kanye West. Blech. Rap sucks and is headache inducing. I didn't actually walk out of the room during his second song (again. What is with the giving people multiple songs?), but I might as well have. *snores*

3. "I'd like to check you for ticks"? What? Seriously? Am I hearing this? THIS IS WHY PEOPLE HATE COUNTRY MUSIC.

4. The Foo Fighters somehow not only stole Rock Album of the Year from Daughtry, they spurned Bruce Springsteen in the process. I don't like Bruce Springsteen, but is that even allowed? I thought he was a god to pretentious music voters. And the tiny clip I heard of the song would have been better than the headache of a performance they subjected me to, which all the musical stylings of the pretty violinist in the world could not redeem.

5. After carefully avoiding knowing for months, even after my literary theory professor insisted on bringing up at least once a week how weirdly catchy this song was (my 55-year-old prof, mind), I finally know what the melody of "Umbrella" sounds like. -.- On the bright side, I have already forgotten it, and have no idea why everyone claims it gets stuck in their head.

6. Alicia Keys' first dress! With the boobs on display! Was exceptionally terrible! So was her performance of "No One," which was marginally less annoying than it is on the radio, but is still one of the songs I most violently hate in the world.
6a. Speaking of bad fashion choices, Nelly Furtado looks atrocious with a blonde bob, and I have no idea what that puff of material Solange was wearing was supposed to be.

7. Fergie. I never thought I would miss her crass and vulgar songs, but at least they were fun to listen to, in a guilty pleasure way.

Stuck in the Middle:
Carrie Underwood singing "Before He Cheats" >>>>>> Carrie Underwood singing "San Antonio Rose." Because Carrie's gorgeous and this song is the best thing she's done since "Some Hearts." Unfortunately, it's tempered somewhat by the fact that the performance is really kind of bad. The dancers are weird - like, does this song really need dancers? - and I wasn't really digging the tempo. Or her outfit.

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