RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Theories and Anticipation

1) Someone on just posted a story to interpret Lindsay's Deep Dark Secret...and introduced a whole new possibility that I hadn't even considered but really don't want to think about - Lindsay having (or having lost) a child of her own.  No.  I refuse to go there. She's WAY too young and sweet and somewhat child-like herself to have been a mother already.  Heads will roll if that comes to pass.  I don't think it will.  But wouldn't it be awful.

2) Can't wait for Halloween!  I haven't done anything special for it since 9th grade, short of hand out candy from my dorm room to the kids from the community that come trick-or-treating at the college, and I'm not even doing that this year.  (from 10th-12th grade, I didn't hand out candy...although I stayed home, my job was to keep the dog locked in a room upstairs so she wouldn't go nuts at the stream of kids arriving, and then keep her company because whenever she gets locked in a room by herself, she knows something's up and she barks and scratches incessantly at the door)

Okay, what I really mean is I'm excited for the Halloween episode of NCIS.  More Kelly flashbacks!  Words cannot express how much I love those scenes (even though Gibbs always has his nasty Marine-cut hair in them, which is icky and the only thing I don't like).   Poor Gibbs.  Somebody go hug him!  Oh wait, Abby does that already.  *sighs in contentment* I love this show.

3) The fact that there's no TV on tonight would seem like a clear sign to get my ass to work on my French presentation for tomorrow. And yet, I'm sitting at my computer treating myself to a bottle of Diet Coke, a slice of pizza (which I haven't had in, oh, 3 weeks?) and a slew of Grey's Anatomy episodes (3).   Or I was - marveling at the happy "pause" button on the ABC player and instantly declaring "Apocolypto" to be the fourth movie I see this year - until it got all stuck and quit loading and wouldn't play.  So now I've just given up on that and am going back to my homework writing fan fiction.  Bad girl.  *slaps self*
Tags: csi: ny, halloween, ncis, speculation
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