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Squee Dance! Now in list format.

1. ABC RENEWED PRIVATE PRACTICE AND PUSHING DAISIES!!  My Violet/Cooper fix will continue to be fed throughout next season!  And of course, I still need to officially get into PD...apparently there's this whole aspect to the show involving crimes.  Who knew?  (j/k...honestly, though, I may have obsessively followed every Ned/Chuck moment, but I've stayed in the dark on the rest of the plots)

2. CSI: NY, Playing with Matches

Fairly entertaining story for one go-round, not worth watching again or if you have anything better to do.  Brightened by Angell kicking ass and taking names (or, well, coolly tripping guys with trash cans; same thing), brightened HUGELY by Danny's not-too-funny joke and expectant waiting for Lindsay's response being rewarded, after a moment, by a fond smile from her, and darkened by Kendall's generally annoying presence.  I've figured out part of why I don't like her - she's just like Skye Wexler on ER.  

As for the other plotline, I'm not sure I'd pay 50 cents to use the bathroom, no matter how clean & shiny it is.  (though I did like Flack's quip about the offspring of a Port-a-Potty and a dishwasher)  I also really wanted Mac to be wrong, or at the very least have someone point out that blood under the nails could have gotten there some other way and/or was not necessarily definitive proof of the murderer.  And I'm really glad there are (probably) more episodes on the way, because it would just be sad if this was their last offering until fall. 

3. I've been tagged twice now in the you-make-my-day meme, and so I think it's probably time I spread the love, especially since someone was particularly nice to me today in real life when I dissolved into tears and had to flee from class, so here goes.  I'm just going with the first ten names I pull out of my brain in terms of fun LJ reading and/or comment interaction...

Rules: Pick 10 people and give them the "you make my day" award. If you're picked, you are charged with picking 10 of your own.

4. I'm going to stop thinking of things to waste time on now since have an essay due tomorrow that I really need to write. 

Instructions: Write about something you learned that fundamentally changed your understanding of a relationship, a phenomenon, an element of the natural world, etc. How did you acquire this knowledge?  How did it change your understanding of something you experienced or observed? 

This is the topic I've been struggling with all week.  The only natural conclusion that leapt to my mind was something with animals - learning where meat came from and becoming a vegetarian (however temporary), learning about puppy mills and being unable to enjoy pet stores anymore, etc.  Except, after talking about observing a red-tailed hawk in my first essay, I know that I'll probably have to steer clear of writing about animals for the rest of the course.  I certainly can't do it two in a row, anyway, or I'll GUARANTEE myself a slap on the wrist for not branching out.

After struggling all evening (with headaches and exhaustion and cramps, naturally) to think of another topic...what I think I'm going to write about instead is my first best friend, and how that friendship ended, which is a huge chunk of my identity.  I've written pages upon pages in my lifetime about this psychological mess and cannot condense its history for you here, but I'm going to focus on the day I found her blog, which shattered my perception of our friendship and made me realize for the first time that we were over - that not all childhood friendships last, even friends who are perfectly alike in every way.  Not that I really learned anything, since I am still scarred from this experience, and in fact went through the same kind of loss a second time with my best friend from high school.  And I really hope it's okay that I'm focusing on something I learned about her, something I discovered, rather than was taught in a classroom setting or learned by research.  *worries*

But I figured it was a sign from God that, out of the random sampling of old paper journals I keep with me at any given time in my dorm room, I happened to have that one - from 2001 - which includes my entry about first finding that blog.

EDIT: 5. Because obviously the smartest thing to do when I have an essay to write is feed my Doctor Who addiction, I have discovered that there are novels. Tenth Doctor/Rose era novels.  I was not informed of this why?  Are they sucky like the X-Files novels?  The internet just promised me at least one squee-worthy scene in one of them, though, so even if they are, I think I need to get my hands on them at some point.
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