RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

8 Femmes

*bursts out laughing*

What the hell was that?! That was so...awesomely bizarre!  You thought Amelie was weird, man, it has nothing on this.  It's musical comedy with a slew of amazing French actresses mixed up with a noir-type murder mystery that just goes plain black at the end!  Don't forget the dash of hypersexuality, as in everyone is either promiscuous, frustrated, repressed, and/or batting for or considering batting for the other team, and...somehow, as previously mentioned, they do all of this with random bouts of singing and dancing!  

Despite my lack of ability to find a clip of the best example with English subtitles, it's kind of worth it just to see Catherine Deneuve take part in this:

Seriously, though, "French Cinema" is one of the greatest classes I have ever taken in my life.  I am SO sad it's not a full semester and I only have 3 weeks left...
In other news, my fanfic-collecting is out of control.  I could swear I haven't actually been reading the stuff except for the glut I sucked down to crash-orient myself in The Office and Doctor Who, and yet I somehow seemed to have saved dozens and dozens of bookmarks in every possible location. They're everywhere - they're like ladybugs in autumn. Every time I turn around, there are more!

I know this because I finally decided to update my fic binder - that's the first step towards a new batch of fic recs - which I hadn't done since August, which meant I had to go through all the stories I'd tagged to read later and find out which ones were actually awesome enough to keep (usually this is all of them, because I'm a good judge at first glance, but I always weed out a few too). I found great lists of bookmarks on:
-A private post in LJ
-A private post in Xanga (saved in such places because it's the easiest way to transfer bookmarks I make on my parents' computer when I'm there, and then delete the bookmark folder when I leave)
-Four different folders on my personal computer, depending on the time period in which I was saving them
-My network folder

And now, after having gone on a massive printing spree two nights ago, I just realized I have even MORE of them saved as individual shortcuts on my flash drive. (which, argh, more content would have been helpful in deciding which fics with an odd number of pages to pair up back-to-back) 

P.S. In other awesome news, I have no classes on Thursday - they both got canceled.  I feel like this would be greater if I actually planned to celebrate Valentine's Day, but's like the universe decided to give me a present.  Which works for me.
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