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Thursday TV

The post title was going to be "Rounding up this week's TV," until I realized with a jolt that aside from the Grammys, I only had to wrangle two hours this week.  Two!  In the middle of February!  I think this is the least amount of new TV in a non-Christmas or summer week I've ever had in my life.  Heck, even in summer I usually have better pickings than that.  It's a good thing I have Doctor Who and buckets of homework to keep me otherwise occupied. 

Survivor, Episode 2

Did they have "Willing to flirt heavily" listed next to a yes/no checkbox on the Survivor application this year?  Three showmances is insane...even though I'm pretty sure Mary/Mikey B was played up a lot by the editing.  Speaking of Mikey B, whom I am not going to be able to refer by that stupid nickname much longer, I've finally figured out what strikes me about him - he looks like David Arquette!  Yes!  He is David Arquette!  

Strangely, this fact has not made me like him any better.  I think that's the fault of his tattoos, which are many in number over his torso and all terribly gross.  Because otherwise, he strikes me very much as a Jonathon-type character, coolly and rationally laying out the game and the best way to play it.  Unfortunately, unlike Jonathon, he fails at the social part of strategizing and somehow makes himself a target for Big Blockhead Joel.  

I really, really, really intensely loathe Joel now, by  the way.  Freaking tattoo-covered ogre/caveman.  How does this unappealing idiot manage to make everyone do what he says?  What he says doesn't even make sense.  It doesn't matter how "threatening" you think people are shaping up to be, an alliance of 2 isn't going to go very far, and at your first booting, you boot the weak players.  Mary looked pretty damn fit to me.  (she also looked pretty damn hot, despite my lifelong identification as a straight woman, and I am going to be forever temporarily ticked about that, because Unspoken Rule #2 is that you do not boot hot women first.  Eye candy comes in short supply)  I tire of this show's players and their unshakeable belief that only big strong guys are worth keeping around for challenges.  Did you see Big Strong James in this last challenge?  They made him key master.  He opened a bunch of locks

Loved the challenge, though. Aside from Chet being an enormous embarrassment that I actually couldn't bear to watch, and aside from Amanda managing to need pixelation AGAIN (though on her chest this time, for variety)...the box-smashing, key-dropping component is one of my all-time favorite routines. It's such fun to watch the boxes shatter, and this time we got the extra-special treat of one of Ozzy's dolphin dives.  Not even short hair can take away from that brand of magic.  (I think I may have to watch the theme song from now on, just to see that)

I felt bad for Tracey/Chet/Kathy at first, when they were "shunned," and really proud of their ability to create a kick-ass shelter that made everyone else gape and look dumbfounded and come groveling at their feet for help...but when they all hung around and Mary got kicked off instead, I went back to being ticked. Tracey really kind of grosses me out. (However, I'm pretty amused by the fact that after Kathy's total blunder of an introduction, Chet is becoming "her first gay man friend.")

Ozzy catching a fish bare-handed sounds awesome, and I wish we could have seen it.  Otherwise, fishing for giant clams is one of my favorite things about the new season. (Yes, once again, I'm unnaturally fascinated by the catching of watery creatures) 

Speaking of showmances, I am a LOT squicked by the fact that while Parvati and James apparently managed to contain themselves to cuddling, Amanda and Ozzy were...blech. I mean, seriously. A) You're dirty and in the jungle. B) You're surrounded by eight tribe members and a camera crew. C) Regardless of what you think you know about one another from seeing each other on TV, you've known each other for like five days. D) And according 
to some sources, Amanda had a very supportive boyfriend when she left to film this second round of Survivor.

Amanda frustrates me. I really don't think she's a bad person or particularly skanky at heart, she just has way too much freedom to make bad choices. It's a lot like how I feel about Britney Spears; that if she hadn't become famous, she might have turned out all right.   

Cirie continues to be the most adorable thing ever. I can't really blame Kathy for going all giddy and fangirly when she got sent to Exile Island with her. Don't you want to be best friends with Cirie? I really hope she lasts for a while. Ideally, I want Jonathon to mastermind everything (because all of a sudden, I love him) and take her under his wing, but I also fear that if she aligns with them, she'd be 5th in that alliance, whereas she could totally rule the couple-y alliance with an iron fist. Of course...I don't know what her best bet would be at merge time. I'm really bad at Survivor strategy. I just want Cirie to stick around! 

Alexis also strikes me as someone very bubbly & sweet.  Can I be friends with her too?

And finally...I cannot stop obsessing over how both Jason and Erik would seriously look so much better with haircuts. Reunion show, maybe?

Lost: 4.03, "The Economist"

Well...I WAS really, ecstatically happy that Sayid got off the island, because he will always be my favorite character...until I found out that he ends up working for Ben, thus simultaneously dashing my hopes that Ben will die a violent and bloody death sometime before the series ends, and breaking my heart that Sayid's gone all cold-blooded assassin. (Or, well, bleeding-heart assassin. He's still killing people. Even if he's doing it against his will, that's incredibly depressing.) I was really happy when I thought he might someday get back to Nadia. Can that still happen at some point? 

Aside from that, I highly approve of off-island Sayid. I didn't think it was possible for him to get any hotter, and then there it was. I'd forgotten.  And the hair!  "Now I remember why I fell in love with Sayid. He's quite the charmer, clearly conning or no."

I also fully approved of Hot Bedroom Sayid, all doe-eyes and soft voice and caresses. Massive double-agent work or not, it allowed me to blur my eyes a bit and convince myself with very little difficulty that Alf Layla Wa Layla came true. Shannon & Sayid forever! 

(though I had to giggle at the incredibly strategic sheet covering on Elsa's body. Not that magic TV bedsheets don't usually amuse me, but this managed to come up to her waist, leave her midriff exposed, and then have a little scrap left over to cover her chest)

I admit, Hurley totally played me. And to think I almost felt momentarily sorry for him! Okay, maybe it was more like pointing and laughing and saying "That's why you don't steal Vincent and go with Locke," but still, I now hate him more than ever.

I loved Jack's very confident "Sawyer won't let him" - see, there are many reasons I love Juliet, but perhaps none more so than the way her presence has gotten Jack to concede his role in the triangle and become a supporter instead. I love him so much for saying stuff like this. I'm just really sick of the ***FLASHING LOOK OF GUILT*** Kate gets every time he mentions something like that.

However, her scene with Sawyer later was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Not only did "Shh" manage to be the sexiest thing ever, but for just a second they had all their lovely banter back with "If that sort of thing turns you on." Only for a second, because the mood wasn't really that light, but he's good at making an effort. And the look on his face when she asked "What's here that's so much better?" said it all. My reaction to the rest of that scene was to sit in silent awe, drinking it up, until:

"How long do you think we can play house?"
"Why don't we find out?" 
SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HEARD ROUND THE WORLD. See? Soulmates. He wants forever. It will never cease to amaze me how for all his rough, bitter, acetic edges, which very much make him who he is and will not be changing any time soon, for this woman he softens and makes himself vulnerable. That she's everything to him. It's utterly beautiful and moving and would be even more so if I could shake the feeling that Kate's still holding back, and possibly planning to exploit his feelings to double-cross him at some point. 

Next week: Enough with the Skate sex. Seriously. I get that they're gritty and hardcore and this is a thoroughly necessary component because their relationship is grounded as much in the physical as the emotional, but I think I've seen enough of it to last me a lifetime.  (I will, however, cling mightily to "I'll keep you safe."  And do my best to ignore the nagging feeling that once again, Kate will just be going through the motions.)

Other Stuff:
  • I love how the pilot's face is like "WTF TRUSTING IRAQI TORTURERS HOW BOUT NO."
  • "Not yet." Miles is frickin' creepy and I want him knife-stabbed without delay.
  • What does it say about me that I not only was not paying attention to whatever nonsense Daniel was doing, I really didn't care what the clocks meant until the internet exploded in time-travel-theory fever? I think that's proof of how much I don't watch Lost for the sci-fi mysteries. Now you might understand why I get so annoyed with people demanding answers all the time. I watch Lost for the personal interactions and occasional polar bears, nothing more.  If they want to explain some mysteries at some point in the future, I'll listen, but in the meantime I'm not exactly going to be wigging out over them. 
Quote of the Week
Hurley: Yeah...I saw you snap that guy's neck with that breakdancing thing you do with your legs. 

In other news, the world is transpiring against me to make sure that I don't get to watch last week's Law & Order, so I'm giving up on it in disgust.  On a semi-related note, am I the only person who really violently despises the sound of people chewing gum?  It makes me want to strangle the instigators.  Or chuck things at their heads.  Or at least stand up and scream a long line of obscenities telling them to shut up and stop making that squelching noise.  Believe it or not, I'd much rather you have bad breath around me than hear that for 20 or 30 minutes. 
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