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I have not been on LJ all night.

1. Point of Randomosity: I was updating my movie list, and noticed something very strange.  The majority of the movies on there are rated R.  I, being generally squeamish with respect to sexin' and cursin', usually make a point of not watching R-rated movies.  And yet this (school) year, I have seen 6 of them, and every single one was something shown in class.  There's something messed up about that.  
2. I don't know whether I'm going to get into American Idol this year or not (I feel sort of betrayed and annoyed that I didn't find out until after the fact that they made their Hollywood round not-sucky this year), but I feel compelled to offer my initial opinions on the Top 24 anyway, based solely off their pictures & mini-bios on the official site.  We all know I don't care that much about their singing anyway:

Or rather...when I found the Top 24 Revealed episode online, I thought I might as well go ahead and watch it, to get SOME idea of what they sounded this'll be based on their pictures, mini-bios, and a tiny clip of their most recent scene on the show.  (see, that's how I get around the "wah wah it's so unfair that some contestants get more air time before voting rounds than others" - I just pretty much ignore them all until the voting rounds begin)

And then I kind of spent two hours reading recaps and other peoples' reaction posts until I felt all caught up on the season to date, and am pretty sure that I am going to let myself get sucked into the vortex again after all.  Apologies. 

The Girls
Alaina: Another Alaina?  I already love you as much or more as the last one.  Lovely fresh-faced blonde high school girl with long hair, you fit my favorite demographic of contestants and give me immediate hope for the season after all.

Alexandrea: Only 16, really?  I'm sure she could pass for 23.  And as long as she doesn't bust out a Melinda voice, she's appealing.

Amanda: 23, WTF?!  I'm pretty sure she's actually closer to 40.  She also sounds like Janis Joplin.  I'm not sure how to feel about this, because her voice is kinda awesome, but the rocker chicks always get under my skin with their weird hair and overbearing personalities.

Amy: WOO!  Pretty long-haired brunette.  Never can there be enough of these.

Asia'h: Oh, hell no.  I don't do stupid name spellings.  You become Asia right now, and you also get a negative handicap from my disgruntled self. 

Brooke: At first glance, she's awesome, and I love both her curly hair and her listed musical influences.  I feel like she could easily become too neurotic and/or spastic for me to continue liking, but for now she gets a thumbs-up. 

Carly: Holy cow she looks like Amy Lee.  I kind of like her just for that.  And - oh, she has an accent!   Except I just realized she also has a massive arm tattoo, the inherent ickiness of which might cancel out the inherent gleefulness of her accent.

And I have really got to stop reading other peoples' reaction posts, because now I find myself annoyed and angry that she has a professional musical past, however much of a failure it was.  That's only okay when Jordin Sparks does it.

Joanne: Yeah...I like Cardin better.  A lot better.  Joanne's pretty, and very personable, but she is clearly going to go to that Lakisha place. And I am going to have to smack her for it.  (in case you've forgotten my Idol mantra, it's that musical diversity is made of fail, and at least 75% of the competition should be made up of pop singers)

Kady: EEH!  Another fresh-faced teenaged blonde with long hair!  Possibly even prettier than Alaina!  SEASON SEVEN, I LOVE YOU A LOT SO FAR.

Kristy Lee: Ooh!  Cowgirl!  Horse training background!  And aw, she's all shiny and bubbly and happy and I love her to bits, despite being a stereotypical country singer.

Ramiele: I think I might like her more if she looked less like a stereotypical mall rat and/or token Asian.

Syesha: Blah blah ignoring sad Hollywood story, she looks fresh-faced and cheerful.  If she's going to insist on the big soul voice, though, we're just going to have to agree that soul singers will always, always earn my contempt.

The Guys
Chickezie: Oh!  I actually saw his original audition, when I was channel-surfing one night!  I really don't want to say I like him; he seems like he should be likable, but I'm not feeling it yet...  but looking at some of these other people, he's probably among the top half of my guys. 

Colton: I fear that Colton may break in and kill me in my sleep.  There's something deranged lurking beneath the surface there, I swear.  (Also, that final showdown?  Not fair, Colton wooing me with Lion King and Kyle wooing me with Josh Groban...but unlike apparently the rest of the world, I think I preferred Colton.)

Danny: Well, you're not attractive at all.  *boots out the door* Sanjaya looks manly by comparison. 

David A: Oooh, that audition song was gorgeous!  He doesn't seem very interesting at first glance, kind of dorky-geeky, but but if he keeps singing like that, we could get along very well.  Maybe the dorky-geeky thing will become more appealing?  And in retrospect, he's the best of the people sharing the name this year.

David C: Ew.  Soul patch.  Ew.  Also has something vaguely porcine about his appearance.

David H: How did you end up with a name in triplicate?!  Also, ew.

Garrett: What the hell is with all the high school girl-boys this year?!

Jason C: Blech, dreadlocks.

Jason Y: Again!  With the doubling of names!  Also, bleh, he looks like Lance Bass, only less charismatic.  Another example of why you shouldn't have raised the age limit.

Luke: Um, er, for the first time ever I redact my age-limit statements!  I can't be the only one who notices a resemblance to Orlando Bloom, right?  Only with a little more of a rugged cowboy look? *glomps* Oh, charming male eye candy!  It's been so long since I've seen you on this show! 

Michael: Never mind, raising the age limit was a bad idea and will always be a bad idea.  I don't care what he sounds like!  Except...was that an accent I heard?  An Australian accent?  *is newly intrigued* I may have to re-evaluate my first impression on Performance Night.

Robbie: Blech.  Grungy biker.

What I've learned from my two hours of study is that once again, the men's offering will be weak and paltry in comparison to the women's, but unlike last year, the women will be almost completely likable!  Which is awesome!  Unless they start annoying me with their song choices, of course.  As it stands, they're all more or less on an equal playing field right now, although if pressed, I might say Ramiele, Syesha and Amanda were a little towards the back while Alaina, Kady and Kristy Lee were leading the pack.  Mostly I am simply overwhelmed with giddiness about how many pretty young songbirds there are, which I desperately need after dealing with Melinda and LaKisha last spring. 

As for the guys, they pretty much all suck so badly I can't even pick a least favorite, except for Luke having my heart.  And, okay, Michael waiting on appeal, and David A. and Chickezie having potential.  And...Colton might have a miniscule bit of potential.  Or maybe he'll just join Michael on appeal during Performance Night, because I really cannot stop replaying that clip of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" and loving it.  And...what is this!  This kid is growing on me by the second!  *tears self away from Idol-related things*

P.S. Holy good g'damn, this song is gorgeous and bringing tears to my eyes.  If this is going to end up as their farewell song of the season...I really hope they don't kill it with overplay, because it's too beautiful to be ruined like that.  *runs to look it up* Ferras, "Hollywood's Not America"

Born Helena Jane
With a restless soul
She moved west to California
Became a centerfold

But once you change your name
Well the pieces fall
Now she hardly recognizes herself at all

Even though I won't be able to vote this season, due to my having been too lazy to get my access code for dialing outside the area code from my room phone and being too embarassed to get it this late in the'll still be great fun.

3. And now, more Doctor Who.

The first time I saw Ten in action was the little clip of the hug from The Satan Pit.  Despite the utter magic and thrill of that moment, I could not get over the fact that his laugh sounded like something you might hear from a oversized in-costume mascot.  It was...unsettling.  Fortunately that appeared to be an isolated incident, as the next clips I saw were a few scattershot phrases in one video, including the "Forever" moment in my icon and Bad Wolf Bay, and then a rather large chunk of the end of The Satan Pit, so this isn't completely new ground for me.  It took me a while to adjust to his voice, higher than I'd expected, and I'm still occasionally overwhelmed by his more spastic moments, but for the most part it meshed very well with what I'd imagined.  However, I also imagine it will be even greater once I see everything in proper context & chronological order, and put into place all the scattered bits of knowledge I've picked up over the last few weeks.  Off we go!

Children in Need Special
I am so very glad this exists, because despite my thoroughly developed love & adoration for Ten, having just come from "The Parting of the Ways" I found myself wanting to shrink mistrustfully against walls right alongside Rose, demanding the return of Nine.  I think I needed to go through this scene in order to really, firmly entrench myself with the idea that this is the new order of things.  Besides, he's so adorably giddy trying to figure out what he looks like ("Hair!  I'm not bald!") that it's infectious.  And the "Hello!" moment where Rose starts to come to terms with the fact that he's one and the same as her Doctor sold me.  I've never seen a more charming smile.  

Not that I didn't still love the ensuing exchange ("Can you change back?" "Do you want me to?" "Yeah." "Oh." "Can you?" "No."), or the frantic haste to assure her that he wanted her stay.  It was just starting to get really fun ("Oh come on, all I did was change!"), when he starts flipping out and becoming, what's the word, scary-manic and very nearly manages to obliterate my love in the space of a minute. 

"The Christmas Invasion"
First thing I notice: "Eeeh, it's extra-long!"  I'm still not forgiving British TV for having short seasons and random scattershot extras, but this wins it a small point in my favor.  And it just occurred to me that this is the only joyful Christmas episode I shall get, so I'd best enjoy the hell out of it.

Thing I need to flail about up front: I knew I was guaranteed a shot of the Doctor in pajamas at some point (and had been rather looking forward to it), but I remained miraculously unspoiled for this ep's plot, and OH!  I am so glad that nobody told me there would be Comatose Doctor.  I never would have made it through series 1 if I'd been waiting on that.  It would have been "Yeah, yeah, heart of the TARDIS and Bad Wolf and BEDSIDE SCENE NOW, PLZ."  Okay, maybe I wouldn't have been quite that impatient, but this is pretty much the pinnacle of the Checklist of Cute.  It goes spooning, light kisses, hug...fine, so there's a lot of stuff in front of it, but illness/injury/vigil usually brings the squee-fest to town.  I couldn't have asked for a nicer plot point. 

General statement I need to make up front: Harriet Jones is a lot less interesting than I remembered, and this is the first plot that I found myself actually nudging the fast-forward button on.  All the scenes confined to and her posse left me restless and fidgety.  I hope this is an isolated incident.  Anyway, on to...

Original Running Commentary: (it's like a rantview, only double-spaced and without numbers and with much more positivity)
(...I apologize in advance for the length.  I swear I tried to condense it into paragraphs after the fact, but my attention span was having none of it.)
-Does the TARDIS noise just reverberate throughout the entire city?

-Oh, hi Mickey.  It's weird, but I find that I like you less with every appearance.  For the sake of my future sanity, I'm trying to rectify this, but I can't help the fact that instead of squealing "Mickey!" when you pop your head in, I'm now more like "...oh, you again."  

-UM.  TARDIS is a destructive little bastard at high speeds.

-I have confirmed it, the "Doctor who?" joke does not get old.  Ever.  And oh, he's so much nicer when he's not babbling like a maniac.  Let's leave him unconscious for the first half of the episode, can we?

-(insert theme song)

-...WELL THEN, unconscious Doctor in stripey pajamas with worried!doctor!Rose sitting on the bed definitely works with that wish.  I may need a few minutes to work through my glee here.  (*muffled noises of SQUEE FWAMBLOWSUP ALSJDFLAKSDJFASDF FLAIL! come from behind closed doors*)

-I like to think she she did a lot of thinking and attempting to come to terms right here, staring at him like that. 

-And I swear I did not need the recap to make me think "Martha?" with reference to the med student whose stethoscope Jackie stole.

-"Anything else he's got 2 of?" SNERT. Jackie's so terrible.  And yet awesome.
"Leave him alone!" Still protective, even if she hasn't decided how to feel about him yet.

-Still having problems with the increasingly creepy golden light, I see.  As long as those haunting vocals are attached to it, I don't mind. 

-"I keep forgetting he's not human."  Yeah, well, so do I.  And I'm a much happier person for it.  Also, change "forgetting" to "willfully pretending otherwise".  

-Heh, Snarky Mickey is my favorite.  Seriously, though, are they still pretending to be together?  At what point does this become sad?
(Voice: oh, about eight or nine episodes ago, by my count)

-HELLO, CREEPY PLASTIC SANTA MASKS.  I see we've returned to the business of playing on my irrational fears, eh show?  By which I mostly mean masks and their ability to look sinister, but now Santa is kind of ruined for me too.


-"Help me."  Two words.  So simple.  And just like that, he's up, for her.  This makes me indescribably happy.

-The random conversation about the apple is amusing me way more than it probably should.  Aaaand, back to the pain and collapsing, excellent!  Focus on his hands clasping at everyone's, but mostly Rose's.  There's some desperate intensity right here.  *loves*  *loves next scene more*

-Hi, Russell T Davies?  I'd like to marry you for writing the brilliance that is Sick Doctor and Nursemaid Rose.  I thought I could only find such glee in fanfic.  And then here it is.  It's like five years' worth of Christmas presents at once.  YULETIDE JOY!

-Not kidding.  I am a melted and incoherent puddle of fangirl right now. I love this more than words can express.  As much as the entirety of s.1.

-Ah, Mickey, see, even when she's mistrustful and reeling from the change, she loves him more than she loves you.  Painfully obvious, yeah?

-[First sight of the Sycorax] Well, um, THAT'S SUFFICIENTLY TERRIFYING!  Yet also kind of like a Power Rangers monster.  Which negates the effect.

-*pats the shivering Doctor's forehead* Yes, you just keep doing that.  Brilliant plan, really; easiest way to win women over is to lie there helpless and vulnerable.  It worked for Sawyer. 

-The prime minister's whole crisis is boring me.  And I cannot stop being distracted by the fact that her right-hand man is the very recognizable romantic lead from "Coyote Ugly."  The romantic subplot of Coyote Ugly, with the lovely Piper Perabo, was ever so much more interesting than this freting about with the UNIT or whatever it's called.

-"And he's certainly not turning this into a war." Oh hey wait!  Was that a jab at President Bush, using Harriet Jones as a mouthpiece? I rescind my offer of marriage.   

-Enh!  Jackie's being motherly instead of suggestive!  This is new. 

-Torchwood!  Ugh!  I dislike you so much that even the briefest mention makes me angry!  I do love the word, though, which I did not know until yesterday was an anagram of Doctor Who.  Which is pretty awesome.

-Ooh, slanted camera angle.  This means something profound in terms of cinematic expression, but unfortunately I cannot remember what it is.

-"You really love him, don't you?" Why yes, Mickey, now you're gettin' it!  *pats Rose* And you, you'll get there.

-March of the zombie people up stairs...mass lemming suicide would be kind of cool right here, yeah?

-...oh God, I've got to stop making suggestions like that.  There are kids in this march!  Oh good, they don't appear to be jumping after all.  Yet.

-"He left me!" Aw, weepy Rose, don't go breaking my heart like that.  For one thing, I've developed an exceedingly painful sore throat over the course of the day and crying would hurt it more, and for another, I already reconciled with Parting of the Ways!  I refuse to be dragged back to that heartache!  Mostly because it reminds me of the future heartbreak, in which the leaving will be much more profoundly devastating.

-All righty then, not so much "compassion" as "death by skeletonizing laser whip."  I guess the aliens are scary after all.

-"Are you gonna be a misery all the time?" "Yes."  Oh, Rose, even your sulky and pessimistic sarcasm is endearing.  There's just nothing you can do to make me stop liking you.  Er, unless it involves Captain Jack.  (sorry!  Last time I mention him when he's not here!  I promise not to go all Kristine-Huntley on you in my vendetta against one defenseless character.  Voice: How many other TV shows have you referenced without explanation now?  RS: Only two.  Although there may be another one coming up shortly.)

-Mickey, did you just break the TARDIS?  Or inadvertently save the day?  (oh, the latter, I guess)

-Once again, beautiful haunting vocals.  Haunting vocals haven't been this pretty since "Scully's Theme."  (that's 3!)  If there's a place to acquire them in a sort of .mp3 track, you'd tell me, right? 

-DOCTOR!  "Did you miss me?" Oh man, I am so in love with him right now.  Everything in the next five minutes or so is highly entertaining. 

-Great Big Threatening Button Which Must Not Be Pressed Under Any Circumstances!

-And...Extended Sword Fight Which Must Always Be Skipped.

-Once again, I kindly asked you to shut up about Torchwood if you're not going to explain what it is and WHAT THE FLYING WHAT.  Um.  That was...not quite on, now, was it, the blowing up of the retreating spaceship?  I know I keep talking about how you shouldn't give hostile aliens the benefit of the doubt, because they will nearly always backstab you, but...yeesh.  And the Very Angry Doctor agrees with me here.  (in my travels about the internet, I read something about how we're not supposed to see the Doctor as infallible, and that Harriet was, if not completely in the right, at least justified in her actions...but I'm still starry-eyed with infatuation, so no dice)

-I've seen a screenshot of the Massive Wardrobe, but I'm still enchanted by it.  Love him checking out his new reflection. Oh, and this is "Song for Ten" playing in the background?  Hm.  It's not quite as interesting as I thought it would be.  Oh well.

-Christmas dinner!  Turkey!  Giggling!  Crackers!  I revel in the domestic delight.  

-Oh, this scene!  The snow ash scene, it was my other main choice for an icon and I think maybe I should have gone with it because after having seen it in action, I love it all the more.  And I adore Rose's half-coy, half-shy questioning about his next plans and whether he still wants her to come with and...they reduce me to giggles. 

-"You're never gonna stay, are you?"  Oh, shut up, Rickey Boy.  Stop raining on everyone's parade and foreshadowing doom.     

-Wait, what's wrong with his hand that creeps her out?  (ah, n/m.  Recap says I missed some stuff in the fight I skipped, namely his hand getting chopped off and regenerating anew, and that is why recaps are good.)  Anyway, HAND CLASP OF LOVE.

*contented sigh* Magic.  Magic, magic, magic they are and forever will be.  
And I should be going to bed now, but instead I see myself throwing rationing to the winds and taking in another episode, if not two.
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