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Kate loves Sawyer. BECAUSE I SAID SO.

1) About the episode:
Am I crazy, or are the flashbacks getting more bearable? Well, I never actually mind Sawyer's flashbacks, but I was really interested in them this time.  Even though Sawyer in prison getup looked...much scuzzier than usual, and rather was still fascinating.  So Sawyer has a daughter?!  I hope that woman was telling the truth, because such a thing would make me happy.  And also lend huge amounts of significance to those season 1 scenes I never paid much attention to before, where Sawyer reads to Aaron to make him stop crying.

I really want to see those scenes now. Man...all my season 1 tapes of Lost are at home.  *grump*

The only bad part of this episode was when Ben 'killed' the bunny.  That was horrible!  I may have let out a wail or two.  I choose to believe that Ben was telling the truth at the end, and bunny wasn't actually dead.  The other option is too awful to think about.  Finally, I just love the way they can make Sawyer do anything they want just by threatening to hurt Kate.  Murderous growl at the mere mention of her name: "If you touch her, I swear..." That defensive streak of protectiveness is really quite swoon-worthy, no?

I'm not even going to mention the scenes with Jack.  Because Jack is boring.  And I'm glad the woman died.  She deserved to die just for that patronizing crap she pulled with Sun.

*watches Sawyer getting beat up again* *squees and faints* Again.  Some more.  Poor baby.  Good Kate, yes, with the hugging and the crying...awww.

2)  Now, to expand upon my post title.  Proof from season 3 is behind another cut; seasons 1 and 2 are fair game. 

Sawyer loves Kate and Kate loves Sawyer, and this fact is blatantly obvious to me.  Why not to anyone else, eh?  I'm not crazy.  I'm not a hopeless romantic.  (shut up)  But everyone else keeps talking about how Kate has been acting nothing but cold and standoffish towards him, and I don't GET it!  I've seen thes two fall for one another.  It's the reason I love this ship more than the [damn well better be sunken soon] Jate boat.  Observe the timeline:

In the beginning Sawyer thought Kate was hot, and manipulated a kiss out of her.  That was all.  There was nothing more.  Just Kate and her mental love triangle.

After a while, Sawyer got shot, and in taking care of him, Kate realized that she actually didn't love Jack so much.  Probably.  She had to kiss him to make sure, but then she got her head on straight.   And started to come around.   And realize she had a connection with Sawyer, whether she was looking for one or not.

Kate got kidnapped.  Whee!  In getting her back, it became clear that Sawyer cared about Kate probably more than he wanted to admit to himself.  Also, Kate ran to Sawyer when they cut her loose.  Not Jack.  I don't care if Jack was furious at her at the time and so she couldn't really have gone to HIM...she ran to Sawyer.   That flipped ME onto the Skate train.  And then there were lots of other moments throughout the rest of the season, my favorite of which is the comforting after Libby died.  See?  Remember what I said about reluctant characters needing a deep emotional trauma to shake up one or both parties?

Season 3.  Four episodes in and no one is denying that Sawyer loves Kate.  But they also seem convinced that Kate doesn't love him back.  Shut up.

Kate's still running scared.  Given that Sawyer's conned them all before (including her), she's not going to just open her heart up and risk looking like a fool.  And yes, she probably did only say "i love you" so they'd stop hitting him.  She wasn't ready to say it out loud otherwise.  But that doesn't mean she doesn't love him anyway.  The tears streaming down her face after that incident, plus the whole chin-on-hair and arms-around-him convinced me.  And if THAT wasn't enough, then consider the fact that she has a chance to leave, but for some reason unknown to her, Sawyer won't come with her.  And since he won't, instead of escaping, she puts herself back in captivity rather than risk being separated from him.   Come ON, that's SIGNIFICANT!  She might use the whole "live together die alone" thing as her excuse, and it works because it's true, but she also just doesn't want to leave HIM because she cares about him.   And yet, as previously mentioned, she's not going to admit she loves him when she's not entirely sure if he feels the same way.  But actions speak louder than words, don't they?
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