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That's right, it's Spam...Monday.

Normally I assault my Xanga readers with a series of homework-procrastinatey posts like this (and by 'series' I mean 'more than 1 in an evening, but less than 4'), but it's much less fun when they've never heard of Doctor Who.  So I'm bringing the spam over here.  

6:00 PM: I...have no idea how that happened!  One minute I was on Babelfish double-checking my prepositions, and the next I was on YouTube and had officially watched the last 9 minutes of Doomsday.  Nothing I didn't already know, but at the same time, I can't believe I finally let myself crack.  And naturally, said clip has reduced me to tears.

6:20 PM: Oh, crap...you know what comes after Television Wthout Pity's recaps?  Spy's Recaps.  Literally, perfect sequential order; she picks up where TWoP leaves off.  

And I...I cannot seem to stop...reading the one for Runaway Bride.  Actually, I'm skimming it for the captioned pics & mentions of Rose.  And now I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up on YouTube again.

6:28: Screw YouTube.  I'm fetching the entire episode.  Which I will only skim for clips and not watch straight through, right?

6:35: Never mind.  YouTube's faster.  Will be over here, squeeing softly despite my heartbreak.  (also, upon seeing her  for the first time in a tiny preview clip, I did not have an immediate desire to flay Martha to bits!  Good sign, yeah?)

6:39: I...oh...oh, hell.  You know what's worse than a written list of all the S.3 Rose moments?  "A montage of Rose references in season 3."   Must not click!  Must not click!
Voice: Is so clicking.  
RS: *headdesks* You know, for someone who started out on such a perfectly straight and narrow introduction to the show, I've managed to muck up my chronological timeline remarkably.  

6:41: Oh!  It's only from the Christmas special + first two episodes.  I can do that without ruining everything.  *goes ahead and watches montage*

6:44: Yep, I can probably handle season 3 if I go armed with knowledge about all of the Doctor's excessive moping.  I like this.

6:48: And, um, it's probably a bad sign if my first instinct is to chuckle evilly as Martha's face falls, all CRUSHED, at "Rose would know."  And all I can say beyond that is oh thank God I have a Most Wonderful Oneshot to complement this scene.

 6:54: And that's the story of how I wasted an hour getting myself accustomed to the idea of season 3 despite having barely started watching season 2.  



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Feb. 19th, 2008 01:23 am (UTC)
I wish I'd gotten used to season 3 when I started watching season 2. And Doomsday still would have been raw and hurt, but I still can't forgive Martha for taking Rose's place, even if the Doctor invited her. It's just a horrible bias I have against her.

I don't mean to be a hater! I promise!
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