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My 4-day weekend just started, so I was in a really good mood, and then I read the latest Lost spoilers of death (literally), and threw myself into despair. 

Per the Spoilers Anonymous roundup, because I'm all about consolidation rather than original sources, prior to episode 9 there will be a major death - list of potential characters provided (and unfortunately, Michael is not included).  Cross-examining information from other sources, which say we're supposed to lose an original 815er, that means the list is narrowed further to:

Sawyer, Jin, or Sun

Based on past experience, since this show likes to violently murder my OTPs, I expect it to be Sawyer.  As I am desperate for this not to happen - they know how many people watch this show for Josh Holloway, right?  They know he's every bit as integral as their precious hero Jack?  Entertaining this as a possibility is just straight paranoia on my part, yes???  - that means I have to pray for Jin or Sun, which SUCKS, because I really like...

no, wait, actually, I like their relationship but I DON'T like Sun.  Can we kill Sun?  Please?  She's pregnant!  She's marked for death anyway!  Although it might emotionally destroy me to see Jin emotionally destroyed, Jin is much too handsome to bump off.  And the women on this show are pretty useless except as romantic interests.  (with the possible exception of Juliet, and I still liked her better after Jack laid on the Magic Doctoring Hands)  

Because seriously...I do not know that Sayid, Jack/Juliet, Karl/Alex, Vincent and polar bears are enough to keep me around. 
[2010 edit: oh, shut up.  By the end of the series only one of those things will be left, and the things that replace them will largely be less shiny.  And you still stuck around.  You're too spoiled by season 4's quality, Past Self.]

I know I'm always threatening to drop this show and I never actually do, but at some point, there is going to be a Last Straw.  Getting rid of Sawyer would probably do it.  Please please please tell me that this whole Cooper arc and the recent "Why don't we find out" wasn't supposed to mean the sort of character-coming-full-circle thing that usually signals death...please?!  I'm still reeling over Doctor Who here; I cannot fathom the idea of accepting any more dire heartbreak this season.  

Edit, post spazzing: Now that I think about it, there was no Sawyer-centric episode prior to the strike, but #7 is Jin/Sun.  To their credit, TPTB never bumps off a character without giving them an episode to themselves, so it clearly cannot be Sawyer.  Phew.  (unless, of course, the universe is having a Super Irony Day)

Double Edit: Oh God, Ausiello just said that the death 'veers from tradition in one significant way."  Not helping my paranoia over Super Irony Day!)



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Feb. 20th, 2008 09:17 pm (UTC)
Nghhhhhhh why did I read this??? *weeps* If Sawyer gets killed... I will be so incredibly pissed off. Like, there may be throwing of TV remotes and random screaming.

Between Sun and Jin... I think it might be Jin who is killed, sadly. I love them both, but he hasn't really been in the foreground that much this season and that worries me. And I feel like killing a pregnant woman would be too much for people, so... IDK! I don't want ANYONE to die! I'm still mourning Charlie, dammit!
Feb. 20th, 2008 09:29 pm (UTC)
Surely the fangirls have enough collected power to keep Sawyer on the show. They would never take him away from us. *nods furiously* And besides, now that I think about it, there was no Sawyer-centric episode before the strike.

What you said about Jin makes a lot of sense, though, so I'm kind of sad about that. I don't think bumping off a pregnant woman would be that shocking, but Sun usually gets more to do than Jin anyway...so, yeah. Eep.
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