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What have you done with your votes?  I'm being very, very calm, you want to beware of that.  And the only reason I'm being so very, very calm is because it tends to frighten people when I burst onto the scene with giant font.  But whatever you've done with your votes, I want it reversed.  And *twitch* I cannot take this any longer. CAPS LOCK OF RAGE MODE (AND SWEARING): ON:

COLTON!!!  *wails* FUCK ALL Y'ALL AND YOUR DAVID ARCHULETA LOVE! There might only be room for one cute little high school boy, but if there is, it should not effing be him.  And what in fuck's name compels you keep Danny fucking Noriega over cute little Colton?  To keep Jason Yeager and David Hernandez over him?  I understand Garrett, even if I'm not very happy about it (for odd reasons I will explain later), but I do not understand Colton.  As for the girls, fine, I give you Amy without fuss, but JOANNE!  OH MY GOD, JOANNE.  I wish we could put Ramiele's voice in her body, because then people would have voted for her, and her sheer charm and beauty would have made me not mind it so much.  Instead we've got stupid ratty Ramiele sailing through, while the most gorgeous plus-size woman since Jordin gets sent off without ceremony, and it's SO.  NOT.  COOL. 

Next year I'm not watching until Top 12.  *sulks*

Edit: Hell, I forgot about Vote for the Worst.  Usually I like their efforts because they tend to pick pretty people whose singing voices are allegedly not that good, and since everyone in the top 24 always sounds good to me, their cause tends to help mine.  It does not help me when Danny is their pick.  *hisses*

Double Edit: Might as well add in my few other thoughts about the results show...

-I LOVED that Top 24 Montage video.  Could I possibly acquire it for keeps somehow, in a manner that is not through iTunes?  It was creative and artsy and made me keep thinking "God, this is the best season ever." Even my least favorite contestants, with the exception of dead-eyes Hernandez and Porky Pig, became likable in this video.

-As for Paula's was OK.  I like Paula, and it was kind of funny to see Randy as part of the backup band, but the whole thing seemed like a mock-up for the show, and I can't believe anyone would appreciate it on its own merit.  Plus, Paula's voice is more studio-synthesized than Britney Spears. 

-Things I learned from the group medley: Colton should not slick his hair back, EVER; Jason's dreadlocks look way better when they're tied back; David Hernandez is like a walking zombie and/or skeleton; Jason Yeager's cornball self needs to go NOW; and Alaina is officially my favorite blonde.

-Things I learned from the recap sequence: Kristy Lee does a really creepy thing with her eyes when she sings, popping them wide every few bars.

-I was genuinely shocked by how swiftly and mercilessly they cut Garrett (or would that be merciful?  It was like "Hi.  Nobody likes you, goodbye!"  And it makes me really sad because over the course of the last couple of days, his story about trying out on a whim while on vacation sort of percolated and warmed me to him, and the more I thought about it the more he seemed like a genuinely sweet person.  Even with the horrific hair. And mostly I feel bad for his little brother, who looked totally gutted and shell-shocked. 

-I freaked out a lot when Ryan called Kristy Lee up there.  Not because I was afraid I wouldn't get to see her again, but because I was like "OMG OMG OMG WHAT OF HER HORSE?!"   She needs to stick around long enough to scrape up the cash to buy him back!  I was quite relieved when Ryan booted Amy instead. 

-Oh, I can't believe I forgot to say this sooner, but as distraught as I am over my second-fave Colton...THANK GOD YOU LEFT ME LUKE!  *flings self at America's feet* See?  He's great!  He's charming!  He's handsome!  Let this be a sign that you're going to let me keep him, pleeeeeease??

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