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This post is totally random.

1. csi_ny friending frenzy is up.  Over the last year I think I've brought in at least a quarter of my flist from this event, and this time I get to say hello to [info]aries11 and starrika!  I'm not much one for intro posts, since my profile covers most of it and posts tend to be very informative, but there are probably three other things you should know to orient yourself in the realm of my idealistic daydream:
a) I like most of my classes this semester, except my required ethics course, which is about globalization and is the most boring thing on earth.  So when you see me reference Miserable Class of Death, that's what I'm talking about.

b) Sometimes, usually while procrastinating against homework but also occasional lines during reviews, there will be random Voice Chats, where Charlatan comes in and says things like
Voice: My name is NOT Charlatan, you WILL stop referring to me as such, and my opinions are always right.
RS: Voice stems from a message board long, long ago - where I originally created the RS moniker, and the chats are a long-time tradition.  She serves a little like a muse, a little like arguing with a Self, and a little like when the Simpsons characters argue with their brain.  You'll get the idea quickly enough, especially if you click the "voice chats" tag.
V: Amusingly enough, I don't think even your regular readers ever got an official introduction to me.
RS: That is because you are technically irrelevant.  Moving on.

c) My reviews will make frequent reference to the Checklist of Cute.  It is an actual list, not that anyone has ever seen it, of actions that make up the best types of shippy moments and contains mostly, as you might expect, things of an innocent nature such as hugs, forehead kisses, handholds and the like.  I'm not much for make-out scenes.  I glee over the little things.  And I'm mentioning this mostly so that you don't wonder where you might be able to find this list, since the answer is "in my head."

2. Was watching 1 vs. 100 last night, and was really ticked to hear Bob Saget say, in response to one of the answers, "2 people didn't give a Shih Tzu about that question."  Except he pronounced it like the swear word.  Excuse me, network TV at 7:00!  And you have no excuse, because that's not how you pronounce the breed's name. Why is this such a difficult concept for people to grasp? 

3. You know that "it's a strange feeling when your car gets stolen" commercial, with the wall full of eyes and the dinosaur-barking cat?  I still don't remember what company it's for, because every time I see it all I can think about is Netflix.  Do they not realize how amazingly similar their commercial style is? 

4. I do not have words to express the sheer joy and perfection and cuteness and heartstring-tugging that is "No Reservations."  Suffice to say I am a melted, babbling and incoherent puddle of goo after seeing that.  Annoying soundtrack and all.

5. This post exists entirely because I am just that resistant to rewriting the Doctor Who post I accidentally deleted last week.  I know it'll just get harder every day, and yet I keep writing like 2 sentences and getting discouraged.  I'm even over the halfway mark now, and it's still hard.

6. In further procrastinatey goodness, I woke up this morning after having a nightmare that my roommate had come back a day early [and been greeted with the huge mess I'd made of the apartment], and so I spent 4 hours being a cleaning fiend.  Now the apartment is almost sparkling and nearly every piece of fabric I own is freshly laundered.  I feel quite good.  Still haven't touched any of the homework I supposedly stayed up here over Long Weekend to do, but...
Tags: 1v100, life, movies, voice chats

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