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Oscars 2008

I am not nearly as in love with the Oscars as I am with the Grammys, partly because I hardly see any films the year they'r released and partly because the vast majority of Oscar-worthy movies look horribly dull and do not interest me in the slightest (exceptions made for Enchanted and Juno, both of which look fun in their own ways, but which I still haven't seen).  

But the ceremony made for pretty good background noise while I split my attention between the TV and the computer screen on which I was slowly re-watching Doctor Who and going through the recap/hunting other reviews while writing what promises to be the longest commentary yet (School Reunion is complicated!  Too many emotions!), while simultaneously kind of revising my essay and occasionally talking to my roommate.  I have the following 14 things to say about it, as gleaned from memory and in no particular order:

1. Helen Mirren had the prettiest dress of the night - I LOVED the contrast between the sparkly white long sleeves and the satin red body.

2. Jennifer Hudson's chest is RIDICULOUSLY DISTRACTING.  Also, whoever designed cut-out sections on the sides for her clearly did not think things through.  Poor girl, that's two years in a row she's failed at Oscar dresses.  (the fact that I remember this is just even more of a testament) 

3. Best leading actor: good God!  There were five people nominated, and four of them were awesome, and one of them already annoyed me with his creepy eyes and further annoyed me when they would not stop playing stock footage from his win for a movie I'd never even heard of, "My Left Foot."  SO NATURALLY, GUESS WHO WON? *hates Daniel Day Lewis*  *a lot*

4. I totally thought Cate Blanchett would take a 1-2 punch for best lead *and* supporting actress.  I fail at Oscar predictions.

5. If it wasn't going to be her, I wanted Ellen Page to win best actress, because that would have been an awesome upset.  It was not.  QUESTION: what is this fascination with La Vie en Rose?  I love that phrase, use it all the time, but the movie...the movie just looks so boring.  Although less vehement than my reaction to DDL, this was another category where I was like "four of them would make me happy,  so of course the other one won."

6. "Le Mozart des pickpockets: The Mozart of Pickpockets."  Well, thank God they translated that!  I never would have understood it otherwise. 

7. Juno won for Best Original Screenplay!!  I am really excited, because that's the one award I thought it really deserved.  A Best Motion Picture win would have been fantastic, but to be honest it seemed just a little too cutesy for such a huge honor, and I almost think the script was better than the final production as a whole, so...yep, I'm just excited by this.   I was less excited after seeing what a horrific and tattooed mess the writer was,

8. I am sort of crushed that Pirates of the Caribbean didn't get any major nominations (except one for effects, or something).  It's a massive franchise!  RECOGNIZE IT!!  It's just as legendary as Lord of the Rings!  Shut upBest score, at least, come on.

9. You know, for months, I've been moping around missing The Office.  And then Steve Carell came out, being Michael-ish, and I suddenly decided that waiting until April for new episodes would be no problem at all. 

10. I'm surprised that Charlie Wilson's War wasn't getting a lot more mention...seemed like the Oscar crowd would be all over that one.  Or maybe it did when I wasn't paying attention, but it seemed like all I kept hearing as 'No Country for Old Men' and 'There Will Be Blood.' 

11. I have an irrational dislike of animated features of the 21st century.  Old school Disney still rocks my world, right up until Mulan (oh, I guess that was only 1998), and then the genre keeled over and died, and/or regenerated as Pixar's 3-D animation, and I have hated every non-Toy Story production since.  The point of this mini-rant is that Ratatouille does not have me under its charm like it does everyone else.  And yep, that's all.  I just wanted to say that, after holding it in all summer.  

12. MICHAEL MOORE DID NOT WIN BEST DOCUMENTARY.  HAPPY DANCE, HAPPY DANCE!  Now that was a scary thought.  The man is drunk enough on his own power already.  No need to be endorsing him further.  

13. Seriously, how did Enchanted get 3 out of the 5 nomination slots for Best Song?  Is that even allowed?  This was a really sad, sad year for songs in film.

14. I was really gunning for Atonement to win Best Picture.  I haven't seen it, and I'm not sure if I will what with James McAvoy not being that dreamy (I KNOW!  SORRY!), and Keira Knightley being on my blacklist and it being rated R, but it still just had the "look" of Best Motion Picture stamped all over it.  

It doesn't help that I vehemently despise "No Country for Old Men."  Sight unseen, the name sounded boring, the synopsis sounded more boring, and every clip I saw tonight just intensified the lip-twitching disgust.  SO ANNOYED IT WON.  Then again, I've hated their choices for the past four years straight, so I can't say I was surprised.    



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Feb. 25th, 2008 02:17 pm (UTC)
I thought Helen Mirren had the prettiest dress, too! It figures the dress I liked best would be on the 60-year-old. :P LOL. I thought Jennifer Hudson looked really uncomfortable. Did you notice how stiff her presentation was? Her speaking was pretty blah, too. None of my predictions were correct. Another friend of mine does a poll every year where she lets everyone put their picks. This is the first time she's done it where I didn't get ANY right! I'm glad Juno at least got Best Original Screenplay. Everyone just spoke so highly of Diablo Cody (quite a name, isn't it? LOL).

I don't think James McAvoy is much to look at, either, so you don't have to apologize to me. I have to ask, though: What's your beef with Keira Knightley? (I like her a lot, so I'll do my best not to hold whatever you have against her against you.)
Feb. 25th, 2008 03:15 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I thought Hudson looked stiff and uncomfortable too. She wasn't the only one of the night like that, though, so I didn't pay too much attention.

I have to ask, though: What's your beef with Keira Knightley?
Oh, Keira. That's a fair question, actually. I loved her after the first Pirates movie, and she's gorgeous, and I want to like her so badly, but every time I come to terms with something, she turns around and does something else.

First she chopped off all her hair (this is not actually that bad, but it does not earn you points in my favor). Then there was the posing nude for Vanity Fair. And then she did more nude posing. And then I found out she smokes, and also swears like a sailor. It's all very off-putting.
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