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Idol: Top Ten Guys

You know what song I remember better than half the performances tonight?  The one they played over the endless commercials for "The World's Thinnest Notebook."  I don't understand the allure of such a thing, though.  The utterly flat keyboard looks horrible.  I'd be making typos left and right.  Anyway, on to...

Songs from the 70s:

Michael Johns: FLEETWOOD MAC!  ("Go Your Own Way.")  YOU ARE MY HERO.  This man is clearly going to sail on forever, and if Luke weren't here this season, I would be completely okay with that, but I'm afraid that all I can feel is anger and annoyance that this guy and his scraggly hair got the good edit and Luke got shafted.  Song-wise, didn't like it as much as the original, but it was decent.  And he's still my second favorite.

Jason Castro: Stop it!  Stop winning me over with your cuteness and your bashful shyness about interviews!  You have DREADLOCKS.  I was kind of hoping he wouldn't play the guitar this week, for fear Simon would call "gimmick" (of course he did), but then he played it and I ended up liking it anyway.  I also discovered that I really like his voice, and that he inexplicably reminds me of Hanson - which is a good thing.  He's a musician, not just a singer, and it makes him great.  After tonight, I think he's fighting Michael for the recently-vacated position of 2nd favorite guy.

Luke: Oh come on, I already knew about the a capella group!  Was like the first thing I found out about him.  But you know, that's OK.  The rest of America tends to be slow on the uptake and requires a direct feed of information.   As for the song, I've never heard it ("Killer Queen"), but my immediate reaction was "ZOMG IN LOVE!"  It seemed shockingly refreshing, and then I realized it's because this show never has songs with actual interesting verses. 

Also, Simon, please tell me you're kidding when you say that creepy Queen had "charisma."  I looked up the original, listened to it for a bit, and was less impressed.  Are there studio versions out yet?  Because I really want Luke's.  This was the only performance for which I sat up and paid strict attention, transfixed in delight.  

This is where I should really have just shut off the TV and gone to do something productive, but I think I was too stunned by the fact that for the first time ever, Idol not only grouped all the good performances together, but put them first.  I could have been done with Idol in 25 minutes, y'all.  I don't know why I bothered with the rest.  And yet I did.

Robbie: Robbie drag-races cars.  Gee, and here I couldn't think of anything more likable about him.  Although, he did sing "Hot Blooded," which was kind of great.  I think maybe he is unexpectedly my 4th favorite.

Danny: I cannot overcome a desire to stab him through the neck with a pencil every time he talks.  But I fear that would be a hate crime.  True, his singing voice is not at all unpleasant, but I'm going to trot out the annual Idol mantra here: SINGING VOICE <<<<< LOOKS & PERSONALITY.

David H: Creep.

Jason Y: There's something weird about his teeth.  I keep expecting to see a gap in the front, and it throws me for a loop every time I don't.  Why can't I stop thinking "hillbilly/yokel" every time I see him?  Also, I love how carefully Paula is trying not to say "You totally suck, Jason Yeager."

Chikezie: Dude, I want to like you, but you are amazingly generic.

Porky Pig: Paula, women only like smart men if they are also attractive.  And anyway, I refuse to believe he's that smart if he can't figure out that he should wash his hair before going on stage.

David A: OhmiGod, it's mini-David and Season 1 Kelly Clarkson!  They are so ridiculously cute!  But kid, why did you have to go with "Imagine"?  I know we went through this last year with Blake, but damn it, I still think the song is about nihilism and despise it a lot.  And I am still not feeling the Archuleta love at all.  Big whoop.  Is this what it was like not loving Jordin last year?  It sucks. (and does this mean he'll win the crown? NOOOO!)
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