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In which I bookend 3 reviews with thoughts on FOX shows.

I would just like to state that from the previews alone, "The Moment of Truth" repulses me on a core level.  I mean, there has been a lot of gross stuff on the network, but that is the most disgusting thing ever.  You know the Simpsons episode where they're stuck in Japan, and they end up having to go on a twisted game show designed for maximum cruelty?  IT IS A LOT LIKE THAT.  

1.  American Idol: Top Ten Girls: More 70's Songs

First of all, what?  Mr. Seacrest!  I do not recognize you without a suit.  Is your name even Ryan?  I feel like it's someone else up there entirely.

Carly: Not unlike Chikezie, I feel like I should like her much more than I actually do.  Or maybe I just got really annoyed by her voice-straining shouting at the end of the song.

Syesha: Ooh, could we possibly cast her in movies and/or a TV show as soon as Idol kicks her off?  She is SO INCREDIBLY LIKABLE.  Her voice was nice tonight, quiet and relaxed even in the high parts.  I still cannot shake the feeling that she's about to start flirting dangerously with the line between "nice" and "Big Voice" any moment, though.

Brooke: Nannying *and* beauty school?  Brooke is one of those awesome people who is so likable you're kind of baffled she wasn't collegebound, and then you realize that she's actually much cooler for having this type of direction in her life (backhanded compliments, I think I give them).  Song-wise... "You're so vain"?  Wait. Is this actually from the 70's?  I could swear I just heard it on the radio or something... *looks things up*  Oh!  It sounds current because it's on the How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days soundtrack.  Of course. 

Ramiele: At what point does it stop being unique and just become "routine" to start a song way slow, and then kick it up to dance level?  My hatred of her backed off to dislike this week, but I distinctly don't like her, and I'm really sick of hearing comparisons to Jasmine Trias.  NO.  Jasmine was utterly beautiful and fresh-looking, and the only reason I stuck around season 3 as long as I did (i.e., about halfway).  Ramiele is a punky lil' mall rat. 

Kristy Lee: Oh, man, can we see clips of her horses in every interview?  This is great. And she has one of those dark golden palominos; I love that!  Performance-wise, I liked her metallic silver top, despite its cleavage-baring.  And se found a nice balance between mainstream and country this week.  It was good. 

Amanda: Whoa - when her hair is under the bandanna, I realize just how young and unlined her face really is.  Maybe she's telling the truth about being 23!  And man, I do not know what it is about her, but I just love that throaty voice and the energy she brings to her performances.  I think I might even like this song I've never heard before, "Carry On Wayward Son."  I don't think she's a whole lot smarter than Brooke, but I find myself being impressed by her reading anyway.

Alaina: CHARMING RAY OF SUNSHINE!  Definitely locked in as my favorite girl.  I cannot believe she's only 17; she looks like someone my age.  Unfortunately, this is the first time I really agreed that this wasn't the right song for seemed boring and too old for her (I called that before Simon did!), and she never really connected.  But that doesn't matter.  She'll be here next week and it will be worth it. 

Insert: RYMON!!  I have been sort of missing their banter this season - I literally have not seen it at all - and then suddenly there was an overdose!  Simon taunting Ryan about dresses and heels, and going "ooh!", and - I could not even keep up with its gloriousness.

Alexandrea: I really hope she goes home tomorrow, because although she's still better than about half the guys, against the pool of talent that is the women this year, she's quite boring.

Kady: DISCLAIMER: Kady Malloy is a current-sounding young blonde, and therefore I love her.  I want her to stick around as long as possible, because she is nice to watch, and she seems like an awesome person, and I will always pick a current-sounding blonde over a soul voice.  Or pretty much any other voice. 

That being said, if the competition were composed of nothing but current-sounding (i.e. pop-singing) blondes and I could afford to choose, she probably wouldn't be my favorite.  There was something not-quite-right about her expression while singing.  She always looks...kind of mean? 

Asia: As little as I like Ramiele, I hope that Asia goes along with Alexandrea tomorrow.  She didn't make a huge impression last week, and this week she's terribly underwhelming.  She looked strangely like Rashida Jones during this performance, though. 


2. MEDIUM: "Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble"
I hereby demand that my dreams contain 100% more silent film sequences!  Great teaser.   

And unfortunately, that was pretty much the best part of the episode.  The guy playing the defense attorney will just NEVER STOP being the horrible pervert from Without a Trace, and so the best thing that actor could do for me would be to retire from the acting industry entirely.  Couldn't stand anything with him in it.

Okay, maybe the case was a wee bit interesting...I liked seeing each layer peel back.  I admit that the final reveal shocked me, with the guilty elder stepdaughter pinning it on the mentally retarded one, but it probably shouldn't have.  There was something creepily intense about her from the beginning.  Also, am I the only one who thought she was a dead ringer for a redhaired Christina Applegate?

I was wrong on two counts for how Ariel got the expensive makeup kit.  First I thought she'd stolen it, or maybe one of her friends had stolen it for her...and then I was convinced that she was writing other kids' papers.  In the future, I should really remember that Ariel is much less bratty and/or stupid than most teenagers, so of course she'd be doing something that falls outside the realm of obviously wayward giving (fake) pyschic readings.

Speaking of which, I agree with Allison putting a swift end to the activity, but her talk about how she needed to give the money back and tell the truth, even though it would be "a little rough at first" sounds like pure BS to me.  This is high school, Allison.  Ariel is most likely going to get a reputation for being a pathetic liar who was trying to bank on her mother's fame.  The smartest thing would have simply been to play up the "you don't want people thinking that you use your abilities to cheat"/etc. angle, and extract a promise that she wouldn't do it anymore. 

Also, was it just me, or was there a little undercurrent of unresolved tension running between the parents this time around?  Joe's "they're my kids too" line really stuck out.  And I don't feel like they ever really got on the same page with Ariel.  Sigh.  I will just take my glee from Bridgette asleep on the sofa, head on Joe's shoulder.  For as much as I dislike Bridge, I love the two of them together.  I have no explanation. 


3. Doctor Who
2.4, “Girl in the Fireplace”

Wow – I am pleasantly surprised and pleased to report that this episode was not actually that bad!

Sure, my initial reaction was “Two in a row not written by RTD?  Good God, man, I need my fluffy shipper’s fix already!  Get back here!”, but I was quickly distracted by my abject terror of the creepiest masks ever, and the sinister silence in which they stood in dark corners…ticking…and then brandishing Blades of Death.  And it wasn’t just the masks, it was the vaguely evil-clown aspect to them.  I had to go hit up a Neopets game and blast some robot clowns in a haunted fairground for a while.  

I knew ahead of time that there wasn’t going to be any follow-up to sulky!Rose from the end of the last episode, which was disappointing enough, but did she really have to be chirpy and cheerful, hanging off his neck at every opportunity?  That irked. Mickey being a member of Team TARDIS is no fun at all.   

I think I was supposed to really hate Reinette, but in point of fact, I do not.  At all.  Possibly this is my mad love for Sophia Myles coming through, but I liked her right off the bat.  I was rather enjoying the fact that the Doctor is, in fact, capable of getting befuddled in close proximity to a pretty woman, and then suddenly “ACK FLAIL WHAT,” she’s assault kissing him.  You know, I thought I'd read something about snogging in this episode, and then I thought ‘Nah, already got that in New Earth; how much snogging can there be in one season?’  Apparently I underestimated the magnetic power of Ten. 

“Also, Reinette is sort of slutty, considering that she's met the man three times, and the two times before, she was 7 years old.” 

“And I still totally like her more than Martha.  Hah!”

So I’ve maybe watched the kiss a few times.  As much as I objectively ought to dislike the fact that after flailing for a bit, he kisses back…I don’t.  True, part of me is busy playing “blur the details and pretend it's Rose," which is surprisingly easy to do.  But I also like knowing that he can, in fact, be convinced to abandon his usual reservation and propriety.  With very little prompting, even.  (Oh, and of course, a little part of me is just “hee, real-life couple!”  Which always makes me feel somewhat ashamedly voyeuristic, but then again, it’s right there. And yes, I reject the reality in which they’re no longer dating.)

As a shipper, I feel like I should be really annoyed by the fact that he went crashing through the window on a rescue mission he knew would simultaneously strand him in the 18th century and Rose out in space in the TARDIS.  But I didn’t have time to be annoyed.  They barely gave a moment’s pause before he was at the fireplace with an easy way back. 

And that speed is why nothing about this relationship bothers me. It spans Reinette’s lifetime, in a manner of speaking, but for the Doctor, and us, it’s basically a day.  Sure, there was something between them.  I sniffled a little when he came rushing back only to find an empty room years later.  She’d been so eager, gazing up at the stars expecting him back at any minute, and never seeing him again…and him being left with a letter - his own failing.  But somehow it doesn’t step on any toes.  Rose doesn’t particularly seem to dislike her (aside from a minor bristling when Mickey opens his fat mouth), and when the Doctor comes back alone, wearing his Season 3 emo face, there’s nothing but sadness and sympathy in her expression.

This is the only scene in which Mickey might be even a modicum of useful, because it’s obvious the Doctor is hurting, and everything in me wants her to go find out why and try to make it better.  But that would make her Martha, and for all that Rose wants to go to him, and for all that I want her to go to him, in this instance she can’t.  It’s private grief.  Best left alone.

Everything Else
Disliked the in-media-res opening.  I hate in-media-res. 

"I just snogged Madame de Pompadour!" The word ‘giddy’ can be used to describe him surprisingly often.

"Rule 1, don't wander off!"  HEE.  Look, he’s implemented the rule I suggested in 2.2.  Probably shortened it to 15 minutes with Mickey the Idiot around.   

"What's a horse doing on a spaceship?"
"Mickey!  What's pre-revolutionary
France doing on a spaceship?  Get a little perspective!"
HEE.  And on that note, “Arthur” was absolutely gorgeous (and very cute, nudging the Doctor’s arm), and I’m even more disappointed about leaving him than I was about Sarah Jane. Stupid Rose.  *smacks her* Her refusal to keep the horse on board was the first time in the series I really, actively disliked her. 

“Well, look what the cat dragged in!  The Oncoming Storm!”
“Oh, you sound just like your mother.”

I will echo everyone else’s comments about them sounding like an old married couple here.  HEE.

I adore drunk!Doctor…or pretending-to-be-drunk!Doctor, or somewhere in between, whatever it was.  I’m of the opinion that alcohol doesn’t affect Time Lords in precisely the same manner as humans.  It doesn’t really matter, as despite having seen that moment in videos & in icons, I fell off my chair laughing at the necktie around his head.

Heroic Doctor + white horse = greatest thing ever, y/y?  Forget how terribly fake it looked.  Focus on the mental image. 

HUG!  They are so cute in this moment, her arms tight around his neck and his face nestled against her bed of crimped hair.  And I somehow did not know this particular hug existed, so *thumbs up*

Final consensus: There were plot holes big enough to ride a horse through, but I don’t watch for plot and in fact attempt to pay as little attention to it as possible, so I really loved this one. 

Up next: Mickey’s hair gets attacked with clippers, making him even less likable, and they introduce the concept of parallel universes that will make Doomsday so unbearable.  You know, when I saw the first clip of that episode in a video, it was right after I’d first seen “Father’s Day,” and I nearly broke something in my flailing about seeing Pete Tyler again.  Now it seems like it won’t be a good thing at all.  DISILLUSIONING. 

P.S.  Back in September, against all my best attempts to resist, the previews for New Amsterdam eventually won me over in with their tortured, angst-filled lead, and I decided I’d have to watch it.  Then the show got kicked back to mid-season, but I still meant to watch it.  But now that it’s premiering next week, I kind of don’t think I can handle another story about ridiculously-long-lived/semi-immortal men and their loneliness.  True, this one has a nice escape clause in that when he finds his Rose true love, he'll become mortal again, but…if I have to see that gutting “Do I know you?”/”Not anymore” promo one more time, all bets are off.

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