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CSI: NY: Open and Shut

Before another week rolls about last week's CSI: NY, eh?

 I didn't love it.  It was, in fact, probably my least favorite of the season so far.  I didn't hate it, it just wasn't very interesting.  To me, it was blatantly obvious from the first second that the wife was responsible, and faking her panic.  I figured if they were going to rehash all that stuff about Stella's attack, it would probably only be for the purpose of making her look silly.

And silly she did.  I'm going to take the opposite tack of Kristine; the way Stella nearly bit Lindsay's head off for suggesting that the wife MIGHT be a suspect was unprofessional.  I was almost open mouthed.  Stella was basically, "Absolutely not!  Your theory is impossible!  You know why?  Because THE WIFE IS INNOCENT.  I BELIEVE HER."  When it comes to gut instinct, the only people I trust are team leaders.  I do not trust Stella's instinct.  And I was right, wasn't I?  Her perception was colored.  I mean, she eventually owned up and it was nice to see her lay into the bitchy murderess, but still.  Disappointing.  And there wasn't really much else to talk about.

Oh, except for the murdered girl impaled on a spike was played by THAT AWESOME GIRL WITH THE UMBRELLA "a dropped call is so annoying" cell phone commercials.  I forget which one; it might be Cingular.  "I saw [so and so] in the library studying the *anatomy* of a certain friend of ours..." I love that girl.

I still want Sid fired.  I cannot stand a single second of him on screen.  He's just so freaking creepy!  How is he not creepy to all of you?

Other questions raised: Is Detective Angell ever going to be on the show again?  Was she just a random one-episode character?  Huh?  Wuh?  Why hasn't Peyton kissed Mac, or shown up at all really, in five weeks?  I want answers, people.  Real ones.  I spose I could read the NY spoiler thread at Talk CSI, couldn't I?
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