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Fic Recs VII, Part Two

The full and proper introduction can be found in the previous post.  This is merely a continuation.
Total Stories in this Section: 21 Some of which have sub-numbering
Fandoms Represented: Medium, Numb3rs, ER, Pirates of the Caribbean, The O.C., Lost, Harry Potter, How I Met Your Mother, Doctor Who, and a surprise.  

Huh, I thought I had much more Doctor Who fic than this…and I think I do, I just have to find it all again and/or reread the stuff make sure it wasn’t just Shiny New Obsession that made me love it. So there are just a few stories here for now, especially since by the time I started numbering this list I was already up to 40 and that was looking insane.  There will be more in the hopefully-not-too-distant future (and in retrospect, they will also have slightly more varied plots/themes). NEVER LET ME GO THIS LONG WITHOUT MAKING RECS AGAIN.

29. [Medium] Missing - brightbear
Allison and Joe don't make it home one night and it’s up to Ariel to raise the alarm.
Not even sure how to describe this…it’s very cool, weaving in dreams about animals from both Ariel and Bridgette to achieve the same surreal effect as the show does. The ending is somewhat abrupt, but the lyrical writing makes up for it. Also, there is an adorable Joe/Allison section, so.
30. [Medium] Don’t Speak
This fandom is itty-bitty, so I’m reccing everything I got. This story is brief but moving, with a warm (if emotionally battered) Allison/Joe dynamic, including a touch of backstory (not really canon-compliant, but does it matter?) and the surprise reveal at the end will throw you for a loop.  
31. [Medium/Numb3rs] Go-Cart Charlie – Red Soprano
Author’s Summary/Note: “A frightening dream and an early morning visitor prompt a fateful meeting between Allison Dubois and the Eppes family.”   The first few scenes are very Medium-heavy. Allison's POV is perfect for this story, so I'm not apologizing; however, I do want you to know that this is, in my opinion, a story about the Eppes men as seen through the eyes of my favorite medium. Be patient. They'll turn up in a bit.

An epically long story (word count: 25k) set in season 1 for both shows, this is like a gift from the gods. Now, I generally despise crossovers, but this is an AMAZING piece of work. It is far and away the best writing for Medium in existence, but the author has a very firm grasp on both fandoms. I cannot accurately extol how gorgeous this plot is, or how well the characters play off one another.
32. [Numb3rs] The Baby Factor – Neur0vanity
“We’re talking about my life, baby.”
“David Jefferson Sinclair, if you ‘baby’ me one more time, I will slap the black off you.”
I still haven’t found good Charlie/Amita fic, but having them as a background pairing in this oneshot is about as close as it comes. The baby in question actually belongs to David & Claudia (yay, underrepresented ship!); they argue about work schedules and lose a nanny, and finally turn to Charlie & Amita as temporary babysitters. It’s all really quite fantastic.
33. [ER] Everything and Nothing – Emony1
Chicago had become her whole world. Chicago held her heart and her home. It had taught her. It had destroyed her. It had rebuilt her.
I don’t read ER fic. I was actually looking for reviews when I tripped over this, but it’s an absolutely stellar character study of Neela set in late season 13, a perfect depiction of her relationship with Gates and why it really doesn’t work: they talk, but they don’t communicate. There is a (slight) Ray/Neela bend here, which is not normally my cup of tea, but in the context of this story I wouldn’t want it any other way.
34. [Pirates of the Caribbean] The Story You Haven’t Been Told – Ishie
You have heard, I am sure, of the trouble which marred the celebrations after the promotion ceremony at the fort. . . . How he escaped from his cell and, together with Will Turner, absconded with the Interceptor the day after pirates attacked the town and kidnapped Miss Swann from her home. There, I believe, public knowledge of events ceases, does it not?

I usually hate first-person POV, since people almost never pull it off properly, but this author has a strong grasp on Norrington’s voice, and I can clearly visualize events unfolding as he relates them like a story in this narrative. And fuzzy, sugary Disney franchise this is not! Diving headlong into a wild AU in the middle of the first movie, starting with her rescue from the deserted island (Will is never mentioned again), it’s richly detailed, compelling, and unique – I’ve never seen anything like it. Lots of twists, especially the ending. Go on, check it out. *prods*  
35. [The O.C.] Scenes from a Kitchen in Berkley – secrethappiness
This is a really nice trio of missing scenes for the finale, set somewhere after the closing scene of 2007 and prior to Seth/Sumer’s wedding, that wraps up little loose ends among the couples (including whatever Ryan & Taylor are).
She couldn't love him. She was gone. Her arms would never be open for him to run into. She would never be there to comfort him after one of his father's tirades. Because he’d killed her.
Ben Linus is so far away from my list of favorite characters, he’s in another galaxy entirely. And yet I stumbled over this while searching for episode reviews, and I have to say, it is a pretty fantastic character study.    
37. [Harry Potter] The Little Ones – Furiosity
Deathly Hallows covered a lot of ground. There was also a lot of ground it didn’t cover, especially with respect to Hogwarts, so this is a fantastic missing scene about the boarding of the Hogwarts Express. Ginny recognizes that that the people demanding proof of Blood Status mean bad news for the Muggle-borns, so she (along with Neville and Luna) start covertly trying to shepherd them out of sight. It has the same blend of heroism and darkness that the first book had, and the end isn’t exactly sad, but definitely throws a wrenching twist in.
38. [Harry Potter – art/comic strip] Tivination - Slinkers
You will click it. You will read it. And then you will KEEL OVER LAUGHING. (I guarantee it.) 
39. [Harry Potter] The Book - sophieisgod
Featuring Remus as an unexpected scrapbook enthusiast, this little piece is moving and emotional, filled with beautiful prose – word art! Almost literally, with all the colors described – in a Deathly-Hallows-era look at Remus & Tonks (and Teddy, in due time). 
40. [Harry Potter] The Syntax of Things – faeriemaiden
“This war’s a bloody mess.” The sickness inside of her will not go away. It seeps, hot, through the cracks of her eyelids, acid-sharp on her face.
More gorgeous Remus/Tonks word art, a conversation about the fear of dying, and memories of other things, all with descriptions so rich and lovely and poignant it positively aches. 
41. [RPF] Learning to Live – Lire Casander
In summary: Zia Meir, tour coordinator for Hanson, has been carrying a dark past for over a year. She just wants to do her job and keep her personal life bricked up behind a wall. Isaac wants to draw her out of her shell and remind her of what life has to offer.
So, remember last December during finals week, when I discovered the MMMBop music video and took a brief but headlong tumble into severely time-delayed Hanson obsession? Part of that obsession involved fic (I swear that’s the first time I’ve actively sought RPF and will never do so again). And while most of it was self-indulgent stuff I will not admit to reading, and I had to sift past 8 million slash stories to find like 10 het fics (gen was in disappointingly non-existent short supply), I feel that this one stands out from the pack and merits inclusion.  (I think!  maybe!  I keep taking it off and putting it back on...happy compromise: don't tell me if you read it) 

Quite heavy on the perspective of its OC, yet somehow without suffering from Mary Sue syndrome, it could have been turned into original fiction without much tweaking (but then you wouldn’t have the fun of imagining Isaac being sensitive and caring). The writing is beautiful in both style and pacing. Plus, there are notes on Post-Its. In graphic form. Media fic, woo!
DISCLAIMER: My obsessive/fandom love burned out in approximately ten days and is no longer active in the slightest. I just want that noted for the record. It was brilliant but ephemeral. And I’m going to go resume hiding my face in shame now.
42. [How I Met Your Mother] Leave No Man Behind – Clio
Summary: Barney, Robin, a marriage of convenience, and a legendary future.
Sometimes I think I am the only person in the world who doesn’t frequent the Yuletide site, so it’s a good thing eleigh sent me in this one’s direction. There will never be a better Barney/Robin fic; I am convinced of it. I don’t get the allure of the pairing at all, and only internet speculation has caused me to see it on the show, but this fic takes you by the hand and patiently explains to you why this future would OBVIOUSLY make complete and utter sense, until you can’t remember how you ever believed otherwise. 
43. [How I Met Your Mother] Bromanian Rhapsody - Dollsome
Summary: In the wake of Ted meeting The Mother, Barney prepares to lose his wingman to the evils of monogamy once and for all. Robin gets to console him.
Yeah, that thing about no better Barney/Robin fic? Is contested by this piece, which doesn’t quite tip over into pairing-land, but tap-dances with delight on the line. Really, really fantastic conversation between the pair. Lots of humor. Including the hypothetical creation of a new country, complete with national anthem.
44. [Doctor Who - Nine] A Little Piece of Home - Taraljc
In case you missed it before, and also because I'm obsessive and must have all my recs in a great long list, this a very definitive post-ep for “Dalek.” It’s so them, and full of comfort plus a bit of banter,that I find it utterly irresistible. And…you know what, that’s a terrible description. I found this story on a rec list anyway, and turns out I still have said list bookmarked, so let me quote you purplebrickroad’s description:
“This is another one of those "so seamless it may as well be canon" fics; it features Nine and Rose dealing, in their own ways -- and, most importantly, together -- with the aftermath of "Dalek." Moving and deftly handled, it glides through their shared grief with a touch that stays gentle, but never shies away from pulling the emotional punches it needs to pull.”
45. [Doctor Who – Nine] Lullaby – Julie S
I honestly seek very little Nine/Rose fic in my travels about the internet, but this one fits my requirements of bedtime fluff. Because, as you will soon discover, I have a serious predilection for Rose sleeping next to the Doctor. 
46. [Doctor Who – Nine, Ten] Patterns – fid gin
It’s like the previous one, only with a slightly more specific relationship followed by a little knife-twist at the end.  The last line makes the entire piece, despite its heartbreak.
46.5 [Doctor Who - Ten] B is for Birthday – Stellaluna
It’s only a tiny little request drabble, but I love this scene too much not to make sure you’ve read it.

47. [Doctor Who – Ten] Somewhere I Have Never Traveled – dollsome
His fingers fit with hers just right.
So, possibly I have gone overboard with her stories in this post, but my fic-reading world has been extremely limited in terms of authors lately, and it’s not my fault she has such fandom variety. Anyway, I really love this piece, light and innocent banter on the surface but with hints of more beneath. It’s so very much THEM, the Doctor and Rose and a simple little moment in the TARDIS. I like to imagine there have been a lot of such moments, but having one actually set down in prose is much better.
48. [Doctor Who – Ten] Getting Closer to Fine – Goldy Dollar
They always fell.
Set after season 3, this is another gorgeous Rose-comes-back story, though focused not so much on the reunion itself but on the Doctor’s time without her followed by scenes of their life traveling together afterwards (exit Donna, stage right!). And Rose grows up, but it doesn’t go all the way to the sad end, so it’s very, very comforting to believe that this is their eventual future. 
And saving the best for last…
49. [Doctor Who – Ten] The Most Wonderful Series of Oneshotshippiebanana132
Okay, that’s not actually what they’re called…in fact, the series does not have a title, and technically it’s not a series in the sense of being connected to one another (but we can pretend they are!). But they complete a certain piece of my soul, as far as seasons 2 & 3 of Doctor Who go. All of them are excellent, but I recommend four in particular, especially since they’re all rated G to PG.
"How are you feeling?" he asks, and she closes her eyes again as his breath, cool and light, dances over her lips and nose.
"Same as I was five minutes ago, Doctor," she laughs, snuggling into him contentedly all the same. He doesn’t know whether to be flattered or offended at the idea that he makes such a good pillow, and he can’t quite believe that he’s lying here like this, face-to-face with a London shop girl in her conspicuously pink bed.
An entire beautiful story set in the space of a few seconds during “The Shakespeare Code,” as the Doctor loses himself in memories of sharing Rose’s bed (in an entirely innocent manner), with various bonuses of injured!Rose and angry!Doctor followed by Rose knowing exactly the right thing to say. 
She knows what he’s going to say next. She’s known it was coming ever since they lost the TARDIS.
Set halfway through “The Impossible Planet,” another shared bed, memories of Gallifrey in a hushed conversation, this contains the most excruciatingly sensual scene between the two of them I’ve ever read. Forget anything explicit you’ve encountered. The so-close-but-not-quite scene here is more intimate than you can imagine. ...oh, and the rest of their conversation is lovely too.  Covers quite a lot of ground from start to finish, actually. 
"Hello," the Doctor offers, looking up from his book for the first time as she wriggles a little further down the bed, seeing fit to steal most of the covers. He raises a fond, amused eyebrow. "Make yourself comfortable."
"I will, thanks."
Ah, “The Little Things,” otherwise known as five times Rose ended up in the Doctor’s bed and one time he ended up in hers (um…YES. IT IS A THING OF MINE, this innocent sharing of beds). A collection of very cute, silly, and occasionally poignant little scenes. 
"Sometimes," he whispers, "I don’t think I’ll ever find the words."
And this is the fic I mentioned in passing earlier, the one that you should read after every viewing of “Doomsday,” because it takes away all the hurt and pain and lets you believe that a happy ending is coming in the future. It is, far and away, the best reunion fic ever written. No more keeping them apart. Soothing fluff abounds at last. 

Whew!  All done.  Now to go finish writing my French essay.  "Un dimanche a la campagne" is quite possibly the most terrible movie ever made.  I mean, it's not repulsive like "The Big Lebowski," but it is so incredibly pointless.  I don't mind a mundane story about family life that practically unfolds in real time - but if you're going to do that, you at least need interesting characters.  
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