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Two unrelated Doctor Who thoughts:

(because I'm more than 1/3 done with my Shakespeare paper, and it's only 1 in the morning!  So what if that means I have 2.5 pages to go?)

1a. When I'm pulling these long, late nights on the computer doing boring homework, during my frequent break periods I cannot stay away from ihasatardis.  BECAUSE IT IS LIKE CRACK.  Unfortunately...

1b. My inability to stay away from this place, or even stay away from the spoilers for episodes I haven't seen, has just caused me to see the Doctor kissing Martha.  I didn't know about that!  I was happy not knowing!  Or, well, actually the vague knowledge in the back of my head remembers that this is for a perfectly legitimate reason, but this does not stop the OMG FLAILING HORROR EW EW EW MINE EYES THEY ARE SCARRED reaction from happening.  (an amusing contrast to the OMG OMG OMG WHAT IS GOING ON AND DON'T TALK TO ME ABOUT LEGITIMATE REASONS reaction I had to my first glimpse of Rose kissing the Doctor) 

1c.  I will not look this up on YouTube.  I will not, I will not, I will -- compromise by asking the internet to further explain it to me.  The internet handed me a news article back from before it premiered, promising that there would be a "lingering kiss."  OH MY GOD IT JUST KEEPS GETTING WORSE.  I hope this publication is prone to hyperbole and/or run by the same people who promised a bang in the bedroom at the end of the sixth season of CSI.  I will not look this up on YouTube no matter how much I think I need to evaluate the horror for myself.  (Yes, I know the actual context.  No, it does not help matters much.) 

1d. Which reminds me, apparently Martha just guest-starred on Torchwood.  I am continually amazed by the fact that every time I turn around, there is a new reason not to watch that show.

1e. Sorry.  I feel much more resentful than I ever thought I would.  It's NOT just because she replaced Rose, I swear (although that doesn't help).  It's a reason you love Martha, and that's probably exactly why I don't like her.  For example, this here Freema Agyeman interview says "Martha's outspoken, she's educated, she's academic, she's independent. She's older than Rose; she's more challenging of the Doctor as well."  Not one reason in that sentence, except possibly "educated," appeals to me at all.

1f. Let's end this on a positive note:  The Master Plan.  Rereading this one simply does not get old.  *giggles*  
2. Topic switch!  Did I mention that the rest of my library loans came in last week? Unfortunately, someone got their wires crossed and sent me an anthology of short stories instead of The Stone Rose in audiobook, which was a little disappointing.  But at least my Doctor Who novels themselves came through, and I devoted Friday night to reading.  The Stone Rose is, in fact, every bit as glorious as its hype made it out to be (Price of Paradise, not so much, although I don't know if that was more because because of all the extended scenes devoted to characters with neither the Doctor nor Rose in sight, or because SR had completely spoiled me). 

But the very best part of all is that while I had managed to dig up a fair amount of info on the story, including some shippy excerpts, no one told me about this!
She carried on, raising the phial, tipping it slowly, carefully, to one side... A single drop, a liquid emerald, splashed onto the stone cheek of the Doctor.

And the cheek became flesh.  Pale flesh, dark hair, intense brown eyes.  His tunic rippled back into cloth, ten toes wiggled within his sandals.  Arms flexed, and grabbed Rose into a hug.  Soft lips pressed hers with a kiss of gratitude and joy and unspeakable pleasure at being alive.

"Wotcha," Rose said, smiling through her tears.
"Hello," he replied softly, his eyes shining.
"I think you must be real," she said after a moment.  "My imagination's not that good."

Really, I think I bounced myself off the bed when I read the kiss, and had to double-check to make sure I wasn't making things up.  "Squeeeeee!!"  Followed by "Aw, you couldn't have worked that into the show somehow?  Think of the excellent icon opportunities!  Much greater than Cassandra!Rose."

I am thinking that Stone Rose is to Doctor Who novels what Ruins was to the X-Files ones - the highlight of them all, making everything else nice enough but somewhat disappointing by comparison.  Perhaps I should not have read it first.  On the bright side, I have a birthday coming up.  I wonder if there's a chance I could find this at Half Price...
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