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Two or Three Things

A. The Sex and the City Movie
I am kind of ridiculously excited for it (and here Mom thought I wouldn't be interested!  Hah!  "Oh no, woman.  You sucked me into the show.  OBVIOUSLY you are going to take me to the movie.").  I also finally remembered that I hadn't yet watched the theatrical trailer for the movie, so...I did, and now I have some shouty thoughts on that.  Actually, first I should probably clarify where I stood on things as of the series finale:

Miranda & Steve are perfection.  They are the whole reason I fell for the show, and they and their dog & cat & kid & house in Brooklyn was pretty much the most perfect thing I could have asked for.

Charlotte and Harry are not.  I love Charlotte; she was originally the only reason I deigned to watch, but by the end of the series I could hardly stand her storylines, because they all included HIM.  Of all the men Charlotte ever dated, including the guy who literally licked her face, Harry is my least favorite.  No matter how devoted and caring he supportive he was, he never stopped repulsing me on a core level (part of that was I don't think I ever forgave his nonsense idiocy about not marrying her unless she converted to Judaism).  Hell, at least Trey was pretty.  In fact, I think I still kind of wish she'd stayed with Trey.  He really didn't bother me.  Also, I am bitter-bitter-bitter that Charlotte never got her own baby, and it annoys me for reasons I can't even explain that she & Harry decided to settle on Chinese adoption.  

I was not particularly fond of Mr. Big, either.  Say what you want about their star-crossed-ness, it just didn't ring all that melodiously for me.  I still think Carrie could have done so much better.  With Aidan.  Anyone else, seriously.  *pause* Well, not anyone.  Her excruciating affair with the Russian...was excruciating, and I was pleased as punch when Big saved her (and us) from that, but it wasn't the highlight of the finale by any means.

Never really figured out how to feel about Smith.  Samantha's whole cancer arc was almost as unpleasant as her slutty sex life before, and the age difference squicked me so so so so so so SO much (it is much worse with an older woman; I know this is a double standard and I don't care), but then again, Smith was pretty until he cut off his hair.  Plus his unshakeable devotion was endearing in the way that Harry's failed to be.  But it was for SAMANTHA, so...----
Now, about the trailer, which is here for refresher course if you need it - here are all of my immediate reactions:

1. Heh.  I kind of hope Big dumps Carrie for good at the end.  Who cares if that doesn't make sense?

2. Ugh, Stanford...are you still here?  You AND the annoying Sicilian?  

3. Ooh, no one told me Jennifer Hudson would be in this movie.  Interesting. 

4. "It didn't mean anything, it just happened once..." OMGWTF I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT STEVE CHEATED ON MIRANDA FOR ANY REASON!  UNCOOL!  UNCOOL!  I offically reject this movie's status as canonical!  REJECT IT!!

5. ...Charlotte being pregnant does not make up for this atrocity!  UNCOOL!  SO MANY TYPES OF UNCOOL!  Here, here, you can have Grissom and Sara!  They mean nothing to me!  They can stay apart forever!  But Miranda and Steve are not ending over this!!  And even if they don't end, it's still there, that horrible dark stain in their past.  Steve isn't supposed to be That Guy!  This is out of character!  Out of character, I declare so vehemently that I must use endless exclamation points and ignore Charlotte's news over it!

6. That man Samantha's eyeing is not Smith.  Damn it, Smith.  I knew I shouldn't have fallen for your lies about forever. 

In conclusion: I still want to see it, but I fear I will spend the whole movie sulking unless and until Miranda and Steve end up happy again.  Which will necessitate seeing it twice make the whole thing hard to enjoy.  This may change in the future, but right now I am completely and utterly incapable of caring about anything beyond that.

B. Motivational posters: you're doing it wrong
While I'm being random, have I mentioned this poster around campus, which sends me into paroxysms of glee every time I read it?

"84.6% of students report choosing at least one of these behaviors while socializing:
-Alternating alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks
-Choosing not to drink at all
-Avoiding drinking games
-Having a designated driver"

This is apparently supposed to be inspirational and/or something to be proud of, which: HEEHEEHEE HAW HAW HAW!  *slaps knee*  I LOVE how "avoiding drinking games" is clearly on exactly the same plane as "not drinking at all."  Then there's the part of how there's still 15% of the student body that doesn't practice at least one of these behaviors, scary, because it's not like they're all that restrictive.  I mean, these are pretty broad categories of responsibility here.  

They used to have an equally amusing poster about how 70-some percent of students chose not to drink on Thursday night, but it doesn't seem to be around this year.  Either that statistic became even less impressive, or too many people injured themselves when they fell down laughing upon reading it.

C. Darfur
After measuring the two inconveniences against one another, I decided that dragging myself to the other campus in the middle of an otherwise unoccupied Saturday afternoon was better than attending a 2:40 class on the day before spring break.  Purpose: watch the 2005 documentary "Darfur Diaries" for Miserable Class of Death, with the result that if we write a 2-page reaction paper, we can skip class on Friday without losing participation points.  Now, of course, I have to actually figure out some stuff to say about it.  Maybe if I start typing it in the LJ window...   [Edit: OMG THAT ACTUALLY WORKED.  Done in under an hour.  Awesome.] 

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