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*desperate lunge to catch up on last week's TV before new week begins*

And would someone please, please, PLEASE slap me and keep me away from the series 4 Doctor Who spoilers?  Do not need.
Voice: I'd be happy to oblige on the slapping thing.

'Medium: 4x7, "Burn, Baby, Burn."  (I hate that Horatio's voice is stuck in my head whenever I read that phrase)

Medium fixed itself!  I swear, all I needed was one nice snuggling/spooning scene (Joe is very, very affectionate.  I like that), but this episode had everything.  Family dynamics, Cute Scenes, focus on Ariel, Anjelica Houston, interesting cases...

I like the addition of extended family dynamics.  Allison's adorable while fretting about seeing her mother in law for the first time since the media mess, and nervous about never having mentioned the tiny fact that she sees dead people.   Anyway, um, Joe's dad!  Luckily I did manage to see the episode he was in before, so I knew he was dead, otherwise I would have been thrown for quite a loop .  And I loved Allison's cranky "What are you doing here?" as he hangs out in her hallway at night, warning her not to go talk to her mother-in-law.  I've only known her to see the dead in dreams, so it's only be poking around and doing research on earlier seasons that I learned she used to have various visions while awake, and even talk to the dead as well.

I like Joe's dad much more than Joe's mom, since the latter is played by Uber Creepy Evil Mother from Boston Public, and I will never not get chills when I see her.  Even in this episode, with all the supposed premonitions and warning dreams, I kept waiting for her sweet front to break and for her to burst into a diatribe about Allison's psychic abilities, or in the opposite extreme, perhaps try to bend Joe's ear about leaving Allison and giving the girls a better upbringing by separating them from all that craziness.   "Calm before the storm," I kept saying, and I find myself immensely disappointed that her big secret is just that she's sick.  Soon as Allison walked in the bedroom, I knew what she was going to say, but I can't help hoping there's something even bigger than that. 

I did like her leading the chorus of "Alouette" in the living room, though...albeit mostly because I was fixated on the heartwarming image of Joe relaxing in the armchair with little Marie in his lap, followed by her delighted exclamation/observation on fondue: "It's GOOEY!"  The way she throws her arms open while she says should be illegal for small children to be this cute.

I like Scanlon ten times more when he's with his girlfriend.  The fact that I still don't know said girlfriend's name is irrelevant (oh wait!  It's Lynn, right?); when she shares his scenes he becomes much more fleshed out and less of a generic precinct detective.  That being said...I can't decide how I feel about him breaking the strike.  Theoretically, given the way I hated the striking writers with fiery burning passion, I should be proud of him for not giving a damn and doing his job anyway.  In actuality, however, the fact that this mini-strike was only supposed to last one day makes me think he has no excuse at all for breaking solidarity.  How hard would it have been to turn off your phone and take a sick-day vacation?  It's not like he was ignoring 9-1-1 calls about a guy breaking into a single woman's home with a knife.  I'm pretty sure a dead body can wait 24 hours for an investigation when you're trying to send a message about pay negotiations.

As for the case he was working...apparently, it's really obvious and everyone on the internet has figured it out already.  Personally, I was going to go with Owen killing his mother and trying to make it look like a suicide - I mean, in Ariel's dream he did wave goodbye to her just before she lit the match.   (though if the buzz is correct, I might have the "make it look like" part correct)  It didn't occur to me that this case would be connected to the dentist one Allison was pursuing, though I guess it should have since Ariel's dreams were connected to her mother's last time...I was too busy focused on how the creepy dentist was the dad from Oliver Beene (I always knew there was something off about him!), and the hooker looked EXACTLY like Norah Jones, yet is apparently someone named Natalia Baron (she's like a photo double, I'm not kidding).

Let's pretend I didn't spent the whole time freaking out about how I'm going to the dentist TOMORROW, and really do not need to see horrid scenes of needles and crazed dental work, K?

Oh, and while I would prefer Anjelica Houston Cynthia Keener not to walk around in tight spaghetti-strap tank tops anymore, I continue to love the character.  She tends to make me squirm uncomfortably with that unflinching, piercing gaze and the way she still holds Allison at arm's length and treats their dealings as a noticeably black-and-white business exchange, but somehow I can't get enough of that.

Question - these outdoor lockers at Ariel's those actually exist anywhere in the U.S.?  I've seen them in various TV shows, but it seems like a strange and foolish concept.  Do they not worry about vandalism at all?  What about when it rains?  Even under eaves, wind can still blow rain in.   I suppose there's not a lot of rain in Phoenix, but...I still don't understand why the lockers aren't placed on indoor hallways.  And yes, I found this the most interesting thing to focus on in the teaser. 

Well, that and Ariel's side French braids.  No, I will not ever stop fawning over her princess hair.  The girl has a thousand and one hairstyles, and is (beauty) queen of them all.  If she lets anyone come near her with scissors before the show ends, angry letters WILL be sent. 

...OMGWTFPOLARBEAR, I just went looking for episode reviews on LJ, whereupon I tripped over THIS HORRID NOTICE circa last week showing she has not just cut her hair, but shaved it off.  *runs around bouncing off walls and screaming in horror*  GODDAMN!  EFFING!  MOVIE!  ROLES!  I violently despise the people who immediately start praising actors for being "brave" and "dedicated" for pulling crap like this.  There is nothing commendable about making yourself look ugly. 

Well, now I'm just depressed and down on this show.  I'm going to have to go watch Joe cuddle up to Allison and coo reassurances to comfort myself.

American Idol

Okay, so, the truth is that I think I like the Beatles, but actually, I just like (most of the songs on) the Sgt. Pepper album, plus a scattered handful of other hits. And then I realized that this isn't necessarily "Beatles" but specifically "the Lennon/McCartney songbook," a phrase which means nothing to me except that after hearing the songs tonight, I have no idea what the fuss was about. They appear to write very boring songs, as a whole. Go back to the 80's! I like songs I almost know!  Hey, are we far enough removed from the decade to have 90's Week?

Alas, for now, we're stuck with a very specific genre of the 60's and 70's, so...let me watch that and give a more detailed account of it. Apologies if I repeat anything I said before; this is the "official" post for the archives.

1. I finally got to see this new intro that everyone else has been bemoaning, and indeed, it is horrible! HORRIBLE! Mostly because I hate change. Like the new set. Why do they need a new set? The old set was fine. And it's just stupid and ridiculous to have the band way up high above the stage. What the hell kind of sense does that make? Were they taking too much attention away from the central singer, that they had to be banished to under the eaves?

2. Ryan? There is something distinctly pointy about the center ridge of your hair.   That is not OK.  Stop this fauxhawkness immediately if not sooner.

3. Here is where I should confess that technically, I watched 3/4 of the show + the results when they aired, but I was paying only about 15% attention, which necessitated watching it later...on Sunday. Alas, none of the streaming sites were behaving so I had to settle for video clips of the performances and that means I can't remember much of anything that happened in the interview videos. *grumble*

However, I CAN remember all the glorious Ryan/Simon moments thanks to this fantastic video! (courtesy ofdollsome's alert - you can't possibly think I have the time or inclination to go hunting things like this on my own)

Oh, I have *missed* this. All season, there's been so little, and then suddenly one night brings the Rymon in buckets! Since YouTube videos are prone to disappearing without notice (and *that* is 60% of the reason I hate YouTube - its impermanence), I think I'll go through all of said moments.

Ryan: I would button that up.
Simon: Ryan, this is inappropriate.
Ryan: Just button it up.
Simon: Inappropriate.
Ryan: There are kids watching.

But you see, what's really fun about this clip is the way Ryan feels a need to lean over and say it right in Simon's ear (prompting a glorious icon moment as the latter does an adorable head tilt to listen - I am in no way tempted to play with Photoshop and/or utilize the phrase "sweet nothings"). There's all kinds of fond smiling going on there too, despite his stern warnings of "inappropriate."  (and what, precisely, is so inappropriate about it? Your shirt IS open entirely more than it needs to be. Ryan's just protecting the innocent eyes of schoolchildren!   If you choose to take it a different way, well...)

#2, just the usual Ryan blabbering to fill time and Simon refusing to play along with the contrived script.

Simon: It was all very student in a bedroom at midnight...
Ryan: My advice to you is when the sun goes down - leave that student's room.
Simon: (taken aback) Uh, RYAN...
Ryan: (in cheerful imitation of his tone) Uh, YES?
Simon: Careful...
Ryan: Uh, why?
Simon: Just be careful. *wink* (yes! there is a wink! it is glorious)
Ryan: 'Cause, you have nothing clever to say right now!
Simon: No, I think you know what I...

The rest is drowned out in a wave of clapping and cheering over Ryan's zinger, but COME ON. There is clearly something HUGE just below the surface there. This must have been the part that prompted me to write in my notes, "Simon! Ryan! Quit having your secret gay affair so ostentatiously!" (followed by a reminder to myself that I really *must* remember that the secret gay affair is not actually real in any kind of official way) There are just a million and two things to love about this interaction, the best part of the episode, between Simon's half-scandalized, half-adoring expressions and Ryan's cheeky grin as he merrily plays Chicken with their affair in front of the cameras. (NOT REAL! NOT! REAL! ...oh, I give up)

The camera comes back from commercials right in the middle of Ryan actually WHISPERING IN SIMON'S EAR, words we cannot actually hear until Simon pulls back with a horrified/indignant look. "No I would NOT!" So now, of course, I think there should be an official fic-writing challenge/contest to determine an official version of just what Ryan said to him that would prompt such a reaction. (*facepalm* Did I just advocate RPS?)

Post-performance, Ryan scampers off to fetch Brooke's shoes, an act which is immediately met with a chorus of warning "Ryan"s and "Careful"s from Simon & Randy, which through sheer force of will he manages to ignore until he can speed-talk his way through all of the required "vote for her at this number/text message BUT NOT YET" speech, and then wheels on Simon with "I KNOW you like them! I understand you like them! I will get them for you to match your belt later (Simon, valiantly trying to interrupt: Ryan, they're HERS); we're doing the show [wording up for debate]!"

Said wording up for debate is either "Right now" or "darling," depending on what your ear is trained to hear. Debate in the comments.

Ryan: Well, Paula, would you say Simon gave her bad advice?
Randy: Oooh, I like where this is going.
Simon: Ryan, you are being really, *really* obnoxious.
Paula: I love you, Ryan.
Randy: Yes, Ryan, the answer's yes!
Simon: Unnecessarily so.
Ryan: Let's let her speak.
Simon: Yes, why don't you hand it back to the contestant, Ryan?
Ryan: In a second I will; when you become host, you can work this out yourself.
(insert incoherent back-and-forth)
Ryan: I'll tell you what, I'll build you the old set and you can play host in your backyard.
Simon: (blinking, fails to comprehend, turns to Paula) What?

I love how Simon can check out in the middle of a conversation. And I shall have to pay much more attention to them in the future. Now, on to the actual contestants.

Syesha: boring. Maybe I'll just comment on everyone's appearance. I couldn't decide whether or not I liked her hair; I love the ponytail, but not the loose bang fringe or the fact that said ponytail was asymmetrical and created a semi-bouffant. Loved her big gold hoop earrings with matching circle-pendant necklace, and the jacket, but I didn't love the jacket being half off/falling off her other shoulder. She kind of looked like she woke up late and was in too much of a rush to get to work. Still love her bubbly personality, though.

Chikezie: My mom could not stop gushing over his performance. She was dangerously close to fangirl squee, and forced me to watch the YouTube video twice (this was before I'd seen the show at all - I missed the first 3 performances when it first aired). Now in my third viewing, I must - *grudgingly* admit - that this whole down-home Southern performance was good. Oh fine, it was totally awesome and I'm bouncing in my seat and probably going to replay it once myself. Don't like the random screaming and scatting noises in the middle, but the rest is great. "She's a Woman."

Ramiele: Her look reminds me of a Japanese pop star this week. Slight upgrade from skanky mall rat, but still stereotypical, and not unique at all. As for this song, the lyric "There are places I remember in my life" sounds vaguely familiar, but I cannot figure out where I would have heard it.   A thorough Wikipedia article isn't helping; the only thing that sounds vaguely familiar is that it was the theme for "Providence." *looks up song on YouTube* Nope, that's not it, but I remember this song just like Ramiele's singing, solo female and piano.

...oh! Yep, it must have been the Allison Crowe version that I heard; I didn't know it was a Lennon cover then - I had just discovered her and was looking up any free songs by her I could find. Listening to her version, it's actually kinda pretty. Maybe I'll back off on my Ramiele hatred this week. And let Simon work it for me. (also, damn, now I really wish I'd kept this song...but I know I deleted it. Want it back!)

Jason: Has anyone ever told you how much more attractive you would be without dreadlocks? I think we should start a petition. Anyway, all these songs are frustrating me because I don't know if I like them or not, because I don't know if I've heard them before or not. This one sounds vaguely familiar too, but I have NO idea where.  Glad to see the return of guitar, though, and I like his voice on this one. Cool falsetto.  Which reminds me, this line from the TWoP recap made me laugh hysterically: "Sometimes I think that Randy has a little bowler hat under the table with scraps of paper and he just picks out four during each song and arranges them on the table and then reads them off: PITCHY FALSE DAWG PITCHY. And maybe there's a vacuum cleaner somewhere on the FOX lot with a tiny scrap of paper in it that says "TTO" and that's why he can't pronounce that word."

Carly: DEAR GOD, SOMEONE FORCE HER TO WEAR LONG SLEEVES NOW. That or undergo laser tattoo removal. I really don't care which. Aside from that monstrosity on her right arm, which is ridiculously distracting and off-putting, I really love her as a performer. I neither recognize nor especially love this song, but she's putting such awesome energy into it that it makes me nod my head along.

David Cook: WTF. "Eleanor Rigby" is the only song so far that I know for sure, and furthermore, I *adore* that song (because I'm all about the sad and lonely girls/women), and I cannot believe it's being sung by the one contestant who will surely mutilate it beyond all recognition. NO. This is a sparse and pretty song, and it is not meant for your rock & roll bastardization, and I just, I will not listen to it at all. *hits mute button* (Of course, it later proved impossible not to hear snippets of it - at the end of show recap, and again in the results show recap, and my conclusion is: it is exactly as awful as feared)

Brooke: Yeah...I'm sorry, that bored me. I'm sure I've heard "Let it Be" at some point in my life, but I can't remember what it sounds like in Beatles voices. This rendition did not inspire me to go look up the original. I hate how apathetic I feel towards Brooke, because I really do want to love the innocent one (even if her innocence comes at the price of idiocy - look, that utterance of "previously to" REALLY ACTIVATED MY PETTY RAGE BUTTON), but the fact that everyone else loves her tends to make it hard for me to like her. I don't know why I have this perpetual, subconscious need to cling to the underdogs and reject the popular vote, especially since it inevitably brings me nothing but disappointment, but that's the way it's going down. I'm still bitter and resentful that Alaina, the best of the blondes, is gone.

David Hernandez: I walked out of the room when he appeared on screen, because he is just that creepy. I refuse to subject myself to a video clip.

Amanda: Ooh, I like the loose curls (edit: wait, those are hair extensions, aren't they? I change my vote from "like" to "hate"), but hasn't she worn this outfit before? I thought it was a fitted black tank just last week, and striped pants the week before. Anyway. Not overfond of the song; last week was better, but I still think she kicks ass and should stick around through several more eliminations, though I fear she'll wipe at approximately the same position Gina did last year.

Michael: HAHAHA! I had no idea "Across the Universe" was an actual title of a Beatles song. I thought it was just a really cool, word-arty title to match the artistic style of the Beatles movie. Suddenly it's less special in my mind. Possibly because the song is unexpectedly quite boring (although I think I may have heard it somewhere? probably in the background of a TV show...oh, Wikipedia to the rescue! It was covered by Fiona Apple in "Pleasantville"), and also I think I am bitter and resentful towards Michael Johns for being there while Luke is not, when Luke was clearly 16,000 times more attractive. The more I see of him, the more I realize I really do not like Michael's looks at all.

Kristy Lee: Whatever, world, I thought "Eight Days a Week" was the 2nd best performance of the night. I've never heard the original, and now I never will because I'm so firmly convinced that this is a country song. Furthermore, it is an AWESOME country song which should be released as a single and played on the radio. In retrospect, it did sound a bit rushed, but I love how her voice sounds on the chorus, with all the fantastic fiddling in the background. I am thoroughly shocked that even Paula flat-out said she didn't like it, considering Paula only says that like...three times a SEASON. Stupid world uniting against my blonde beauties. Um, style-wise, I wasn't a big fan of the ripped jeans, but the silver tops look GOOD on her. Now, if we could just get her to stop popping her eyes in that scary manner, everything would be golden.

David Archuleta: I paid no attention at all to his performance, and everyone says it sucked. Since unlike Kristy Lee, I don't like the boy at all, I see no reason to subject myself to a video clip.

Commentary this week based on my shoddy memories from when I was paying no more than 15% attention, because I cannot find a working video from Wednesday anywhere.

-"Horton Hears a Who." I find it so interesting that I am never even faintly jealous of the movie premieres they  have get to attend. This one looks awful for a variety of reasons, partly my dislike of Dr. Seuss (I don't care if that sounds blasphemous; the man wrote ridiculousness and his books are overhyped), partly my recently-acquired dislike of Jim Carrey, and mostly the fact that even Steve Carell's voice makes me want to scratch out someone's eyeballs. The violent LOATHING I have for that man just knows no bounds.

-Speaking of Jim Carrey, it's just gross the way he panders for attention like an affection-starved dog. Once upon a time he was a pretty funny actor. Then he tried to be serious, and it failed, and then he tried to go back to comedy, but now he's just always so OBNOXIOUSLY IN YOUR FACE with his attempts to be funny in interviews and the like that I just want to punch him.

-All I noticed in the group song is that Kristy Lee consistently has the most beautiful outfits ever, and I want to raid her entire closet.  Or at least keep her around week after week to see what she puts on, because she wears everything like a catalogue model.  Love it.

-Ford music videos! Hee! I have missed these a lot!! These are always my favorite part of the results show, and I don't care what anyone else thinks. I wish I could have the whole little collection for my own.

-VIEWER QUESTIONS. Oh my God, that is the most awful and disgusting thing they have ever come up with. That was just painful to sit through. Although I was highly amused by the question about how Ryan & Simon should just duke it out on stage. I should think the obvious answer would be that they can't, because they'd end up making out on stage. (What? Who said that?)

-Having each of the bottom 3 contestants sing their song was an equally boring time-waster. I don't know who authorized this 1-hour-results thing, but they are idiots.

-I love Katharine McPhee, I swear I do, but oftentimes I want to grab hold of her shoulders and give them a good shake until she understands that pop music is her forte and slow ballads are not. This boring song was one of those times.

-I am really super extra happy that DAVID HERNANDEZ WENT HOME! WOO! WOOOOO-HOO! Finally, something went my way. (especially after he was all arrogant with the "I'm not really worried about being in the bottom 3 because it doesn't necessarily mean I'm going home") I cannot figure out what took you idiots so long to get rid of him, but I guess 12th place is acceptable. What's not acceptable is that you kept him around longer than Luke. NO, I WILL NEVER STOP BEING BITTER THAT YOU VOTED OUT THE ONLY TRULY CUTE CONTESTANT IN TWO YEARS.
'The Survivor Episode That Sucked Hardcore
"NO! DAMN IT, SURVIVOR!  Damn you and your Obstacle Course of Death!  I sincerely hope at least one person got fired over that." 

In other words, yes, I'm completely devastated that Jonathan had to quit the game because of infection.  Not only did he become one of my favorite players, the man was crying over having to do so.  Kind of hard not to love him after that.  It was just heartbreaking after he did so well in the challenge, dragging himself through the tunnel and lunging desperately to slap the mat so the team could be victorious...and then having the medic bring doomsday news.  Especially after he was so determined at first, "I'm not quittin'!", and then as the medic very slowly and deliberately repeated (in very polite words) why such a thing would be asinine, how his face just fell, and all the light went out of his eyes.  "Okay.  Let's go."

I loved the reactions of everyone else - especially Jeff; aw, we knew that deep down you cared - with the exception of Kathy, whose over-the-top blubbering and "We need you!  I need you!" were just offputting and gross.  Get it TOGETHER, lady.  Everybody else looked unhappy and a few were on the verge of tears themselves, but nobody was clinging to him like a leech the way you were.

Oh, and more for my Jonathan + Alexis = Awesomecakes theory, there was a deleted scene on the website from the day before where he's talking to her and coming up with alliance strategies that involve...all the fans, really, plus Eliza, but I went skipping around because he talked to her first.  God, they had so much potential to be the most weirdly adorable alliance ever.  THANKS, CHALLENGE MAKERS.  Pink slips, I want to see them now.

And after all that, it was vile to have to watch Chet hobble around and whine about his swollen heel, begging to be voted out, after seeing how hard Jonathon fought to stay with a much more serious injury.  Most pathetic contestant ever.  And it really irks me that if he hadn't chosen to go, he would have stayed even *longer.*  Probably would have reached Courtney levels of unexpected win if he hadn't basically kicked himself off.

Also, while I still adore Erik - he and Alexis are my last remaining Fan loves - I think he is too much given to exaggeration.  Examples I pulled out from one painfully extended set of speeches:  "His longtime friend since he's been in this game..."  "Craziest play ever in the history of the game..."  "biggest gift you could give us." "your last dying breath!"
Immunity challenge was spectacular, and not just because Parvati took a spectacular fall.  I loved James just powering the ladies across the water, and admired Eliza's Courtney-esque ability to turn to stone.  Airai really had the edge there in both the strongest guy and the skinniest women (which leaves me wondering why Amanda wasn't one of the people being carried on her tribe - she seems like she'd be good at balancing, even if she used the stepping stones as intended), which helped in both parts of the challenge.  I love how effortless they make everything look.

As for the fake idol controversy...ugh.  That's all I can say.  I enjoyed Ozzy's camera interview where he carefully avoids saying outright that Jason is a total idiot, but it was just painful to watch the latter actually be excited about thinking he'd found it.  How does a superfan not a) realize Ozzy would pwn everything, and b) remember the concept of fake idols? I have to wonder how the camera crew kept a straight face during that interview.  I did enjoy the addition of mocking music. 

Random final point 1: Whoa!  I did not know cockatoos ate lizards!  They seem like such sweet pets...

Random final point 2: Where was Cirie getting Lioness Tracy's age as "at least 55" from?!  Her bio says she's 43, which is exactly what I would have guessed, and maybe a couple of years higher.  Her face isn't enough to pass for 30 or anything, but a body made of muscle and fake boobs goes a long way.

Random final point 3: Man, I miss Jonathon.  Sometimes I wish I were invested in a less physically dangerous show.  Think I'll go watch his CSI: NY episode.
Lost: 4x7, Ji Yeon
Oh, Lost, you so full of crazy...and/or 10 tons of WTFery.

I knew there was a huge clue about the time setting when the shopkeeper mentioned "Year of the Dragon," but I couldn't be bothered to figure it out at the moment. Despite the fact that I was sitting right there at my computer. Instead I continued being clueless, loving the giant panda prop but wondering what huge significance it had to Sun if Jin was this desperate to have it with him before he saw her. Before he lost the first one, my brain was coming up with crazy theories like maybe there were jewels or money hidden inside it. For some reason.

Meanwhile, the first time Sun crumpled over, I thought there was poison in her lipstick. When I saw she was pregnant, I was like "WHAT cheap and cheating! She got off the island! Death curse should be broken!" Then I remembered that one of them had to die, and I wanted it to be Sun, so I cheered right up.

Towards the end of the episode when Jin mentioned only being married 2 months, I was like "WHAT? Bastard! You got off the island, and you still split up with Sun?!" Then I turned around and wondered if that actually meant that Sun ended up dying in childbirth, and that his scenes were being set even farther in the future, and he was on his second wife. For some reason. (I was clearly not thinking these random thoughts through, although I do think it's amusing that I picked up on the two-different-timelines theory without considering one as a flashforward and one as a flashback).

I spent the whole episode convinced that Sun would bleed out and die shortly after delivery, except that every few minutes I'd change my mind and think "That's too obvious; it's a bait-and-switch" and would start waiting for Jin to get randomly mowed down on his way to the hospital. Oh, and when he turned the panda over to the Chinese official, I momentarily thought he'd gone the way of Sayid and was working for Ben, at which point I expected him to get randomly shot.

In other words, I cooked up a hundred different theories, none of which were correct. And I hated the ending. I flipped out. "WHAT?! You can't give me a tombstone without showing me how he dies! Dammit! I WANT TO KNOW." I figured there was another huge clue based on whatever the date of death said, and I was proven right when the internet eventually told me it was listed as the day of the crash. Which is obviously a big fat conspiracy of a lie, but by that point various friends had already convinced me that it means Jin is actually alive on the island, and just for whatever reason could not be rescued along with the others.

Which luckily at least gives me a little hope, because there is nothing I despise more than widows left to deliver and/or raise their first child on their own. You can't even mine the "good" kind of heartbreak out of it; there's nothing emotionally resonating about it, even if you try to romanticize the whole "this is all I have left of him/you remind me so much of him" angle.* No. It just sucks. Delivery is horrible without someone there for you, and raising a baby by yourself is horrible...not that I'm speaking from experience, it's just how I imagine I'd feel/how I react to seeing it happen to characters. I mean, it's one thing if you start off knowing you're going to be a single mother. But if you go in expecting to start a family and suddenly your constant is ripped away, and you not only have to deal with grief but be forever responsible for this whole new person...ugh. Don't want to think about it anymore.

* = interestingly, this angle totally works for me if it's the father left alone to raise the baby. Then it's a perfectly wonderful kind of heartbreak. I can't figure out the logic of it.

So! Um! Sun crying at the grave. Everyone is raving about how it broke their heart and was the saddest thing since Desmond/Penny and whatnot, but to be honest I wasn't that moved. Jin crying would probably get to me; Sun crying, not so much. I'm just not that emotionally invested in them, and I was already fairly annoyed with Sun for slapping Juliet and trying to commit suicide run off to support Camp Crazy.

Other Things
  • Dammit, Lostaways, just start trusting Juliet already. She hasn't gotten anyone kidnapped, killed, or otherwise mistreated since she arrived at camp. Unlike a certain bald psycho.
    • All right, so telling Jin about the affair was kind of a low blow, which meant she probably deserved the slap, but she had a good reason behind doing so. It wasn't like she woke up and decided "Gee, I'm bored, how can I stir things up today?"
  • Words cannot express my revulsion for sight of Sun's baby caked in blood and everything else. You couldn't have used TV magic to clean her up before handing her to Sun? Or actually cleaned her up? For as much as babies gross me out, I'm pretty good at convincing myself to be open-minded and amenable to the ideas of pregnancy and motherhood. But I cannot believe that any woman, especially after having just endured hours of pain in labor, would immediately reach out and want to hold the slimy thing instead of waiting two minutes for it to be dried off.

  • I would really like Sayid to get off the freighter soon, because it is the most boring bunch of scenes I have ever witnessed on this show. Like, Hurley flashbacks look exciting by comparison.

  • I am weirdly happy to see Michael. He wasn't one of my favorites in the first season at all, and I liked him even less when his second season role mostly consisted of yelling "WAAAAAALT!", but he's much greater than, say...Desmond or Ben, who have been getting entirely too much screen time lately.

  • Wait, how is someone ELSE dying next week? I was promised death before episode 8 (er...the source now says episode 9. Was I imagining things?). I was also promised "major twist" on said death, which Jin's grave certainly fulfilled. That should have been it. No one said anything about second deaths here. Swear to God, if you're planning to whack Jin in some significantly more official manner, and ruin my "oh, he's clearly alive on the island somewhere!" theories...
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  • (no subject)

    I'm really sittin' here trying to finish 68 Kill when I know everything after that first minute of heart-eyed sweetness is going to be pure…

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