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CSI: NY - The Lab of Love.

Dude.  I gotta complain about stuff more often, it seems to fall as I decree it. 

Murder Sings the Blues
I asked, "Is Detective Angell ever going to be on the show again?  ... Why hasn't Peyton kissed Mac in five weeks?"
This week, the show replied, "Let me answer those questions for you..."

That was awesome.  I mean, seriously.  Within a minute of the episode, we're on a date with Mac & Peyton.  And then he gets called away, but he doesn't leave without a kiss.  A kiss!  And foreheads touching!  I think I twisted my intestines with the squealing and rolling on the floor giggling.  Ohmigod, this is the BEST. SHOW. EVER.  Good God, it was wonderful.  I had to watch that six times in a row.  And I don't even like Peyton.  It's just so nice to see him kiss a woman and look all in love.  He hides his emotions, as a general rule, but I am convinced that his marriage was strong, and it breaks my heart to know how it ended.

Digression: You know, put all the crime lab heads together, I think Mac is the one you'd want a relationship with.  Grissom comes with all kinds of neuroses and a distinct lack of people skills, such as a tendency to shut them out.  He and Sara work because they're both kind of dark and twisty, but look how long it took.  Horatio is determined to take you under his wing and protect you, never wanting your pretty little head to be troubled, occasionally to the point of being condescending.  Plus between the emotional baggage, his past, the complexes and his skill at making enemies bent on revenge, he's developing a horrid track record with women.  Mac is honest, upstanding, and generally...well...normal. 

I'm going to keep talking, even though I have not actually watched the episode so I can't comment on the cases.  I didn't have time to watch in full last night, but I couldn't resist checking for scenes with character development.  Skimming through, I watched about four short scenes, maybe a quarter of the episode overall.  The review says the cases are boring, so I'm probably not going to make an effort. 

Anyway: I loved the scene with him yelling at Hawkes.  I really like seeing my crime lab heads come unglued.  I was momentarily annoyed with Lindsay standing there like a dope...I was going, "Lindsay!  Good god, excuse yourself already, don't stand there gawking"...but then she finally tried to slink away and Mac ordered to stay put.  I know exactly how she felt.  It reminds me of when my band teacher used to give us angry lectures that didn't apply to me, but I still kind of cringed on the outskirts anyway in case I was next on the chopping block.  I really loved this scene.  Such a family dynamic - she was like the kid hearing her older brother get reamed out by an angry father.  Poor Lindsay just sort of tries to make herself as small as possible and hope she isn't next.  (actually, come to think of it, so did all the scared-looking lab techs) It was nice that Hawkes stood his ground, though.  I was more on his side than Mac's.

And then Peyton got ticked off at Mac...tsk tsk.   I agree with the review, it was a good to see that Mac isn't always perfect.  I momentarily feared for their relationship, but then they met at the vending machines after all, and it was all cute with the buying of twinkies, one for each of them, and a birthday candle stuck in his.  "Make a wish."  Peyton's starry-eyed-ness made me roll my eyes, I admit, but oh well.  Was fun watching Mac's expression.  He has a nice smile.  Where is this sudden Sinise love coming from?  I don't know.  Okay.  One last thing, regarding the CSI Files review:
We're reaching a point where I greatly desire to tell Kristine to STFU.

"Claire Forlani was excellent throughout the episode; she exudes a warmth and a passion that is a nice touchstone for the often cold and controlled Mac. ...  The other new addition this year, Jennifer Angell, makes less of an impression in her third appearance, so much so that she practically blends with the scenery."

WHAT!  THE! HELL!  I told you, we do not like Peyton.  We tolerate Peyton for the purpose of seeing Mac in love.  We LIKE Jennifer Angell.  She's awesome.  She's pretty.  I love her voice (whereas Claire Forlani's accent bothers me...I don't know why; I usually love accents, but hers is just so, so, I don't know; it sounds syrupy, like her mouth is swollen all the time or something), and she's got sharp features, and I just don't like her attitude.   I don't get any more sense of warmth from Peyton than I do from Mac.  She seems...very stiff and formal.
Also, Lost, 3.5...
I did not watch Lost, either.  I fast-forwarded through it to check for Skate or Charlie/Claire.  I saw none of the former and just a glimpse of the latter.  I usually like Eko's flashbacks, but they weren't enough to make me pause this time around.  Boring episode.  Kind of fun to see Eko go smashy with the black smoke, but kind of cheap CGI at the same time   At least I got $25.  Well, in virtual, made-up money.  The way my betting system works is that you only gain money, you can't lose it, which is why I can place three bets of differing values and still come out on top.   The only drawback to this is that I will no longer be able to write the phrase "Sex-AAA."  Sigh. 

I don't think I like Sayid anymore.  He is very dull.  I didn't even bother with his scenes.  And I am getting really, really annoyed with the new characters they're trying to integrate into this group.  How many times do I have to tell you?  I don't like new characters.  I hate when new characters try to join the group. Dude, the OTHERS are more interesting than Nikki and Mr P.  (it's some crazy spelling like Paulo or something that I have never heard anyone called before).  Actually, I kind of like the others.  Up to this week I was still all for killing Ben, but now I wonder if I don't hate Juliet even more.  Who would you side with, her or Ben?  See, despite his general evilness, I think I might believe Ben. 

Can't wait for next wee...wait, yes I can.  Previews = ewwwwww with the Kate and the Sawyer and the shirtlessness...that's dirty . I don't like dirty Skate.  I was actually rather placated by the fact that they were being kept in separate cages with plenty of space between them.  I'm all about the emotional here.  No interest in the nasty physical aspect of things.  Which is why I like CSI and dislike Grey's Anatomy.  Innocent shirtlessness is one thing; desperately pawing at each other is QUITE another.

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