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Monday night TV

It is so strange, writing about only one night's worth of shows in one post, and doing so the day after they air...

Looks like the first post-strike show out of the gate is How I Met Your Mother (which: come on, Office!  Why can't you get your acts together this fast?  You even had a script waiting!), beating CSI: Miami by a week.  Not sure I'm ready to dive back into the whirlwind of new stuff; I was liking the 5 shows a week...especially when I dropped it down to 4 after Law & Order insisted on blazing through new episodes for like 10 weeks straight without a pause.  I burned out.  This is why we run September-May and don't do uninterrupted strings of new episodes all at once, LOST and BRITISH TV. Nevertheless, write-ups from yesterday:

HIMYM, 3.12, "No Tomorrow"
Oh, Marshall and Lily!  I have missed their adorable married-couple-ness so much.  Carrying her over the threshold!  Board game night!  (not to mention that I cling to them as proof of why soulmate couples can exist in a state of prolonged happiness even on sitcoms, *coughJim/Pam*)  Every scene they share makes me happy, although I was particularly impressed by her leap into his arms when the picture fell off the wall.  It was like a dance move.  Shallowly, I also particularly loved her boots & shiny purple top.

Speaking of clothes that are awesome - and I know I use that word entirely too much, but at least during HIMYM reviews I can pretend its usage is cleverly planned - Barney's green suit!  A green suit should not be able to look as good as it does on him.  I swear that was my favorite thing about the entire episode, although I really think Robin's green dress should have made a comeback tonight.  That and ""Never, in the history of New York City nightclubs, has there been a shortage of dudes.  Not even during the Great Dude Shortage of 1883."

It's weird, or maybe just a sign that I slavishly follow the writers wherever they take me, but last year when Ted was with Robin I preferred their couple-y scenes together.  Now that Ted's single, I much prefer him going out with Barney and generally misbehaving on the singles scene.  And while I enjoy this show, I am not nearly so hyper-attentive to clues as some of its fans seem to be - to the point where I don't even remember Ted bumping into some random woman WHO MIGHT BE THE MOTHER OMG!  And even vaguely recalling that scene, I can't figure out why anyone would latch onto that a potentially significant clue as opposed to just...something that happens in a crowded club. 

I would love to believe that the writers have a master plan for how they'll slowly unravel the mystery of who the mother is, but the fact that their show is constantly on the bubble and getting renewed at the last possible second makes that implausible.  So I'm just enjoying the ride and hoping that if worst comes to worst, we at least get to see her face before the ax falls.  I like the yellow umbrella becoming one of the foundations, though.

And back to Marshall and Lily, I have a few questions about this plot line, possibly relating to my lack of expertise knowledge about real estate:
1. How can an apartment be crooked?  Wouldn't the whole building be crooked?  Wouldn't that then result in a lot of people leaving because living in a crooked place is worthless?

2. They keep talking about how they've sunk all their money into it and they'll have to live here forever, but...can't they just sell their sucky apartment, even if they haven't finished making payments to own it outright?  People must do this all the time, like what about when they take a job elsewhere and have to move?  I suppose given all its negative points they'd have a hard time finding buyers as naive as they were, but surely they can at least try putting it on the market before too long.

Oh, and last point - I take back what I said about Barney's green suit; Marshall genuinely yelling at Ted for being an idiot was the best part of the episode.  Along with the ensuing conversation.
Ted: You yelled at me.  (Marshall shrugs and nods) You got very firm with me.  Very confident.  Cool.
Marshall: Thanks.
T: You're very sexy when you yell, Marshall. [hm.  True.]
M: Shut up.
T: Crazy muscles in your're like a Kentucky Derby-winning steed.
M: You're ruining a nice moment.
T: At one point, I swear I thought we were going to kiss.
Marshall: Ted, seriously! ...I'm married.

Hee!  Although I think I'm going to come down on the Barney side of cheating in this particular case.  Much as I like to rage rampant about the sanctity of marriage, they are not all equal.  Did you see that woman?  I find it hard to believe her marriage had any meaning at all (and because she's a shallow 1-shot character, I can say that without feeling bad).  I am also much more forgiving of the odd one-night stand as opposed to torrid longterm affairs (though there was a twisted point early on in Grey's Anatomy, when I loved Mer/Der and hated Addison with fiery burning passion, where my entire view on adultery got turned upside down)...I think...oh, I don't know.  I have no set-in-stone rules when it comes to cheating. I generally think it's reprehensible in any form, married or no and with or without sex, but in this particular case, Ted had a slutty and/or drunk woman willing to throw herself at him.  And Ted's not a particularly golden character himself.  Might as well have closed the deal.

I probably only think this because it's the opposite of popular opinion and I have a subconscious need to be contrary. 

Medium, 4x8, "Burn, Baby, Burn" - part 2
Alas, the internet ruined all the suspense for me by figuring out the crime in perfect detail by the end of part 1.  I was perfectly happy being clueless.  Now I'll never know if I might have figured it out on my own at some point in part 2.  SIGH.  I think I probably would have gotten it before Allison, but only once they showed the creepy dentist making out with the "victim," or maybe right before when she so clearly set up her husband by deliberately splattering him with accelerant.  I did really love the dramatic courtroom reveal, though.

I still think Kathy Baker is horribly miscast as Joe's mother, and I don't understand the point of that whole stupid fake story about the day he was born, but I liked the scene of them all together in the living room (although, no more complaining about the "moptop."  The floppy hair is half the reason I love him).  And I liked the bedtime scene in which Allison very carefully walks the line between truth and outright lies in response to his pressing suspicions about her having an ulterior reason for visiting.  He's rather hot with furrowed brow.

I'm glad Allison didn't tell him, if a little surprised - and I hardly think it's fair to compare keeping a secret about yourself from your mother-in-law versus keeping a life-threatening secret about a loved one from your husband, no matter how long you keep it - but don't know how I feel about her shade of a white lie at the end.  I understand the concept of giving hope, but...God, that woman was needy.  I don't think I like her at all. 

Next week: Cynthia's daughter is in trouble.  Hm.  Why do I feel like this will lead to the end of her appearance on this show?  (I mean, other than the fact that she was only contracted for six eps)  I also really don't like the fact that it says "part 1" on the site, since this is the last pre-strike episode...although at least, according to the master list, they're supposed to have a few more coming after that.
LJ Tagging Questions:
1. How do you delete tags so that they completely disappear from your list, instead of just saying "0 uses"? 
2. Is there a way to simultaneously change a tag on every post on which it appears?  For example, automatically replacing "tv" with "episode review"?
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