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I haven't watched any Monday TV yet, since I was busy driving back to school during prime time.  I have managed to avoid all spoilers so far, which isn't easy when the internet is exploding with discussion about Britney Spears on HIMYM and everyone on LJ is talking about CSI: Miami.  I honestly don't know how I've resisted all your posts so far.

American Idol!
Pre-show blather:

-Look, it's the cast of Til Death!  (or at least the good half of it).  I must admit to a certain fondness for that show.  It's the only entertaining comedy I've seen on FOX since Malcolm in the Middle folded.  Not a legendary series by any means, but good for some pre or post-Idol entertainment and/or when nothing better is on.  Jeff and Steph continue to be pale and bland imitations of characters, but Eddie & Joy consistently bring the funny.

-Okay, Paula.  Once again, your shirt is pretty awesome, taking a page out of Kristy Lee's book (despite your apparent hatred for the girl) and going for a shimmery silver.  However, we've really got to talk about a) the ostentatious diamond bracelets and b) the long black gloves, which would be cool except for the fact that they're fingerless.  You don't cut the fingertips off long gloves. 

-Apparently that is really all I had to say prior to the performances.  I am physically incapable of paying much attention to this show, which may explain why it took me until the 6th performance to figure out what the theme was.  Apparently it was "songs from the year you were born," which pretty much translated to "80's Week 2," thus proving this show's fear of branching out into new things.  I'm not complaining, though; it's an interesting concept.  Damn you for voting out all the high school kids except David!  Damn you!  I could have had like five (admittedly early) 90's songs!

Ramiele: So Ramiele liked to run around and get into trouble and generally be a brat when she was little.  I am so surprised.  *viciously hates*  Anyway, I thought this one one of her better weeks, except when she started shrieking towards the end.  However, her jaw still wobbles when she sings big notes, which I hate, and fashion sense is still atrocious, and I just want to kick her all the time, so she needs to go.  D'you think maybe the First Performance Death Slot will do its job this week??

Jason: Oh, well that's not fair!  I was hoping to see photograph evidence that Jason could be unconditionally cute, i.e. teenage pictures from before the dreadlocks.  Instead we get Toddler Jason, which is just as unappealing as the dreadlocks.  SIGH.  Anyway, I thought he was drowned out by the background singers, and I got bored and wandered away.  I still like him, love the performances he puts on and see no reason for him to push himself or change things up, but I also reserve the right to not be enthused by dull songs.

Oh!  And is his birthday March 25th?  EXCELLENT.  Pity he couldn't have held off 2 days, but still, I know quite a lot of people with birthdays in the last ten days of March.  It's clearly the time of year when all the greatest people are born.  

Syesha: Heh, I love how her face is exactly the same now as when she was 7.  Song bored me, but whereas if it had been sung by Melinda I would have despised it beyond all measure, Syesha is just such a bright and bouncy person that I find myself being strangely amenable to a style I generally dislike.  Also, her hair looks much better with poufy curls than straightened, so thumbs up.

Chikezie: He is very strange-looking.  He's like a...I don't know, a little plastic action figure - there's something surreal about his features.  Oh wait, is his song over already?  Man, he's dull.

Brooke: : Looks OMGAWFUL with straight hair, and wow - I generally adore this song, but "Every Breath You Take" does not work with a female voice/piano.  At all.  It sounds empty and hollow and barren  It got a little better on the chorus, but still wasn't great.  And MOSH PIT PEOPLE, what horrible and uncoordinated hand waving.   I wish they'd get rid of that idea already.  It fails.

Okay, this is the point in the show where I got addicted to trying to beat a certain score on a damn Neopets game, and Attack of the Gummy Dice requires a lot of concentration and takes, like, 20 minutes to finish and can't be paused, so...I paid much less attention for the rest of the show, especially the video packages.  Which is a pity, because apparently that's when it got interesting.

Michael: "We Will Rock You"!  He won my heart right off the bat, and kept it even when he started going off in random other directions and it felt like 12 songs squished into one.  I suppose the first one really doesn't showcase singing on its own, but...

Carly: "Total Eclipse of the Heart!"  One of the songs I learned to play on piano out of the "fun" book.   So there's that, and then she became my hero(ine) for saying flat-out that she always wanted to be a pop star.  Yes!  Okay!  I no longer care if she's a ringer, and while I still care a lot about that horrible horrible horrible gross tattoo which I will never not be disgusted by and WILL complain about every single week, that's it.  Carly is my new favorite because she fits my definition of an American Idol, or as close as this season has left, and I want another pop star, damn it. 

Song-wise, I did not like the call and response with the backup singer, but otherwise, I enjoyed it.  I swear this is not just because I'm still enchanted by last week's "Blackbird" (the live performance of which I rounded up last night, and I'll have the studio version shortly)

David: Blahcakes?  That's literally what my notes say.  I paid no attention at all except to note that my only 90's performance was some stupid song I'd never heard before.  DISAPPOINTING.   He totally could have taken on Prince and "Thieves in the Temple."  (Which begs the sudden question, are Prince songs cleared for this show?  I can't remember any.)

Random: I think a really fun theme week would be "songs from previous Idol winners/contestants," as in tracks from their new albums.

Kristy Lee: SINGING "PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!" *is gleeful*  Have loved it ever since I heard Clay Aiken perform it, and this knocked it out of the park - I think this was the best performance of the night.  Hope Simon was telling the truth about her being here another week, because yay!

Semi Random: You know what would have made tonight's show a lot better?  Randy shutting up about pitch.  I can't hear it!  I cannot hear when people are sharp or flat or even sound "wrong" as opposed to "in tune"!  This was always the goddamn bane of my existence in band - I could tell when I personally was playing flat, because I almost always was, and usually I could figure out how to blend in with the band at large, but when it came time for pitch tests, my answers were like throwing darts with a blindfold on.  If one was 25 percent sharp and one was 45 percent flat, I'd be like "they sound different.  That's all I know."  

And when a single person is singing, I cannot even begin to hear something off.  It irritates me like whoa.  I will happily judge the tempo and dynamics, and make judgments based on how well I liked the song or the particular sound of their voice, but when it comes to technical quality of singing - they're all good singers.  The end.


Porky Pig: He sounded vaguely less horrible this week, when I stubbornly kept my eyes on the computer screen instead of the TV.  He still completely sucks, he has a gross and grunge style of rock, and my hatred for him is currently bordering on Ramiele levels.  By next week, he'll probably be all the way up to Melinda levels of dislike.

P.S. O Wise, Clever, and Musically Gifted Flist?  I seek the following songs and wonder if you might be able to help:
Raining Jane - Wyoming Sky
Tori Amos - Butterfly

Since I'm too stubborn to either lock this post or make a new one just for the music requests, I shall delete any posted songs after I collect them.  So if you have comments on Idol in addition to a song, post twice.
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