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Hey, I haven't seen these shows in a while!

Law & Order: SVU: AH EEH OMIGOD YOU JUST CRACKED OLIVIA OVER THE HEAD BASTARD!!  This was a painful episode in many ways.  It was painful to see Casey get ticked off at Olivia and assume she was just being a bad cop, or something, by not answering rather than maybe it being because she COULDN'T.  It was painful to see Elliot get ticked off at Olivia for hanging up on him and assuming she didn't want to talk to him, or something.   I need those two back together.  ASAP.  It was painful to see Liv working with a jerk-ass FBI case agent, and the most corrupt/most arrogant/least competent local police squad ever portrayed on TV.  Nothing was quite so painful (in a heartbreaking way), however, as her lying semi-conscious in a hospital mumbling Elliot's name over and over.  *SNIFF* *TEARS*  Okay, I'm on this 'ship.  If Dt. Stabler's marriage is truly over, then I am on this ship.  They could be so cute...besides, he's her best friend!  (that line of Liv's caused uber squeeage in this room)

I have to admit, I was really, really hoping for some major facepalm when the Squad of Incompetence finally learned she was a cop, and I was disgusted with the utter lack of payoff.  Not even an apology for clubbing one of their own so hard they gave her a concussion.  (okay, so she's not really one of THEIR own, but isn't there generally some mutual respect among uniforms?) Not even her CASE agent seemed to care about all the abuse & harassment she was taking.  Yeesh.

I'm disappointed that we didn't get to see her catch any eco-terrorists, but hey, if it gets her back to New York and kicks Beck to the curb, I'll be happy.

Next week: "EW EW EW what the hell STOP KISSING HER!"   Bad Elliot!  Bad!  *clubs him over the back of the head*  *handcuffs him to a hospital bed* You're not getting out until you start mumbling about "Olivia"!  Dirty Beck.  Dirty, dirty Beck. 

Also, I finally finally finally forced the damn player to work for an entire episode of Grey's Anatomy.  (thing is always breaking and having errors...)  I watched the episode with the McDivorce.   Here are some random thoughts:

Is anyone else getting as bored of Derek and Meredith's non-relationship?  Because I'm getting really, really sick of it.  Almost as sick of it as I am of Callie!  Or Izzie's pathetic, FLAT, bland existence and her complete idiocy.  "I'm not going to deposit this check until I know what to do with it."  Oh, okay then.  You know, you could deposit it without spending it.  You could put it in the bank and earn interest on it until you decide what to do with it.  Knowing you, you'll give it all to charity, so interest would be a good thing.  Or hell, you could just give the INTEREST to charity. Do you know how much interest 8.7 million dollars earns per day?  I don't either, but I know it's a damn lot.  My Neopets account has 3 million and I get 855 NP (equivalent of dollars) per day.  Okay, sure it's at like 10.5% interest rate, and a real bank is probably more like 2%, but still.  See what I'm saying?

Also, isn't there some rule about how much time can pass before a written check becomes automatically void if not endorsed/deposited?  I swear Izzie is too stupid to be a surgeon. 

McSteamy is still ugly as sin, in addition to being generally scuzzy.  Why does everyone want to sleep with him?  Ew. 

I don't know why McDreamy doesn't want to hear whatever his former friend/current enemy has to say to him.  These people never want to know anything.  Why is that?  I want to know EVERYTHING, even if it's horrible and/or humiliating news.  I can't stand not knowing things.  I'm a sponge for gossip and information. 

Poor Burke-and-Cristina.  I fear the fallout these secret surgery/cover-up procedures will bring. 

The mother-with-breast-cancer-and-a-new-baby storyline was interesting.  Although, I don't know why the interns all looked so shocked that someone "so young" would have breast cancer.  Between the "how to do a self-breast exam" cards hanging in all the showers and the constant e-mails about "it can happen at any age, EVEN NOW" being sent out to my (all-women's) college from the health center, I'm surprised that anybody over 30 gets breast cancer.  Anyway.  The husband was really geeky/dorky/wimpy looking, or I would have had a lot more sympathy for the couple.  As it was, I just sent my brain off into la-la land and tried to figure out how to warp this into a Horatio/Marisol scenario, and I came up with interesting things.  But that's for another time and place.

Bailey generally kicked ass throughout the episode, especially at the end when she whupped Dr. Savoy into place.

Alex is still an ugly jerk (someone tell him to grow hair, again, please?  same to you, wimpy George). 

[I also got to see about...five minutes...of the most recent episode befor ethe player crapped out on me, but it included things of awesome: 1) Meredith and George standing in the Elevator of Awkward Personal Problems, and the latter finally blurting, "I'll be your Cristina if you'll be my Izzie."  Hehehehe.
2) Derek's sister.  Who is so, so right when she calls Meredith the slutty intern, and a year ago I would have ripped her eyeballs out for that, but now I'm TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY on her side.]

Also, there was a clip on the local news about a man recovering from breast cancer, and how it's rare and nobody thinks of it but yes it does happen sometimes, blah blah blah...I was just thinking, THAT would be a cool case for a GA episode, wouldn't it? Think of all the insensitive remarks Alex could make!  

Watched Bones again.  Dead beauty queen?  That was an amazing episode.   The body wasn't too gross; it was actually interesting.  Loved all the pieces of the case coming together.

I think I've figured out why I don't like this show much, though...aside from a general hatred of bug-eyed boss lady, I want to like Bones (the woman herself), but how is it possible for someone to be born with a complete lack of social grace?  It's like she's lacking some component of her brain that allows her to control what she says.  Sometimes it's funny, when Booth apologizes for her, but other times it's just over-the-top sad, like when she talks to the little girls.  She was cute at first, really acted like one of them, but then she started mumbling and rambling about social heirarchy and pressures and such like a crazy woman.  I was left scratching my head.  Though I giggled when Booth scooped her up off the floor.  "Okay, time to go."

I couldn't decide who to guess as the killer this time around.  Girl's mother?  Other beauty queen's mother?  It never occurred to me that it might be the other little girl herself.  That's scary.  I felt so bad for the little girl, too.  The dead girl sounded like a serious brat.  And now this poor little girl who never meant any harm and just snapped after being bullied (and even then, she only pushed, intending to make her fall.  Not DIE) will be in trouble.  Hopefully not too much trouble.  She's not even 10 years old; it'll go family court and it'll...okay, been watching too much Judging Amy lately.  Buh-bye.

The date with I-don't-know-their-names was cute.  On the swingset!  Aw!  They were adorkable!  The puppy love was adamently adorkable.  Stupid girl, throwing it away for fear it will blow up.  Frankly, the team doesn't seem all that close to one another right now.  buddies, but not INSEPARABLY TIGHT.  Plus Bones probably won't even notice.  Lack of social grace and all.  I don't particularly want to see any more of their dates and/or kisses on screen, but it would have been nice to know it was going on the background.  Stupid girl.  

The ending was...weird.  Weird subtext.  Romance on this show weirds me out.  It needs to go away.  I feel like I should say "weird" one more time before I move on.  Weird. 
Oh, and I saw Law & Order, too.  First impresson: "Oh, so THAT'S Chevy Chase."  For some reason, I always thought he was a big black guy who sang jazz.  No idea why.  The episode itself was dull, and I don't feel like talking about it.  Besides, I have papers to write.  
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